Ovan Okta


Episode 10×12

Artwork by Evie

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Title: Ovan Akta

Authors: Foxfirex_00,and Girlie_girl7

Em: FoxfireX_00@yahoo.com,


Extra: Notes appear at the end.


Ovan Akta (Unusual Gift)

by Foxfirex_00,and Girlie_girl7

Friday July 19, 2002

Outside Honeyville, Indiana

Forestry Agent Joe Warren enjoyed his job. He’d

been traveling through Northeastern Indiana’s

Amish communities, informing groups of farmers on

the perils of the dreaded Asian Beetle. The

voracious bug had infested trees in northern

Illinois the previous summer and was moving east

in a hurry. The Federal Government, for once

attempting to head off a problem and not just

react to the fallout, finally got smart and sent

their agents out to talk to tree nurseries,

communities, and farmers. Joe was assigned to

work with the Amish.

He had been holding meetings twice a day in up

and down the countryside, using the big white

barns as gathering halls. His last meeting of

the day took place in the barn of Jacob Yoder. As

they dismissed, Joe paused in front of the

structure, wiping the sweat from his forehead

with his handkerchief. It was the time of year

that the heat rolled through that part of the

country, settling in and bringing with it

stifling humidity.

Joe was amazed how the Amish could function with

no air conditioning, without electricity. They

didn’t even have fans. He was of the opinion that

they were just plain nuts. How they chose to live

their lives was their business but he couldn’t

wait to grab a bite and head back to the air

conditioned, shower providing, HBO offering motel

room he’d been staying at all week.

Leah Beechy was setting the table for dinner.

Her husband Matthew would be home soon. He’d gone

to the next farm over to hear a man speak about

insects that could harm their trees. Her two

older sons were working in the field while her

daughters tended the family garden. Gardening was

usually a job that Leah took care of herself, but

being nearly nine months pregnant, she had

decided to turn that chore over to her daughters.

That left her youngest child, Obadiah. If she had

a favorite child it would be Obadiah. He was

considered slow, with the innocence of a younger

child and a carefree spirit. Leah knew he would

be by her side until the Lord called her home.

The solid oak dining table was covered in a fine

white lace cloth that she removed with care. The

fragile cloth had been her mother’s and her

grandmother’s before her. Grandma Carper had

tatted the lace herself, a skill that Leah had

longed to learn. But with children always under

foot she never had the time. Now with another

baby on the way it looked like the tatting would

once again have to wait.

Joe Warren had just finished up his second plate

of chicken and noodles at Fern’s Diner. He had to

admit these people knew how to cook. He stood

outside the diner letting his belt out by one

notch and watching the sun slowly set. He tossed

his jacket into the back of the rental car and

crawled in the front seat, starting the engine.

He opened all the vents and cranked up the air,

and was soon on his way back to his motel room.

He passed a neatly kept farm filled with

barefooted Amish children playing. The little

girls had their hair up in pigtails or rolled up

tightly in a bun. Their brightly colored dresses

swirled around them as they played. The boys both

had a chili bowl haircut, blunt cut across the

front and short on the sides and back. They were

clad in pale colored shirts with blue cotton

trousers held up by thin suspenders.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse

of something in the nearby field. He turned his

head to see a cow hovering a few feet above the

ground. He hit the brakes and watched as the cow

slowly floated back to earth. He sat in the car

a second not fully believing what he’d seen.

Maybe it was the combination of the heat and that

second plate of Fern’s noodles. Suddenly another

cow lifted a few feet off the ground. The

helpless cow let out a confused moo. Joe grabbed

the door handle and was out of the car in a flash

as the cow he was watching settled back down to

the ground. He stood by the barbed wire fence in

the dimming light. The small herd remained

grounded. Just as he was about to head back to

the car, cows start popping up and down like

horses on a carousel.

Leah Beechy was just pulling the chicken out of

the warming oven when she heard a low mooing

drifting in her kitchen window. She pushed the

chicken back into the oven and went to see what

was the problem. In the slowly dimming light she

could see a calf straddling her buggy garage. She

immediately knew what was afoot and who was to

blame. “Obadiah!” She called.


Out from behind her bridal wreath bush crept a

small barefoot boy. “Yeah, Momma?”

“Obadiah, I thought we agreed, no more messing

with the cows.”

The boy grew pensive and looked down at his feet

muttering, “Okay Momma, but don’t get mad at me.”

Leah smiled at her small boy. “I’m not mad at you

son, just put the cow back and come in and get

ready for supper.” She softly smiled at him.

Obadiah ran up the porch steps and started in the

house just as his mother took his arm. “Obadiah.

The cow.”

The dirty-faced boy grinned at his mother. “Oh

yeah, I forgot.” Leah watched as the cow slowly

descended to the ground and scampered off no

worse for wear.

Joe Warren quickly climbed the fence, racing

toward the herd. He stood mesmerized by the

sight before him. Cows were rising and falling

all around him. Unfortunately he was unaware of

the 900 pound, Holstein cow hovering just above

him until it was too late. The cow came crashing

down upon the unsuspecting man. Joe Warren had

eaten his last plate of Fern’s noodles.

Part 1

Thursday August 1

Basement Office

Hoover Building

Agent Dana Scully entered the office, to find

her partner Fox Mulder already there. She went to

get the coffee, since it was her turn. She sat

his cup in front of him, finding room next to his

big foot that was propped on the top of his desk.

He opened the top and took a deep drink. Wisely,

he waited until she had almost finished her cup

before he spoke.

“Scully what do you know about the Amish?”

She stood to toss her empty cup in the trash and

rounded Mulder’s desk, perching on the corner.

“Well they are similar to the Kindred. They shun

modern conveniences, they put great faith in

their religion, their family and their community.


“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to

live like that?”

“Oh no, Mulder! I am not going undercover as an


Mulder got up and moved around the desk, placing

his hands on Scully’s arms. He nuzzled her neck

and softly said, “Not even for me, Scully?”


“Mulderrr..you’re not playing fair. Stop kissing


“Not even for your partner, your best friend,

your love slave? I would have gone undercover as

a troll for you.” She smiled as his dark hair

brushed the underside of her chin.

Scully lifted her chin to allow Mulder greater

access to her neck. “Okay Mulder, what will have

us posing as Amish?”

“Flying cows.”

“I beg your pardon.” She pulled back to look at

him, he straightened up and began gestering with

his hands. He was excited, and it had nothing to

do with being her love slave at the moment.

“Flying cows, Scully. Bovine aviation. I have a

whole file full of flying cow sightings.”

“And how is this an Amish problem?”

“Because the sightings only occur in or near

Amish communities.”

Mulder points to a map of the U.S.,

“Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Texas.”

“Texas? Mulder.”

“The lone star state can’t have Amish?”

“So why is the FBI getting involved?”

“Because this time a Federal Forestry Agent has

been killed by a flying cow.” He was fairly

hopping in place, bouncing on the balls of his


“Oh, just the break you’ve been waiting for.

Mulder isn’t it just possible the cow just fell

over on the agent?”

“You mean like cow tipping? Sure Scully, drunk

Amish boys go out and tip over cows on

unsuspecting Federal Forestry Agents.”

“Well, it’s as plausible as flying cows. You’re

serious about this aren’t you, Mulder?”

“Scully, a federal crime has been committed. It

is our sworn duty as investigators, to well. . .


Scully looked up at Mulder with a solemn

expression and said, “Mulder, you are so full of

shit. So how do you purpose we infiltrate the


“I have it all worked out. We spend a few days in

the library and on the net doing research on the

Amish, then we fly to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,

buy some Amish garb. . . ”

“Amish garb?”

“Change our appearance, catch the bus headed west

and get off in Shipshewana, Indiana.”


“Wana. Shipshewana. The location of the agent’s


“Hmm, sounds like you’ve spent a lot of time

working on this.”

