Ovan Akta Revisited

Title: Ovan Akta Revisited

By: Girlie_girl7

Spoilers: Ovan Akta by FoxfireX_00 and Girlie_girl7

Date: 12-22-02

EM: Girlie_girl74@yahoo.com

Rating: G

Category: M&S

Disclaimer: They belong to Fox

Archive: VS 10 for two weeks then anywhere

~ Ovan Akta Revisited ~

It’s nearly noon on a lazy Saturday in October. A

click is heard at Dana Scully’s front door, in walks

Fox Mulder; he pockets his keys while he flips through

the mail he has just picked up at the bureau.

“Hey Scully, it’s me,” Mulder yells over his shoulder

shrugging out of his leather jacket. He walks into

the living room, absent-mindedly tossing his jacket

onto the back of Scully’s armchair. He plops down on

the couch and begins to tear open his mail.

“Morning Mulder,” Scully smiles as she breezes in from

the bedroom, clad in a soft gray sweater, faded blue

jeans and ratty house slippers.

Mulder’s face is covered with a guilty looking smile.

“Sorry Scully, I didn’t mean to ditch you this morning

but I went for a run, picked up the mail and got a

hair cut.”

Scully sits down beside Mulder with her feet drawn up

under her; she runs her fingers through his hair. “I

like it, but you still owe me breakfast.”

“Deal,” Mulder replies leaning in to kiss her. He

frowns and runs his tongue over his lips, “I taste

maple, you did have breakfast.”

She grabs his arm between her hands and leans into

him, “Well maybe just a little but you still owe me.”

Mulder pulls out two pieces of mail and hands them to

her. “Here, these are for you.”

Scully wrinkles her nose at the first one. It’s a

pitch for a new low interest credit card. The second

one peaks’ her interest; it’s from Leah Beechy back in

Indiana. Scully’s thoughts drift back to the week she

and Mulder spent undercover as an Amish couple,

investigating flying cows. She smiles at the thought

of Mulder in those taut dark cotton trousers and light

blue work shirts coming in all sweaty from the fields.

And that beard! Oh my, that luscious furry face of


Scully is suddenly snapped out of her reverie by the

sound of her name being called. “Scully, Scully, you

in there?” Mulder smiles at her and taps the end of

her nose with an envelope.

“Huh, what? Clearing her throat, Scully tries to

recover, “This is a letter from Leah Beechy.”

“The Amish woman you delivered the baby for?”

“Yes,” Scully says as she runs her finger under the

flap of the envelope. She pulls out the letter as

Mulder leans in to read it over her shoulder. A few

years ago this would have bugged the heck out of her

but now she just snuggles into his chest and they read

it together.

Mulder finally speaks up, “Sounds like Leah really

wants to get her son into school.”

“Well, I did tell her to write to my friend Dana

Scully and she would help.” Scully shifts the pages

in her hands, “She says ‘Obadiah is anxious to try

school again.'” Scully sighs, “I just hope he isn’t

still levitating cattle.”

Mulder looks over the mail he is holding, “Leah said

it would only last one growing season.”

“Let’s hope so.” Scully sighs.

Mulder nudges her with his arm, “You really took a

shine to that little kid didn’t you,” he softly says.

Scully drops her eyes back down to the letter in her

lap. “Yeah I guess I did. He has so much potential

Mulder but Leah and Beechy don’t know how to tap into


I know it’s a bad situation Scully but do you think

you can help them?”

Scully looks up at him, “I can try.”

Mulder kisses her forehead. “You never were one to

back down from a challenge.”

Scully gets up and pulls Mulder off the couch, “If I

were I would have left you years ago.”

“Don’t I know it.” Mulder chuckles.

Scully spends her afternoon at home working on her

computer, checking out the web sites of specialty

schools in Northeastern Indiana. She knows Obadiah

has to be near his family that’s imperative. To take

him out of their care would be too much of a culture

shock for the eight-year-old Amish boy and Scully is

certain that Leah would never let the youngster out of

her sight. That greatly limits the possibilities for

her finding the proper education for Obadiah.

Mulder walks up behind her and gently rubs her back.

“You need a break. You stare at that thing all week;

let’s get some air.”

Scully sighs and removes her glasses. “This is going

to be harder than I thought.”

Mulder stoops down beside her. “Look Scully you don’t

need to find the answers to all of Obadiah’s problems

in one day.”

