Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan by Jennifer Farrell

The angels, devils, nuns, nurses, and animals were all well

past drunk at this point. The room was vibrating with

bubbling laughter, horrible music, and the sickening scent

of a perfume department. He pulled at his eye patch again

and tried to loosen up. The room had seemed much bigger

earlier, now the wallpaper was peeling with the heat. He

could see her red hair bobbing in and out of his vision as

he skirted around the drunken masses, his eyes like lasers.

She laughed. At least she was having fun; the room seemed

to be getting hotter every second to him. Then as if on cue

the crowd parted and he saw her, in ER scrubs, laughing at

some joke, her cheeks flushed with the temperature of the

room. He moved toward her, and when he was a few feet away

saw why they had told him not to try. Agent Mulder stared

at him, almost piercing through him, looked down at Scully

and then leaned down and whispered something else that made

her laugh. Agent Mulder smiled at her, then gave him a sly

smile, and turned so that Dana Scully was now out of his


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