“You were at your mom’s this night, I had some

free time on my hands.” He smiled sheepishly at

her. She hated it when he spent his time off

working. She was convinced he was going to end up

with an ulcer or infarct or something. He usually

didn’t admit he spent his empty time without her

working on a case.

“You were supposed to be relaxing, Mulder, not

working.” She smiled at him, shaking her head.

“Work is relaxing.”

“Flying cows are relaxing?” She snorted at him.

“Not just any flying cows, Scully, Amish flying

cows.” Proverbial kid in a candy store, she

thought. Her expression softened.

“Okay, give me a day or two to look this over.”

“Deal!” Mulder smiled. “Besides I need to find us

a place to stay.”

“Oh, and Mulder, if you tell them we met at a UFO

convention, I will be catching the next bus out

of flying Amish cow town.”

Sunday August 4 Fox Mulder’s apartment

Files littered the coffee table in front of the

sofa. Mulder sat looking them over, his hands

resting loosely on his knees. He cocked his head

to the side, then called, “Come on in, Scully.”

She opened the door. “I hate it when you do


He grinned at her, “So stop wearing those four

inch heels, I hear you coming as soon as you get

off the elevator.

“So, what’s up Mulder?” She crossed the room and

sat next to him, kicking her heels off and

tucking her feet under his thigh.

Waving a paper in the air, Mulder said, “Our

ticket to cow town.”

“Is that your personal invitation from Elsie the


“No. Listen to this. ‘Mr. Mulder, I received your

wire, and we would gladly welcome you and your

wife to our home. Since the sudden death of my

dear wife’s parents we have the older side of the

house available. I was saddened by your story and

am willing to let you and your wife live here

until you get back on your feet provided you help

on the farm and your wife helps my Leah, who is

carrying our 6th child. We will pick you up at

the bus stop on August 6. God bless, Matthew


Scully closed her eyes and rubbed her right

temple. “Mulder, what have you gotten me into

and how did you find this man?”

“The Budget.”

“The Budget?”

“Yeah it’s kind of like the USA Today for Amish.

It’s their national newspaper. Didn’t you know I

subscribed to The Budget? The sports page sucks

but the classifieds are interesting. I found an

ad looking for a renter of a double house.” He

jumped up from the sofa to pace in front of the

coffee table.

A double house?” She couldn’t help herself from

repeating the foreign things she was saying, and

it was irritating even her.

“Scully, didn’t you do your homework? That’s two

houses built side by side that share a common

washing room.”

“The purpose being….?”

“I’m glad you asked that. The elderly parents

live in one side of the house while the married

son or daughter, live in the other side with

their children. I’m sure it’s a lot cheaper than

nursing home care.”

“And a whole lot better for the parents. So just

what was this sob story that got us this warm


“I told them we lost our shop to an unscrupulous

land developer and you nearly had a nervous

breakdown over it.”

“Mulder! A nervous breakdown? Why do I let you

come up with our cover? I never learn.” She

dropped her head in her hands.

“Yeah, well, all you have to do is twitch once in

a while, and we’re gold.” He stopped his pacing,

and sat on the coffee table in front of her,

pulling her hands away from her face and rubbing

her arms.

“I’ll twitch all right, G-man, but you’re not

going to like what I twitch.”

“Anyway, we leave for Harrisburg tomorrow. So you

want to come into the bedroom where we can

practice playing house?”

“Lead the way, G-man, I’m in the mood for some

twitching.” —

Monday morning, August 5 Flight 625

They sat on the plane going over the case during

their flight, files open before them. They were

studying not only the route of Agent Warren, but

giving their Amish hosts a final perusal as well.

“Mulder, did you forget to shave?”

“No Scully. Once an Amish man marries they must

stop shaving.”

“That’s right, and I have to wear a white


“Ahhh you have been doing your homework.”

Mulder’s brow furrowed. “Hmm, one problem,



He gathered the strands of her hair resting on

her collar, “Amish women don’t cut their hair,

and yours is too short. Can you pull it up or

something so it looks longer?”

“This is all the hair I have!” Scully sighed,

“Okay I’ll see what I can do. I have been reading

about the Amish lifestyle and it’s fascinating,

but for us to carry this off we will need

aliases’. I don’t think Fox Mulder and Dana

Scully will fit in.”



“Dana Mulder, we’re married now.” He waggled his

eyebrows at her.

“Well just the same I think we need to pick

Biblical first names.” She had spent so many

years deflecting his innuendo, it was second

nature to keep the conversation on track.

“Alright, just call me Jesus.”

“Not that Biblical, Mulder!”

“How about Sampson and Delilah?”

“Mulder, have you ever even read the Bible?” She

looked at him skeptically.

“Just the good parts.”

“What did you tell Mr. Beechy your name was?”

“Just Mr. Mulder. The Falls taught me an

important lesson. Thou shalt not name thy

undercover selves without thine partner’s two


“Smart move. Mulder does sound like it might be

an Amish name. I’ve got it, Noah.”

“And you can be Patsy.” He announced, with a smug

satisfaction in his voice.

“Would you please point out where one can find

the name ‘Patsy’ in the bible?” Scully folded her

arms across her chest, narrowing her gaze at him.

“Well, I think you look like a Patsy.”

“I can be Hannah, I always liked that name. ”

“I could get use to calling you that.”


“No. Mrs. Mulder.” She had to admit, the man

brought out the soft touch in her. She blushed

slightly at his adoring gaze and looked back down

at the book she has been reading on the Amish.

“Mulder, how much of this book have you read?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

“It says here the men never wear pants with


“Scully, won’t that be a little drafty?” He

looked concerned.

“No big boy, they use snaps, buttons, or hook and


“That hook and eye thing sounds painful.” His

look was shifting from concerned to low level


“I guess that’s the sacrifice you make to be an


La Quinta Inn

Harrisburg PA

Mulder hung up the phone after calling a cab to

take them on their shopping excursion. “Ok, are

you ready for this?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.” They walked

to the curb, Mulder’s hand on the small of her

back to guide her into the cab.

Mulder had requested a driver with good knowledge

of the Amish shops in the area, and he wasn’t

disappointed. The cabbie bypassed the tourist

shops, where the parking lots were packed with

out of state plates on vacationing mini vans.

Instead he drove to the edge of town, where

traffic and buildings were thinner. Here he

directed the Agents to an authentic Amish shop.

Mulder paid the driver, actually tipping this

time, and they walked over to wooden front porch

of the shop. Mulder sat on a bench, Scully

joining him with a quizzical look on her face.

“Research continues. By observing the locals,

maybe we can get a better idea of what we need.

“Good idea.” She sat next to him, lacing her

fingers through his and together they simply

watched the customers come and go for almost half

an hour. They drew a few strange looks, being the

only ‘English’ people in the vicinity, but all in

all they were left alone.

Deciding that they had a handle on the needed

attire, they entered the shop. Mulder pointed

toward the ‘men’s’ side, with small implements,

sacks of seed and grain and small racks of work

clothes. Scully, with an eyebrow implanted firmly

at her hairline, headed for the feminine section

of the store. ‘Her’ side was laden with bolts of

cloth, racks of thread both for sewing and

knitting and kitchen staples. Near the back sat a

small rack of somber dresses, and one shelf of

bonnets, undergarments and aprons.

Mulder rummaged through the sparse offerings and

made his way to the register with four pairs of

zipperless cotton trousers along with half a

dozen plain cotton work shirts, undershirts, and

briefs. He picked out a heavy pair of work boots

and cotton socks to go with them. For the sake of

decency he bought a bathrobe and pajamas. Next

came a work coat and two pairs of suspenders and

last but not least a straw hat to top it all off.

He sat again on the bench just outside, waiting

for Scully. Finally she emerged from the store,

her arms loaded down with packages.