Scully shuts down her PC, “I know but I promised


“I know you, you’ll keep that promise.” Mulder softly


They walk through the streets of Georgetown. The

leaves are beginning to fall and the air is crisp.

They stop in at the little cafi just down from

Scully’s apartment.

Mulder orders two cups of coffee and a cinnamon roll

to split between them, knowing full well that he’ll

eat most of it.

Scully stares out the window but isn’t looking at

anything in particular. Mulder reaches across the

table and takes her hand. “Scully, you’re thinking


Scully looks over at her partner as a smile crosses

her face. “Okay I get the message.”

Mulder rubs her hand. “You’ll find a way to help him

but the weekends are for us.” Then he grins, “Now

let’s talk about me and my needs.”

Scully has to laugh, after all these years he can

still surprise her.

Their coffee arrives and as usual Mulder eats most of

the cinnamon roll.

They slowly walk back to the apartment, hand in hand.

Mulder unlocks the apartment door and lets Scully

enter first. He takes her jacket and his own to the

closet and hangs them up. He finds her sitting on the

edge of their bed, the letter from Leah in her hand.

He sighs and rubs his forehead. “Okay Scully you want

me to get the Gunman involved in this. They can find


“Even a special education class for a child whose only

mode of transportation is the horse and buggy.”

Mulder sits down next to her on the bed. “They can


“Mulder I love you but this is my problem and I’ll

find the solution to it.”

“So.” Mulder sighs and fingers the pattern on the bed

spread, “I guess that means making love this weekend

is out.”

Scully looks up at him with a smirk on her face; “I

can multi-task you know.” Mulder grabs her shoulders

and they tumble back onto the bed all hands and


Early Monday morning finds Dana Scully at the Hoover

Building but she isn’t working on a bureau matter, she

is still trying to find a way to help Obadiah and

feels she’s getting close.

Mulder breezes in to their office, coat over his

shoulder and basketball in hand, “Morning sunshine,

and who ditched who this morning?” he says with a


Scully lifts her eyes from her computer, “Sorry

Mulder, I just couldn’t sleep.”

Mulder sits down on the edge of her desk. “Still

thinking about that kid?”

“‘Fraid so,” Scully sighs shutting down her computer.

She gathers up a pile of papers, taps them into order,

and places them into a file folder.

“Oh Scully don’t forget I’ve got a game tonight,”

Mulder says while spinning the basketball on one


“Sure, whatever,” Scully absent-mindedly responds.

“I’ll see you later, I have some stops to make.”

Scully walks from the office. Mulder watches her

leave and mutters, “I’ll bet before this day is over

she places that kid somewhere.”

The day runs into the afternoon and that runs into the

evening. Mulder finally makes it to Scully’s front

door. He’s gotten his ass kicked in basketball, taken

a nasty hit to the ribs and split his bottom lip but

the pain to his ego is far worse than the physical

pain he feels.

He opens the front door and unceremoniously drops the

basketball at his feet. He can hear Scully’s animated

voice on the phone. He toes off his sneakers and

peels off his trench coat with a hushed groan and

softly walks toward the bathroom holding his right

side. He knows Scully is going to shit when she sees

the beating he has taken but all he can think about is

a hot tub of water, a hot meal and hopefully later

tonight a hot Scully.

Mulder turns on the water and eases his shirt over his

head tossing it in the general direction of the

hamper; next to come off are his trunks and

compression shorts. It takes some doing but he

finally manages to reach his feet and remove his


The tub is half full and steaming when he eases his

tired and sore body into it. He rests his head

against the cool granite and wishes he had thought to

take a couple of Tylenol before climbing in.

Suddenly the door bursts open and an excited Scully

enters. “Mulder, I have some wonderful news. . .,”

she gets a good look at her partner, “what the hell

happened to you? Did you run off and get yourself

hurt again?”

Mulder has to smile at Scully’s concern. “No Scully,”

Mulder winces, “I was playing basketball. I told you I

would be late.”

“Yeah, well it must have been kick boxing basketball,”

Scully frowns, “Mulder let me see your chest.”

“Scully must you always think of sex?”

“I believe that’s one of your lines Mulder, now get

over here and let me see your chest.”

Mulder sits up and turns slightly, lifting his arm.

Scully sits on her knees to examine the large purple

bruise on his ribs. She presses gently on his side,

“Does it hurt?”

Mulder winces, “Only when you poke at it!”

“Well I don t think they’re broken but I will keep an

eye on them. Now let me see that lip,” Scully says as

she grabs his chin.

