Title: Closure

Author: TCS 1121


Classification: Post Ep for IMTP Justice

Interrupted 1 & 2

Rating: R

Keywords: MSR

Spoilers: IMTP VS9, Justice Interrupted 1,

IMTP VS10 Justice Interrupted 2—Written

by Dawn Zemke and Sally Bahnsen

Disclaimer: 1013, not I, own these characters,

Dawn Zemke and Sally Bahnsen own the

original storyline

Special thanks to dtg, for being a kind and

thoughtful beta.

Summary: When justice was interrupted for Sal

DeAngelo, Mulder provided closure.

But, can Scully and Mulder, achieve closure




The makings for a slow, romantic weekend were

dwindling by the minute.

Last night, Scully carefully packed her bags,

looking forward to a long weekend of bad

movies, soft candlelight, and warm, loving

arms. Now she paced between the kitchen

and living room, checking her watch every five

minutes, and cringing every time the

phone rang.

“Hey Scully, it’s me. I’m running late. I have

to pick up my suits from the dry cleaner

before we go. I’ve forgotten them twice

already, and I’m afraid they’re gonna start

charging me rent. I’ll come and get you right

after, okay?”

“Oh, Scully, I was on my way when I remembered

that some evidence in our basement

freezer needed to be shuttled over to the lab.

I know how you hate it when green stuff

grows in there <forced chuckle>. I’m on my way

over now. See you soon.”

His phone calls began at nine in the morning,

and ended at three in the afternoon, when

they finally departed on their one-hour drive

to Hagerstown. Because of all the talking

on the phone, Scully thought bitterly, Mulder

had no conversation left once entering

Washington County.

They pulled up at The Atlantis, and Mulder

shifted the Taurus into park. “Well, here we

are,” he said into the windshield.

“Look, Mulder. I’ll understand if you don’t

want to do this.” Scully blushed, and tried

again. “I mean, if you don’t want to do this

here, I’ll understand.” That wasn’t much


He smiled softly. “I think the owner wants to

do this for us, and I think we ought to let

him. Besides,” he turned to her, “it’ll give

me the chance to slay another one of my

demons. Trade a bad memory,” he touched her

hair, “for a good one.” Mulder turned

back toward the windshield, and drummed his

fingers against the steering wheel, staring

steadily at the trident logo of The Atlantis.

Scully sighed, and ran her hand gently over the

bruises on his face. His injuries hadn’t

healed. Not on the outside, and not on the


“It’s okay, Scully. I really want to do this

here, with you.” He said the right things, but

his heart wasn’t the one speaking at the


“You know, Mulder, The Atlantis is using a sea-

inspired name for their motel.” She

gestured toward the Atlantis’s Trident logo.

“And that really bothers me because

Hagerstown is a land-locked city. I don’t

think *I* want to stay here.”

He blinked twice, then shook his head. “You

are so full of shit.”

“I’d prefer it if you said that I was

‘transparent’. Trade places with me.”


“Move out of the way, and let me drive.” She

nudged him with her left knee, and held

out her hand. “Keys.”

He started to say something, but she tapped the

palm of her hand, showing him that she

meant business.

“Aww hell, I wanted Skinner to use these

coupons for himself, anyway.” Mulder

dropped the car keys into her hand, and opened

his door.

Scully walked around the front of the car,

while Mulder walked around the rear. They

got in, and slammed the doors.

She adjusted the seat, gunned the engine,

turned the car around, and headed out to route

40. After a few minutes, Mulder laid his head

on the back of the seat, and closed his


“Where are we going?” he asked.

“Plan B,” she replied, making a sharp left.

The fall leaves peak early in Western Maryland.

While the trees in DC and Baltimore

were still green, the hardwood trees of

Washington County were a mixture of yellow,


and orange. The sign at the graveled drive


Wingrove Manor Inn Bed and Breakfast.

“It’s beautiful,” Mulder said, gazing at the

Victorian mansion through the passenger side

window. “It almost doesn’t look real.”

“It is lovely, isn’t it?” Scully smiled,

watching him take in the scenery. “I called


reservations yesterday. Usually the Wingrove

is booked in advance, but the couple who

reserved the Hunt Suite, on the second floor,

came down with chicken pox.”

“No kidding?” He laughed. “The Bed and

Breakfast gods smiled down upon you while

smiting your foes with the Pox?” The chuckle

wasn’t forced this time as he got out of the


The air was crisp, and smelled faintly of

chimney smoke. Scully stepped out of the car,

and tied her sweater around her shoulders.

Mulder stood with his hands on his hips,

staring up at the pillared entrance. The

breeze ruffled his hair; he turned and grinned


“Wow. Is this cool, or what?” he asked, as he

walked up the brick steps to the entrance

walkway. “We can stay here tonight, right?”

He stood under the portico, shaded from

the setting sun, looking so young smiling at

her like that.