“Sorry that took so long, but they didn’t have

much to choose from and finding something that

fit was difficult. Did you know that Amish women

make all their own clothing, except for under


“It’s good you aren’t Amish, Scully, because you

would be the first nudist in the congregation.”

“You don’t think I could make my own clothing? I

can sew.”

“Scully sewing up a ‘Y’ incision and occasionally

your partner is not my idea of fine stitching.”

Tuesday Morning, August 6

The bus was due to leave Harrisburg at 9:00 a.m.

They still paid for two rooms when they traveled,

but seldom used more than one. Mulder was up and

showering when Scully awoke, so she made use of

the shower in the connecting room. The night

before they packed all the new clothing they had

bought into the empty suitcases, save for what

they needed to wear on the trip.

Scully finished her shower and began to dress.

The transformation she saw in the mirror stunned

her. She shook her head as she turned this way

and that, examining her new look. She couldn’t

wait to see what Mulder looked like.

She grabbed her pajamas and headed back to the

room they slept in, nearly running over Mulder

who was coming through the door. They both jumped

back with a start.

He stood before Scully, beautifully tall and

shortly bearded. His blue cotton shirt stretched

across his shoulders, the suspenders running the

outline of his pectoral muscles. The simple dark

blue trousers hugged his lean thighs just enough

to hint at their shape. His smile was brilliant,

causing his eyes to sparkle down at her. The new

growth of beard strangely did not make him appear

unkempt. He just looked mysterious, possibly

dangerous, and definitely sexy.

Mulder couldn’t help but smile down at the tiny

woman before him. Her homespun lavender cotton

dress tied in back and fell just below her knees.

The sleeves came down to the fine bones in her

wrists. The simple garment actually did more for

her figure than the dark two piece suits she

wore to work. She wore no makeup allowing the

freckles across her nose to stand out against the

pale skin on her face. Her hair was pulled back

and pinned up, accenting the shape of her

cheekbones. She wore flat black leather shoes

that caused Mulder to tower over her even more

than usual. She stunned him with her beautiful


“Mulder, you look like you belong on a farm.”

Scully grinned up at him.

“And you look like you belong on my arm.” Mulder

replied as he offered her his arm and walked her

back into their room.

They finished gathering their things and packing

in silence. Each cast surreptitious glances at

the other, both pleased with what they saw. When

their packing was completed, Mulder put his straw

hat on and pushed it down on his head. Scully

took out the starched bonnet from the hatbox and

sat it carefully on her head. She then took a

small box of straight pins out of her purse.

“Eww ouch, Scully what are you doing with those?”

“The clerk showed me how to hold the bonnet on

with these.”

“You’re not pinning that to your head are you?”

“Of course I am.” Scully then turned to the

mirror and began to weave the pin into the bonnet

edge, gathering up a few strands of hair and

pushing the pin back out the bonnet. She did this

three more times and turned to smile at Mulder.

Satisfied she hadn’t drawn blood in the pinning

process, he kissed her lightly on the nose and

gathered up the suitcases while Scully carried

the hatbox and the suitcase containing the laptop

and case files. They trudged down to the bus


The bus bound for Shipshewana was half full and

most of them were Amish. Mulder watched them

carefully, studying their mannerisms and

movements. Then he realized something, “Scully

lean forward a little.”

“What for Mulder?”

Mulder deftly unhooked the tiny cross from around

Scully’s neck and placed it in her palm. Scully

closed her hand around it and looked at him


Mulder leaned over. “They never wear jewelry.”

Scully immediately placed the small cross in her



Ten excruciating hours later the bus pulled into

the parking lot of Yoder’s Department store in

Shipshewana. Mulder stood up and stretched,

unkinking his long frame, and listening to his

back and knees pop. He leaned over and ran his

knuckles over Scully’s cheek. She had fallen

asleep hours ago. Her eyes fluttered open as she

gathered her bearings.

“Come on, Hannah, we’re here.” Scully took a deep

breath, and reached up to straighten her bonnet.

“Sure, Noah.” Mulder grinned as he helped her out

of her seat. They were the last ones off the


Mulder gathered their suitcases, while Scully

looked around the nearly empty parking lot. Off

to the left stood an Amish man tending to his

horses. He glanced over to Scully as he tied the

horses to the hitching post and noticing her

clothing, he approached Scully cautiously. She

saw he was little taller than she, and solidly


The man tipped his hat and asked, “Excuse me,

ma’am, would you be Mrs. Mulder?”

“Yes, yes, I am.” Mulder came to stand at her

side, setting the suitcases down. “This is my

husband, Noah.”

The shorter man thrust out his hand. “I’m Matthew


“Nice to meet you, Mr. Beechy, and thank you for

meeting us. It’s been a long trip, and we

appreciate the ride out to the farm.”

“My pleasure, why don’t you two follow me.”

Matthew picked up Scully’s hatbox and the small

case she had been carrying and led them to the

two-seater black buggy. The bags were tossed

behind the second seat and Matthew climbed in the

front. Mulder helped Scully into the second seat,

and climbed in after her.

“Get up Pat, Star.” Matthew Beechy gave the reins

a snap, sending the buggy lurching forward. The

horses soon fell into step next to one another as

the buggy made its way down State Road 5. Cars,

motorcycles, and even an occasional semi-tractor

trailer whizzed by at a dizzying rate, but the

horses never strayed from the path they were

relegated along the narrow highway. Mulder

noticed Scully’s white knuckled grip on the side

of the buggy, and took her hands into his. She

sighed and leaned against him, doing her best to

ignore the heat.

Mulder leaned forward and spoke to Matthew. “Have

you lived here long, Mr. Beechy?”

“All 45 years of my life, and they call me

Matthew or just Beechy.”

Scully smiled to herself. Not another one.

“You like living here, Beechy?”

“Good soil and plenty of fresh water, no reason

not to live here.”

“What do you grow?”

“I farm seven acres of wheat and five acres of

beans, and I have 10 milk cows. It’s time to

begin bringing in the wheat. I can use your


The rest of the ride was spent in silence. They

passed softly rolling hills dotted with white

homes and large barns. Occasionally they passed

another buggy and a hand would appear from it and

wave at Beechy with him acknowledging it.

The buggy leaned to the right, pulling into what

Mulder guessed was a long lane. The lack of an

internal combustion engine and electrical system

operated by a battery meant no headlights to

pierce the darkness for him. Scully smiled and

pointed down into the dark, in the direction of

a yapping sound that could only be the family dog

out to greet them.

The hot and sticky ride lasted nearly 50 minutes,

with Mulder calculating they had traveled about 7

miles. He was sure all Scully wanted to do was

take a shower but he doubted that would be


Beechy called a halt to his tired horses’ efforts

in front of a two story house that had lamps

burning in several of the windows. A side door

flew open, and out bounded two dark figures, the

lead holding a small lamp. As they neared, Mulder

could tell they were teenage boys and each took

one of the horses by the headstall and held them

as the adults alighted from the buggy. A

practiced team, they led the horses toward the

barn, tossing a greeting over their shoulders for

their father, and smiling openly at the

newcomers. As the traveling companions stretched,

a teenage girl stepped down from the porch, also

carrying a lantern.

“Welcome home, Poppa.” The young girl smiled

warmly. She let her smile slide to include Mulder

and Scully, then turned to light their way into

the house. Beechy and Mulder wrestled the cases

and followed Scully and the young woman up the

steps and inside.

The kitchen was large and very neat. On the left

side stood a large cream and green cook stove.

There were oak cupboards running along either

side of it. A sink with a hand pump stood next to

the back door. On the right was an ice box, the

kind that Mulder and Scully had only seen in old

movies. The kitchen was painted white and filled

with home canned produce. The only window in it

had no window dressing.