“You wanna kiss it and make it all better?” Mulder

leers at her.

“Maybe later but first I want to get some disinfectant

on it.”

“Scully it’s only a scrape,” Mulder whines.

Scully gets up to retrieve a small tube of ointment

from the medicine chest. “Yes but it’s on one of my

favorite parts of your anatomy.”

“One of them?” Mulder questions.

Scully dabs a small amount of ointment on Mulder’s

swollen bottom lip. Mulder jerks back, “Ouch! That

hurts.” She grabs his forehead to steady him. “Hold

still Mulder, honestly you’re worse than a kid.”

“Speaking of kids,” Mulder interrupts, “what did you

find out about Obadiah.”

Scully recaps the tube and replaces it in the medicine

chest. “That’s why I came in here. I’ve found a school in

Lagrange County that will take him on an interim basis, at

least until he is ready to join the Amish school and the

bus goes past Beechy’s place.”

“Sounds good.”

Scully stoops back down. “It’s a start. They can do

the proper testing and see just what Obadiah’s

limitations are. Since Amish children only attend

school until they’re sixteen and are taught in

one-room schoolhouses I persuaded the school to put

all their effort behind Obadiah to try and get him up

to speed so he can join Mary and Rebecca before they

finish their education’s. I think he needs that sense

of family at least until he gets settled in to the

routine of attending school.”

Mulder runs his finger over Scully’s clasp hands, “You

do good work Dana Scully.”

Scully’s eyes grow moist, as it hits her that she did

in deed do a good job and she will make an impact on

this little boy’s life.

Mulder senses the need to pull Scully back. “Care to

join me,” he leers.

“Well. . .”

“I’m too sore to try anything,” he says putting his

hands up.

Scully gets up and walks to the door. “In that case

you’re on your own,” she says over her shoulder as she

shuts the door.

Mulder rolls his head back and laughs, “Scully! Help

me get out!”

~ Several months later ~

Scully walks into the basement office of the X Files

to find an envelope lying on her desk. The return

address on it is from Leah Beechy back in Indiana.

Mulder walks in from the lab area, “Morning Scully.”

He has obviously been there for some time, his jacket

is off and his shirtsleeves are already rolled up.

“Morning Mulder,” Scully routinely says as she sits

down and begins to read the letter.

Mulder is watching her; the expression on her face

goes from concern to contentment to joy. Finally

Mulder can’t stand it any longer, “Okay Scully, what

gives? Did you win the lottery or something?”

“I feel like it,” Scully smiles. “This is from Leah


“The Amish woman?”

“Yes. She says Obadiah is doing well in public school

and will soon be allowed to return to his own Amish

school.” She shuffles the pages, “They had him tested

and it turns out his has an attention deficit problem

and he is near sighted. She’s included a school

picture of him.”

Scully smiles at the picture while Mulder gets up to

look over her shoulder. “How cute!” Scully remarks,

“Look at the tiny wire rimmed glasses.”

“And the big grin.” Mulder says. “Scully I thought

Amish didn’t like to be photographed?”

“The adults don’t, but they allow their children’s

picture to be taken as long as the child doesn’t


“You know your Amish,” Mulder smiles at her as she

stares at Obadiah’s picture. “Does she say anything


“Very little,” Scully says with a touch of sadness in

her voice. “Remember it was Hannah Mulder who spent

the week with her and not Dana Scully.”

Mulder picks up the envelope to return the letter to

it, “Hey Scully did you know this was in there?” He

holds up a small piece of paper, “It’s addressed to

Hannah Mulder.”

Scully takes the note from Mulder’s hand, “No I

didn’t.” She sits back down to read it. Her eyes

grow red and watery.

Mulder is getting concerned, “It’s not bad news is


Scully’s blue eyes spill over with tears. “No Mulder,

its great news. Leah says Dana is her second guardian

angel, Hannah is her first. Obadiah is doing well and

he misses me, I mean Hannah.” Scully’s face grows

wide with a grin, “Obadiah has not been levitating

cows, and Hannah, the baby is growing like a weed.”

“Don’t mention weeds,” Mulder teases.

“Oh and Leah says Hannah is crawling and has two


“That’s nice Scully.” Mulder stoops down in front of


Scully sniffles as a giggle bubbles up from her

throat. “Obadiah misses me.”

Scully wraps her arms around Mulder and laughs softly.

“Oh Mulder.”

He gently squeezes her and softly says, “See Scully,

all this from a flying cow.”

~ The End ~

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