“Tonight and tomorrow night. If you want,” she


“Yeah.” He tipped his chin down, looking at

her through his lashes. “I think I want.”

The goose bumps prickling her arms and neck

didn’t come from the cool autumn air.

He held out his hand. She climbed the steps,

and joined him behind the pillars.


“What–ungh–a beautiful room.” Mulder panted

as sweat trailed down his face.

“It was,” she gasped. “Before you decorated it

with our clothes.”

“You’re… what makes the room… so

breathtaking.” Mulder reared up, and threw his

head back.

Breathing hard and fast, he slowly brought his

head down, never closing his eyes. Scully

knew he liked to look at her, and over time,

she, too, had learned not to blink. It was

beautiful watching him like this.

The moment of truth was always preceded by a

hiss. It was his valiant attempt to say her

name. Once he managed to growl out,

“Ssscu…Ssscull…” before falling in a heavy


on her chest.

Scully dropped her head back and gasped for

air, as in the distance, she heard a gentle

hissing sound. Several minutes later Mulder’s

lips glided over her cheek, kissing her.

Kissing her eyes, her hair, her lips.

Mulder smiled quietly, the corners of his eyes

crinkling as he looked down on her.

“There’s nothing as beautiful as watching you,

loving me.”

She smiled and nodded; she understood.

He eased away from her, and held her close.

His embrace tightened, and she rubbed her

cheek into the course hair stippling his chest.

He said softly, “I thought I’d never see you

again. That this…” He tipped his head down,

and kissed her tenderly. “Would never

happen again.” He swallowed. “In my heart, I

believed that McNally would kill me.”

“Shh, Mulder…”

“Please, Scully, I want you to know.” After

pressing kisses onto her hair, he tucked her

head under his chin. “When I was cuffed to

that bed,” he whispered, “…waiting for

McNally to return, and do God knows what to me,

I prayed for another chance. A

chance to do better, and a chance to take away

the hurt I’d caused you.”

As he spoke, his breath puffed against her ear,

“Every time I closed my eyes, you were

there. I needed to see you, hear your voice,

and feel your arms around me again. You

gave me the strength I needed to fight him.”

He looked at her, and paused. “I felt an

inner spirit fighting for justice, but I also

felt his pain. It was awful, Scully. Sal was


from the woman he loved, and he wasn’t ready…

he wasn’t ready.” Scully had to strain

to hear him. “I didn’t want that, Scully, not

for me, and not for you.”

“I know.” She swallowed. “You fought for all

of us. For you and me, for Sal and

Vickie. And you won.” She brushed her

fingertips across his cheek. “You won.”

She curled up, and Mulder wrapped his arms

around her. The window was open, and the

lace curtains billowed. He hugged her tighter.

She yawned, closed her eyes, and snuggled

against him. In the haze of his body warmth,

and in the afterglow of lovemaking, Scully

heard him ask, “…a bedtime story?”

“M’kay,” she said, hoping that was the right


He nuzzled the top of her head, and cleared his

throat. “Once upon a time, there was a

very powerful ruler. He was the most powerful

man in the world, and one day, he

decided to build a secret retreat. The perfect

place for his sanctuary would be in the

Catoctin Mountains, not too far from here.”

“G’night, Mulder,” she said sleepily.

“No, wait Scully, you’ll want to hear this.

This is about tomorrow’s adventure.”

“What adventure?” One eye opened a crack.

“Just listen. Let’s see, where was I?” He

tucked a few strands behind her ear. “Oh yes.

So this powerful ruler ordered his armies to

build him a strong, safe haven, away from

other powerful men who would harm him. And so

they did. When it was completed, he

called it Shangri-La.”

“Shangri-La, Mulder?” She tried to open her

eyes. “We’re going to search for Shangri-

La in the Catoctin Mountains, between

Hagerstown and Fredrick?”

“Well, Thurmont actually, but yep.” He nodded

against her hair. “Right off Route 77.

And I know it’s there, too. I’ve looked

before, but have never found it.”

Suddenly, something about this story sounded

familiar, and Scully wished she were

awake enough to think straight.

“Anyway…” Mulder yawned. “Shangri-La became

a very important place, and leaders

from all around the world came to discuss world

matters and world peace.” He

whispered, “Tomorrow, Scully, I know we’ll find

it, and most likely get arrested. Good


“Arrested?” She was confused.

Mulder yawned again, and gently rubbed her

back. “I hope so. Roosevelt named it

Shangri-La, but Eisenhower re-named it Camp

David after his grandson. It’s off limits,

but I’ve *always* wanted to find it. And if we

do, we’ll get arrested.” He closed his eyes.

“I can’t wait.” Soon he was snoring softly.

Scully snuggled back down into his arms, and

whispered to her sleeping partner, “In

what other life could I meet a man who finds

Atlantis, and then goes out searching for


No other life, she decided.


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