“Leah.” Beechy called out to his wife as he

removed his hat. Into the kitchen waddled a very

pregnant woman wearing a pink cotton dress with a

white apron covering her large belly. Much to

Scully’s delight, her bonnet covered a head of

red hair. The woman had a shy smile and Mr.

Beechy stepped forward and took her hand. The

room was soon filled with children.

“This is my wife, Leah, and our daughters,

Rebecca and Mary.” He gestured to the two boys

just returning from the barn, “This is David and

Samuel.” He then looked down and pulled a small

boy out from behind his wife’s skirt. “And this

is Obadiah.”

The child grinned sheepishly up at Scully and

said, “Momma, she’s got hair just like yours!”

The whole room erupted into laughter causing the

boy to turn red.

His mother placed her arm around his shoulder.

“Yes, she does, son.”

Mulder spoke up, “My name is Noah Mulder, but

like Beechy here I’d rather just be called

Mulder.” The kids all giggled. Mulder took

Scully by the hand and pulled her further into

the light of the lantern. His eyes glowed with

warmth as he looked down at the bonnet covered

head, “This is my wife, Hannah.”

“Nice to meet you, Hannah,” Leah said shyly. She

seemed both embarrassed and pleased by Mulder’s

apparent fascination with his wife.

“Nice to meet you and your family.” Scully warmly

smiled, but her exhaustion was causing her to

lean on Mulder’s arm.

Leah spoke up, “Matthew these people are tired,

show them to their home.” Beechy smiled and

gestured for them to follow him through the door

leading from the kitchen.

As they turned to follow, Scully realized for the

first time that not only would she and Mulder

actually be living as man and wife, she would be

responsible for his clothes and meals. Not to

mention keeping the house neat. A vision of

Mulder and his dirty sock tossing habits flashed

through her tired mind. Unlike the Falls, this

time their relationship had advanced to the point

of intimacy. Suddenly the dirty socks seemed

small in comparison to the greater perks. She

shook her head. She must be losing her mind.

Beechy led them out the small door, which opened

into a room that held a wringer washer and a

large kettle hanging over a wood fired stove. The

floor was cement and as clean as the kitchen.

Shared wash room, Scully remembered Mulder

telling her about that.

Beechy opened another door that led into an

almost exact copy of the kitchen they had just

left. Mulder was reminded of the house they had

spent Christmas Eve in with Maurice and Lyda.

He glanced at Scully, her quirked eyebrow telling

him she was thinking the same thing.

Beechy continued on with the tour, leading them

through the kitchen to the dining room and on

through the living room and into a small study.

He then backtracked to the dining room and began

to climb a small staircase. He pointed out the

bedrooms and then opened up a the bathroom door.

The bathroom was large, with a huge claw-footed

tub in the center, and a small sink on a

pedestal against the wall.

Demonstrating how to draw water up the pipes by

using a hand pump, Beechy explained that if the

reservoir on the wood stove was filled, a few

gallons of hot water could be obtained by

turning a tap. He then turned and pointed out the

tiny window to a dark spot in the yard. Somewhere

out there stood the outhouse. Flukemen danced

through Scully’s mind. Sometimes, it was

difficult to find a situation where ghosts,

goblins and or monsters didn’t flit through her


They all returned to what was soon to be Scully’s

kitchen. Mary had brought over two large pieces

of chocolate cake and an ice-cold pitcher of

milk. “Momma thought you might be hungry.”

Mulder and Scully thanked her and bid the Beechy

contingent good night. He turned to Scully,

pulling her close and letting her rock into his

chest, supporting her weight. “Well, Mrs.

Mulder, you want to go to bed?”

Scully pulled out of his embrace and took a seat

at the table. “I don’t know about you Mr. Mulder,

but I’m having a piece of cake.”

Mulder joined Scully as they ate their cake and

drank their milk by the light of the lantern.

Scully spoke up first, “I’d like to stick close

to Leah tomorrow. Maybe I can get the hang of


“Good idea. I’ll try to follow Beechy. It can’t

be that difficult to be a farmer.” He said, as he

took a large gulp of milk.

“I don’t know, Mulder. This is farming like they

did it one hundred years ago. You won’t have

motorized equipment, and you’ll be out in the

heat all day.”

“Yes, Mother,” he said with a smile.

“Just be careful, that’s all I’m saying.” She

took another bite of her cake.

“I want to nose around and see what I can find

out about the death of Agent Warren. It happened

in the pasture of an Amish farmer, surely they’ve

all discussed it, and maybe Beechy will have

some idea of what’s behind it.”

Scully pointed her fork at Mulder.

“I saw a pile of old newspapers in the wash room,

maybe they use them to start the fires. There

might be one with a story on the agent’s death

in it. Maybe a local perspective from the press

would be helpful, too.”

“Good idea, Scully.” He finished off his cake.

“It’s Hannah, and I’m going to take a bath no

matter how cold the water is. I have no idea how

they sleep on nights this hot.” She had finished

her cake and started up the stairs.

“I guess you just get used to it. I’m going to

check out those papers.” He called out to her as

he headed back out to the washroom.

Scully lit an oil lamp that hung from the ceiling

and pumped about four inches of water into the

huge tub. She gathered her bags and stripped off

her clothing and slid into the slowly warming

water. She leaned against the cold granite of the

tub and slowly poured handfuls of water over her

sweaty body. She closed her eyes, enjoying the

sensation when the door flew open. “Shit! Mulder

you scared me!”

“Scully, is that any way for an Amish woman to

talk? What are you doing?” He closed the door

behind him, his eyes darkening as he took in her

wet and naked form.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m taking a


“I can see that, is there room for two in there?”

Without waiting for an answer Mulder began

stripping off his clothes. Scully was amazed at

the energy this man could display at that hour of

the night and in the heat. Tossing aside his

socks Mulder nudged Scully forward and slid in

behind her. He leaned over and spoke into her

ear. “In my own defense, Scully, this water is


Scully laughed and laid her head back against his

chest. Mulder leaned up and kissed the back of

her neck. Her laugh deepened into that sexy

chuckle he loved to hear. “That beard tickles.”

Mulder stopped his nibbling and leaned over the

edge of the tub to retrieve a newspaper he had

dropped there in his haste to get naked.

“You were right, Scully, here’s the newspaper

article on the death of Agent Warren.” He held

the paper in one hand and reached around Scully

to thump it with the other.

“According to the paper, Warren was killed not

far from here. He had been last seen earlier in

the evening at a local place called Fern’s Diner.

There were no witnesses to the accident and he

was found around 10:30 p.m. by a passing delivery

van driver. The driver said and I quote, ‘he was

squashed like a bug under that cow’. The coroner

reported he died of massive internal injuries

consistent with being squashed like a bug.”

“Charming. So was that his medical opinion?”

Scully looked up at Mulder questioningly.

“Well, as close as he could come. He’s a butcher

by day and county coroner by night.”

“He better keep his day job,” Scully deadpanned.

“I think I’m going to take a look at the scene

tomorrow. Are you falling asleep on me? Because

if you are, I’ve got a major cramp going on


“I knew it was too good to be true.” Scully

sighed as she crawled out of the tub and began

to towel off. Mulder followed her.

In the master bedroom Scully pulled on a pair of

cotton panties and a long cream colored

nightgown. The heat was stifling and her hair

was kinking up in the heavy humidity. Mulder

pulled a pair of cotton briefs from the suitcase

and slipped into them. He sat on the edge of the

full size bed.

“Scully, why is it so hot!”

“Mulder, we’re in the midwest, in mid summer, in

an Amish house with NO electricity and you have

to ask me why it is so hot?”

“I’m sorry I asked,” Mulder mumbled.

She pulled back the large handmade quilt and top

sheet that covered the bed. She dropped onto the

bed on her back. Mulder soon followed. He moved

over to wrap his arms around her.

“Mulder, I love you more than my own life, but if

you touch me tonight, so help me I will shoot you


Able to take a hint, Mulder never said a word but

and crept back to his side of the bed.

Part II

Wednesday, August 7

Neither agent slept much and both were up by 5

a.m. Scully had just dozed off when a rooster

crowing made her nearly jump out of the bed.

Mulder slipped on his trousers and tee shirt and

made his way to the outhouse. At least they

didn’t have to share one with the Beechy family.

As he was heading out the outhouse door he passed

Scully going in. He knew better than to speak to

her in the morning before she’d had her first hit

of caffeine. She had her robe wrapped around

herself and a bad case of bed head going on but

he wasn’t telling her that.

Mulder went back upstairs, dressed properly and

finished by brushing his teeth and combing his

hair. He checked out his furry face in the

mirror. One nice thing about being undercover as

an Amish was he didn’t have to shave. One bad

thing was that at this length his beard caused

his face to itch like hell.

He wandered around the house trying to get a feel

for these simple people. It soon became evident

that all the books they had read were true. There

were no mirrors in the house and no photos or

pictures of people, only landscapes and animals.

The house reflected the modest lifestyle they had

chosen to live. Scully came in to find Mulder

scratching his bearded chin. The things he would

endured for an investigation. She went upstairs

and quickly dressed. Mulder met her on the steps

as she was coming down. “Scul… Hannah, Leah

wants to know if we would like to eat breakfast

with them?”

Scully quickly walked around him, “Mulder, any

meal I don’t have to cook is a favorite of mine.”

He chuckled at her as she headed for the

connecting wash room door.

They entered Leah’s kitchen to find the table

surrounded by hungry children eager to eat.

Mulder thanked Leah and pulled out a chair for

Scully. Mr. Beechy led the group in a prayer and

the food was passed around. Mulder had whole-

wheat toast, hamburger gravy, orange juice, fresh

brewed tea and a homemade cereal that resembled

Grapenuts. Scully had her coffee first and then

dug into the best breakfast she had ever eaten.

Leah spoke up. “Did you sleep well, Hannah?”

She put down her cup of coffee and rubbed her

hands on her lap. “It was fine except for the


Leah and the children looked at her in silence.

Scully had the feeling she had just said

something wrong but she wasn’t sure what.

Leah snapped. “Beechy didn’t you tell these good

folks about the bedroom in the basement?”

“Bedroom.” Mulder gulped.

“In the basement.” Scully sighed.

“Sorry, Leah, it completely slipped my mind.”

“Oh, my! You two must have had a terrible night

in all that heat! Hannah, after breakfast Mary

will show you the bedroom downstairs. We all

sleep in the basement in weather this hot.”

“Really,” Scully spoke up trying to save Mr.

Beechy’s hide, “It was not that bad.”

After the meal was over, Mulder followed Beechy

and the boys out to the porch. Scully called him

back in. He had forgotten his hat. He took it

from her and kissed her lightly on the cheek and

crossed the yard again to jump on the wagon with

the boys. Scully waved to Mulder from the porch

as he set off on his first day of work.

Scully went back into the house feeling a little

lost. She wasn’t sure what to do next.

Mary and Rebecca were both off to work at the

noodle shop. The extra money helped out the large

family. Mary would bring lunch to her father and

brothers and Mulder, saving Leah the hard work of

making a noon meal for the men.

Scully helped gather up the breakfast dishes and

was soon up to her elbows in homemade soapsuds.

Leah was drying and softly humming to herself.

Obadiah was lingering near by.

“Obadiah.” His mother called out.

“Yeah, Momma?”

“Why don’t you take Buster and go down to check

on the calves.”

“Okay, Momma.” Obadiah ran to the back door.

“Oh, and son, don’t go near the road.”

“I promise I won’t, Momma.”

Scully watched the small boy run out the back

door. “Who’s Buster?”

“His dog, but you met him last night.” Leah

smiled as she finished wiping a plate, using the

back of her sleeve to wipe a loose tendril of

hair out of her eyes.

Scully smiled and handed her another plate. “He’s

a darling child.”

Leah placed the last plate in the cupboard.

“Obadiah? Yes, he is.”

Scully let the water out of the sink. “Does he

play in the road?”

“Obadiah forgets how fast the motor cars travel.

He’s come close to being hit twice. I never let

him get the mail unless I’m with him. He never

developed like the other children did. He seemed

well, slow. He didn’t walk until he was almost

three.” Leah laughed. “But when he finally did he

never stopped.”

“Does he attend school?”

“No. We tried, but he just couldn’t keep up and

it frustrated him so. Obadiah will always be my

baby.” Leah said wistfully.

Scully nodded silently. She understood Leah’s

concern for her child. Not for the first time did

she wonder at the strength of women, who were

faced with adversities in those they loved most,

and yet made the best of it. “Does he like to

watch the cows?”

“He loves animals, but he’s simply crazy about

our milk cows. I think he’s most satisfied around

them. They pass no judgement on him and they like

to see him coming,; he’s so gentle with them,.”

Leah replied as she placed another plate in the


“All done,” Scully smiled.

“Good. I need a break.” Leah arched her back,

supporting the weight of her belly with her

hands. She made show circles with her well worn

hands, in an age old rhythm of comfort and

satisfaction known to pregnant women. Turning to

the table, she looked up at Scully, “Your

husband, he’s a bit thin.”

“Mulder?” Scully said as she walked over to the

table and pushed in the chair Obadiah had been

sitting in.

“Yes, but he seemed to have such an appetite at

breakfast. I wish Matthew could keep the weight

off like your Noah.”

Scully looked a little pensive. She had to tell

her sometime, it just might as well be now. She

pulled out a chair and sat down across from Leah

at the kitchen table. She ran her tongue over

her bottom lip. “Leah, I, I have a confession to


Leah looked up at Scully. “What is it, Hannah?”

Leah studied Scully for a long moment, sizing her

up, perhaps, or wondering if her head was going

to start spinning around, thanks to Mulder’s

mental breakdown story.

Scully held her breath for a moment and then

blurted out. “I can’t cook! I mean I can, but not

like you.”

The gentlewoman then smiled, “Is that all!

Cooking can be learned. My mother was a great

cook and she taught me. I can teach you. We’ll

put some meat on your husband’s bones.”

Scully grinned back at Leah. “Thank you, I am

very grateful. In return I want you to let me

lift the heavy things around here. You’re

certainly not in the shape to be doing it.”

Leah took a moment to think. “There are no canned

goods or provisions in your house. Tell you what,

until you can get on your feet, you can help me

out here and we’ll cook together.”

“That’s a deal!” Scully smiled.

The rest of the morning flew by for Scully. It

was bread baking day, and while Leah mixed up the

dough, Scully kneaded it into loaves. Bread was

made twice a week and with such a large family,

it took many loves to last.

It was nearly noon when Obadiah ran into the

kitchen. “Momma, I’m hungry.”

Leah laughed and wiped the sweat from her head.

“Of course you are. You’re always hungry. Go wash

up and I’ll get lunch.”

Obadiah went to the sink and pumped out the cool

water. He soaped up his hands and face and

scrubbed, making a joyful mess the way only a

child could.

Scully watched the little boy with interest.

“Good boy. Now, go sit down.”

Obadiah pulled out a heavy wooden chair.

“What sounds good, son?” His mother asked.

“Gill cheese!” The little boy chimed.

Scully and Leah both laughed. “He does love his

grilled cheese.”

Scully watched as Leah pulled out a loaf of


“Here let me do that.” Scully said.

Leah handed the knife to Scully and she began to

slice of thin slices of cheese.

Leah lit the propane stove with a match and

placed a heavy skillet on the burner. She then

buttered two slices of homemade bread and put two

slices of cheese between them butter side out.

She placed the sandwich on the hot skillet.

“Hannah can you get me two tomatoes from the

basement. We’ll have sliced tomatoes for lunch.”

Scully went down the steps and was met with a

cornucopia of home canned vegetables and fruits.

Barrels held potatoes, squash and yams. She found

what she was looking for and came up out of the

basement, sparing a glance behind her. Basements

were but one more thing that gave her the creeps

at times. She washed and sliced the tomatoes,

while Leah poured the cold milk.

“Umm, good!” Obadiah said.

Scully decided she liked the little boy with the

soft eyes. Those eyes told her he had a gentle

soul; in their depths she recognized the same

warm glow she had become familiar with in

Mulder’s. She watched him beneath her lashes

until lunch was concluded. As soon as the last

crumb was gone from his plate, Obadiah ran back


Scully rose to collect the dishes and spared a

glance toward Leah. She was tired and drained

from the heat, the work, and the baby she was


“Leah, why don’t you go rest? I can clean up.

That I do know how to do.”

Leah laughed and patted her stomach. “I think I

just might do that.”

“I’ll look after Obadiah for you.”

“Thanks,” Leah said as she left the kitchen to go


Scully did what little dishes they had used and

cleaned off the table and the old stove. She then

went outside to check on Obadiah and to get out

of the heat of the kitchen.

The boy was sitting on a wooden plank swing tied

high to a maple tree. Scully stepped off the

small porch and walked toward him, matching his

smile with one of her own when he spotted her


“You want me to push you Obadiah?” She asked.

“Yes, please. Momma used to do it, but she can’t

no more.”

Scully pushed the boy in the swing. He kicked out

his tiny legs. “Your momma says that you like the


“Yep, I do.” He answered.

“Do you know how to spell cow, Obadiah?” Scully

asked as she pushed the swing.

“No,” the little boy replied. “Can you tell me


Scully stopped the swing and bent down next to

him. “C-o-w. Cow. Can you say that?” She said it

again. “C-o-w.”

Obadiah slowly said, “C-o-w.”

“That’s right!” Scully laughed and stood up to

push him again.

“C-o-w, c-o-w, c-o-w.” He repeated over and over

as he swung higher.

“Obadiah, you think you can remember that and

surprise your momma at supper?”

“I sure can, Hannah. C-o-w. I like cows,

‘specially when they float like Poppa’s boat on

the lake.

With a start, Scully suddenly realized that he

might have been witness to the cow that killed

Agent Warren. She stopped the swing and took

Obadiah by the hand. “Want to go for a walk?”

“Sure. Hannah, you got pretty hair. Just like my


“Obadiah, you said you liked it when the cows

float. Can you show me the cows that do that?”

The boy stopped walking and looked down at his

bare feet, pulling on his bottom lip. “I can’t do


Scully was confused. “You can’t tell me or you

can’t do that anymore?”

The boy ran down the cow path. “I’m gonna go see

the cows, come on, Buster.” The boy took off down

the path with his dog barking at his side.

Scully went back into Leah’s kitchen and crossed

through the wash house into her own side. She

glanced out the window to see Obadiah playing

with the calves. She climbed the stairs and went

to the master bedroom. She hung up Mulder’s

clothes and took off her bonnet, letting down

her hair. She went to the bathroom and filled

the sink with cold water. As she washed her face

she wondered how Mulder was faring.

Scully dried her face and pulled back her hair.

Looking out the upstairs window, she could easily

see Obadiah still playing in the field. She

secured the starched bonnet once more to her head

and straightened her dress and went down stairs.

Deciding she couldn’t put off that trip to the

outhouse any longer, she headed out the back


As she crossed the yard, Scully would have only

had to turn her head to the right to see a cow

slowly float past her bedroom window and land

back in the field.

Leah had gotten up and was lighting the stove

when Scully returned to the house. She quickly

washed her hands and helped Leah pour water into

the reservoir on the top of the stove.

Leah wiped her hands on her apron as she said,

“There’s a haystack supper tomorrow night at the

school. I thought I’d get my pies done early.

There won’t be much time tomorrow, it’s wash


Scully took the large bucket back to the wash

house. “A haystack supper?” She asked as she shut

the door.

“Don’t you have those back in your part of the


Scully just smiled and closed the top to the


“It’s a fun way to raise money ’round here. This

time it’s for a new roof for the school.”

Leah sat her large mixing bowls on the table.

“Can you get the measuring cups and mixing spoons

out Hannah?” Leah asked. “The women all get

together and make supper, but it’s stacked in

large bowls. Usually mashed potatoes go in first,

and then noodles and roast beef or pork on top

of that, finally corn or beans are added, and a

slice a bread tops it off.” She laughed. “I

guess it kind of looks like a hay stack.”

“Sounds like fun.” Scully said as she busied

herself in the kitchen.

“Oh it is.” Leah said as she looked around the

table. “Can you get me the eggs and some cream?

But I’m in no shape to help this year, so I’m

making some pies for the auction.”

Scully got the eggs and cream out of the icebox.

“So what kind of pies are we making?”

Leah looked at Scully with a grin. “WE are making

a cherry pie, a rhubarb custard, and a German

chocolate.” Leah sat down and wiped her face with

her apron. “What kind of pie does your husband


Scully thought for a moment. “Sweet potato,” she


Leah laughed. “He’s in luck. I canned sweet

potatoes last fall and there should still be a

quart or two in the basement.”

“Hannah, can you go downstairs and bring me up a

jar of rhubarb, a jar of cherries, two cups of

pecans, and a jar of sweet potatoes? You’ll find

the nuts in a small wooden barrel. We’ll have

these pies done in no time.”

Scully did as she was asked and soon they were

measuring and mixing and beating the ingredients

together. She watched Leah as she cut a piece of

lard into a small pile of flour she had poured

on the table. Leah added some ice water a few

drops at a time until she had a beautiful ball

of piecrust dough.

Suddenly the door was thrown open and in ran

Obadiah holding his hand. He had pinched his

fingers in the gate latch. Leah kissed his

forehead and took him upstairs to mend his


Scully looked down at the smooth ball of crust on

the table. She was sure she could make her own

crust now that she had seen a pro do it. She

placed a small pile of flour on the table and

cut a little lard into it. She added the water

just like Leah had and rolled the mixture into a

ball, but the ball was sticking to the table so

she added more flour. This made the dough too

stiff so she added more water. Finally the dough

began to some what resemble the dough Leah had

made. Scully was feeling pretty proud of herself.

Just then Leah came back downstairs.

“Is he okay?” Scully asked as she pushed back her

hair with the back of her hand smudging her face

with flour in the process.

“He’ll be fine. He does that all the time. I kiss

it, get him a cold wash cloth to put on it and he

lays down for a nap.”

Leah looked over at Scully’s little ball of

dough. “I see you have made your crust.”

“I hope so.” Scully says, not entirely convinced.

Soon the pie shells were all filled and were

baking in the oven.

Leah stiffly stretched her aching back and sat

down at the table as Scully cleaned up the mess

they had made. “Where did you meet Noah?”

Scully broke out in a sweat and this time it

wasn’t from the heat.

Leah went on. “I met Matthew at a church picnic.

I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

Church was held at Jacob Mishler’s Farm.

Everyone was there. Some members of the

congregation in Middlebury came over to join in

the prayer service. Matthew was among them. He

was the most handsome man I had ever laid eyes

on.” Leah blushed.

Scully was furiously scrubbing the kitchen table.

She knew she would have to come up with

something. “Noah ran a small store back home. He

needed help and I applied for the job. That was

nine years ago.”

“So how long you been married?”

Scully rinsed out the dishcloth. “About two


Leah laughed. “You two certainly took your time.”

“Tell me about it.” Scully muttered. She

desperately wanted to change the topic. “Those

pies smell great.”

“We’ll have the cherry one for supper. How does

rib eye steak, cheese potatoes, lima beans and

fried green tomatoes sound for supper.”

“Sounds great!”

“Good, because you’ll have to help. I’m just too

worn out in this heat.”

Scully began to worry about the other woman. She

went to the sink and filled a large glass with

water and wet a dishcloth. She sat the glass

before Leah and handed her the cloth. “Here. You

look like you could use this.”

Leah smiled up at Scully. “I guess the good Lord

sent me my own guardian angel.”

Scully pinked with pleasure, or heat, or

deception. This was the part of the job that she

found distasteful. She had to make people trust

her, then pull out the gun and handcuffs and

start arresting those trusting souls.

Leah wiped her face with the cool cloth. “Can you

take the pies out of the oven?”

“Of course,” Scully replied and grabbed the oven


Soon the room was filled with the smell of

cooling pies and boiling vegetables. Scully was

peeling potatoes while Leah was preparing the

steaks. Scully looked up at Leah. “When is the

baby due?”

“Doc told me it would be six more weeks but that

was two weeks ago. Matthew has already made

arrangements at the new birthing center down the

road. They think I’m too old so I have to be

there a few days before my due date.”

“That’s probably best.” Scully agreed.

Leah finished putting the steaks on the broiler

pan. “You and Noah want children?”

Scully shifted in her chair and looked down at

her hands. “We would love to have children, but I

am unable.”

Leah stopped what she was doing and looked at

Scully, softly saying, “Oh, I am sorry to hear


Scully’s blue eyes shimmered, but she hid it from

Leah. Most of the time, their relationship and

their professional life lives allowed her little

time to miss having children. Times like these,

however, faced with a chance to be near a mother

so close to her time again, her heart hurt.

Soon supper was done and awaiting the men’s

return. Mary and Rebecca had been back for about

an hour and they helped set the table. Scully

went to her own home to clean up. She couldn’t

wait to see Mulder. It had been a long day with

out him. Just then she heard Buster barking and

the sound of horses hooves on the gravel drive.

She looked out the upstairs window to see the

team pulling up in front of the house. Out of the

back of the wagon jumped David and Samuel. Mr.

Beechy climbed down from the left side and an

obviously sore Mulder slowly climbed down from

the right.

Scully ran down the stairs and out the wash house

door toward the wagon. Mulder looked up at her

with that grin of his and held out his arms. She

gladly fell into them. His shirt was covered in

sweat but she didn’t care, he was home. He took

off his hat and wiped his face on his rolled up

sleeve. He then dropped his arm and wrapped it

around Scully and squeezed her. “Anyone miss me?”

he teased.

“You’ll never know just how much.” Scully grinned

up at him.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Maybe

later, I’ll let you show me.”

Beechy and the boys went over to a pump that

stood near the barn and washed up. As much as

Mulder hated to, he let go of Scully to join


Scully could tell by the way he walked he was

tired and sore, but she would take care of that


A prayer was said and supper was served. Everyone

dug in. Obadiah looked over at Scully and she

nodded her head to him. He grinned and spoke up,

“Momma, hey, Momma!” He wasn’t being heard above

the din at the table. Finally Scully said,

“Leah,” and glanced down to Obadiah.

Leah put down her fork and turned to her son.

“What is it?” The table grew quiet and Obadiah

began to freeze.

Scully smiled at him and said softly, “Go on.”

Obadiah spoke up. “Momma, I can spell cows.”

Everyone looked at him as he began. “C-O-W,


The entire gathering laughed and clapped. The

small boy turned red.

Leah grabbed her son. “Who taught you that!”

“She did!” He said as he pointed to Scully.

Scully blushed and looked at him. “You said you

could remember it and you did.”

“Yes I did! C-O-W, cows.”

Scully caught Mulder staring at her. A smile

crossed his face, and then he winked at her.

The rest of the meal was eaten in silence on

Mulder’s part. Scully knew something was

bothering him, and right after the dishes were

done she was going to find out just what it was.

Scully found Mulder standing under a tree,

leaning against a fence post. She slowly

approached him. “Hey,” she softly said softly as

she ran her hand across his back. She’d been with

this man long enough to know when something was

wrong. Mulder was feeling sorry for himself.

She leaned against the post and faced him. Her

arms were crossed over her chest. She glanced

around to make sure no one was within earshot.

“Okay Mulder, what gives?”

Mulder didn’t say anything.

Scully lowered her head and raised her eyes.


“I can’t farm, Scully.” He said quietly, with

such despondency in his voice Scully had

difficulty hiding the smile that teased at the

corner of her mouth.


“I can’t farm,” he repeated.

“Well, Mulder, most city people can’t, without

some instruction.”

“No, Scully, they won’t let me farm!”

Scully frowned and circled him, ducking under his

arm that rested against the post and leaving her

hands on his warm chest. “Mulder.”

“I pulled fucking weeds all day.” He continued to

stare out over her head at the vast farmlands.

“Why? Why did you pull weeds?” He was confusing

her with his cryptic weed comments.

“Well, for starters, the horses got away from me.

Then I couldn’t stack the damn wheat into those

little piles. That’s a lot harder than it looks!”

His head of steam was growing, she could see it.

“I’m sure it is, but why did you pull weeds.”

Mulder leaned down and looked into her eyes and

snapped, “I guess Beechy got tired of chasing

down the horses!”

“It’s a good thing I told Leah you were a

shopkeeper.” Scully mumbled as she turned to

stand next to him.

“What?” Mulder looked down at her.

“Never mind.” She knew she had to pull him out of

his funk or the whole evening would be shot. “So

where did you pull these hated weeds?”

“In the bean field. I’m telling you, there is not

a weed left in that entire five acres. I even

scared off the baby weeds.”

“Even the baby weeds, huh. If you ask me, it

takes a real man to completely eradicate weeds

from a five acre plot. It takes precision,

attention to detail, persistence….”

He cut her off, “Ok, ok, I get the point.” She

grinned up at him, knowing the crisis had passed.

Mulder chuckled as he drew her close to him. “And

what did you do today?”

“Not much.” She didn’t have the heart to tell her

big strong man with the bruised ego how much she

had learned from Leah and the fun they’d had. “I

did bake a pie for the auction tomorrow night.”

Mulder rubbed his nose against hers and grinned.

“You’re turning into a regular Betty Crocker,

aren’t you.”

Scully remembered her talk with Obadiah. “Mulder

I spent some time with Obadiah.”

“I see that.” Mulder smiled and pulled her even


“No, besides that. I think he has some connection

or knows something about your flying cows.”


“He told me he liked to ‘see them float like

Poppa’s boat on the lake’.”

“It does sound like the kid might know something.

You seem to have established a rapport with him,

you work on that end, and I’m going to get over

to the crime scene.”

Mulder looked up to see a horse and cart pulling

up the lane. Beechy came out to greet the man

behind the reins.


“Mulder.” Beechy called out and motioned for

Mulder to join him.

“Oh, what now?” he groaned as he released Scully.

“Maybe the word got out about your prowess with


“Keep it up, Scully, and you’ll be bathing alone


The couple walked over to the cart. “Mulder, this

is LeRoy Bontrager. He has a cart you can use

until you get yourself a rig.”

LeRoy was a short man with a large nose and a

huge grin. “Mr. Mulder,” LeRoy said as he

extended his hand.

“Mr. Bontrager.” Mulder returned the handshake.

“This is awfully nice of you.”

“No trouble, Mr. Mulder. You can help me out


“Yeah, he might have weeds to pull.” Scully said

under her breath.

Mulder elbowed her, “Shush, woman.” The murderous

gleam in his partner’s eye didn’t escape his

notice. Luckily, however, it flew past the two

men he was speaking with, who exchanged grins.

LeRoy unhitched his horse and crawled onto its

back. With a wave of his hand he headed down the


Beechy called out to his son mucking stalls in

the barn. “David, bring up Judy.”

He turned to Mulder and Scully. “Judy is a gentle

horse. She’s got some age on her, so we don’t use

her much.”

David came out with a chestnut brown horse with a

dark mane and tail. She looked like every other

horse they had seen in the last two days.

Judy was soon harnessed to the cart. Mulder took

Scully by the hand. “Come on, Hannah.”

Scully spotted Obadiah playing in the dirt with a

toy horse. “Hang on a minute, Mulder.” She went

over to the child and bent down. Soon she was

returning with Obadiah in tow.

Scully looked over to Mr. Beechy. “If it’s okay

with you Mr. Beechy, I’d like to take him with


Beechy walked over and bent down to pick the boy

up. He smiled at him and sat him in the cart.

“Now you don’t give these people any trouble,


“I won’t, Poppa.”

Beechy helped Scully into the cart, slapped Judy

on the rear and off they went. Mulder was at the

reins and Scully was not convinced this was such

a good idea. Her nervous look made him smile.

“Nine plus years together, Hannah, how many times

have I been in an accident?”

He paused. “Never. Well, not driving, anyway.”

Her mouth opened.

“And accidents caused by ghosts, conspirators, or

other bad drivers don’t count,” he countered

before she could voice her opinion.

“Why the hell not?”

“Hannah! You kiss your mother with that mouth?”

He glanced down at Obadiah, excitedly watching

the scenery go by at a steady snail’s pace. He

paid no attention to anything the adults were

saying. —

The sun was setting and everything took on a

golden glow. They reached the end of the lane

that led to the the Beechy farm and Scully spoke

up. “Okay, Noah, which way now?”

“According to the paper, it happened not too far

from Fern’s Diner.” Mulder said, aware of the

child sitting beside him.

Obadiah chimed in. “Fern’s, that’s where Becky

and Mary works.”

Scully looked down at him. “Do you know where

Fern’s is, Obadiah.?”

“That way.” The boy pointed to the right.

“Then right it is.” Mulder grinned and snapped

the reins.

The cart stayed on the buggy path at the edge of

the highway. Luckily the traffic was light, which

helped Scully become more comfortable with Mulder

at the reins. They had gone about three-quarters

of a mile when Obadiah yelled, “There it is!” He

pointed to a gray, low slung building just ahead.

“According to the report, we turn left at the

next crossroads and go another quarter mile.

Obadiah was suddenly excited. He pointed across

the highway. “Look! Cows, c-o-w, cows.”

Scully smiled down at him and draped her arm

around his shoulder.

“Look.” Mulder pointed to the right. “That cow’s

out of the pen.”

Obadiah turned in his seat to watch the dairy cow

grazing along the highway.

“Mulder, you think we should turn around and put

it back?

“Not now. I want to get to the scene while it’s

still light.”

Mulder looked down at the tight expression on

Obadiah’s face and said softly to the little boy,

“When we come back, we’ll put her in the pen.


Obadiah just nodded his head.

“Mulder, here’s the corner.”

Mulder managed to get the little cart across the

highway and around the corner without getting

anyone killed.

“There’s the tape.” He pointed down the road and

to the left. He pulled the cart over to the edge

of the road and tied the horse to a fence post.

“I’m not chasing any more horses,” he mutterd to

himself. He lifted Obadiah down and then helped

Scully. She took Obadiah by the hand and they

walked to the path that led into the field.

Mulder unlatched the gate and led the little

group to the crime scene.

In the dimming light there wasn’t much to see.

Mulder lifted the tape and bent down to touch the

loose soil. Scully released Obadiah’s hand and

bent down so she too could check out the scene.

“There isn’t much to go on, Mulder. Hoof prints,

a depression, and it looks like dried blood.”

Mulder was crouched down chewing on his thumbnail

when he heard Scully shout, “Obadiah!” The boy

was headed toward the highway. Scully grabbed

Mulder by the shoulder. “Mulder! The highway!

He’ll get hit!”

Mulder leapt to his feet and took off running

toward the child. Scully followed as quickly as

she could, but with the long skirt she wore she

had no prayer of keeping up with him. They both

shouted Obadiah’s name, as Scully watched

Mulder’s back pulling farther away from her.

Obadiah seemed not to hear the adults calling his

name, nor see the large semi-truck coming down

the highway. He had a single purpose in mind,

focused only on his appointed mission of saving

that cow.

Mulder was gaining on him, his long legs flying

when out of the corner of his eye he spotted the

truck approaching. In an instant he knew the

reflection from the sun on the window would make

it hard for the driver to see the boy before it

was too late.

Obadiah was nearing the fence. How much of a head

start did he have on them, anyway? Mulder shook

his head, children and crime scenes obviously

didn’t mix. He and Scully were so involved, they

had let the boy simply run off.

Mulder looked past the boy and saw the cow that

had strayed onto the highway. His lungs were

burning, but he knew Obadiah wouldn’t let the

cow come to harm, and he had he to get to the

boy. All that stood between Obadiah and the truck

was a thin wire fence.

Mulder knew Obadiah’s plan was to get to the cow,

to shoo it off of the road, but there was no way

the boy could do that without getting killed.

The boy hit the fence and began to climb. The

roar of the truck reverberated through Mulder’s

head. He wasn’t going to make it, he wasn’t

going to make it, no matter how fast he went now,

he wasn’t going to stop the death of this small

boy left in his care. He could vaguely hear

Scully’s voice cracking as she pleaded with the

child to not climb the fence.

Obadiah had his feet on the first cross wire of

the fence and came to a dead halt. The cow that

stood on the highway slowly rose up. The semi

cleared the hooves by only inches. The cow moo’ed

nervously as it gently fell back onto the


Mulder nearly ran through the fence before he

could stop. He was so winded he had to bend over

to catch his breath. Scully charged into him,

nearly knocking him over.

“Hannah, see the cow. C-o-w.”

Obadiah was oblivious to what had just happened,

but the cow wasn’t. She took off for the open

gate and didn’t stop running.

Mulder was still panting. “Scully, did you see


Scully gulped in heavy breaths. “I think I did.”

“That was amazing.” Mulder slumped to the ground.

Obadiah had crawled off the fence. Scully grabbed

the boy and hugged him tightly.

“Hannah!” Obadiah yelled. “I saw the cows!” He

hugged her back.

“You sure did.” Scully said as she slowly got to

her feet. She took Obadiah by one hand while

Mulder took the other.

The horse plodded along, retracing the route that

had brought them to the field. Obadiah was fast

asleep in Scully’s lap. Scully whispered, “What

do you think just happened?”

Mulder was still in a state of euphoria. He shook

his head. “I have no idea. It could be

atmospheric, climatic, geographical, or any

combination of things.” Mulder sighed. “Scully, I

am so sore.”

Scully stopped rubbing Obadiah’s back and began

to rub Mulder’s thigh. “I think I can take care

of that later tonight,” she purred. “A cool bath

for two, a backrub.”

“Son of a bitch!” Mulder growled as he pulled the

cart to a halt and stood up.

“Mulder! What is it?” Scully said with alarm in

her voice.

“A weed!” And there, in the middle of the bean

field stood a tall weed taunting Mulder.

Scully just shook her head and sighed, “Oh, no,

here we go again.”

Part III

Thursday August 8

Scully was up early, having slept much better in

the basement where the temperature was twenty

degrees cooler than the upstairs bedroom. She

awoke to find Mulder had snuggled up against her

in the night, seeking her warmth. She dressed,

made her trip to the outhouse and went in to help

Leah get breakfast ready.

After a breakfast of home canned bacon, eggs,

toast, fruit and cereal, the men made their way

out the door to work in the fields.

Scully followed Mulder to the wagon. She

whispered to him, “Don’t forget that weed.” He

kissed her lightly as the boys giggled. Mulder

made a wise crack back at them, crawled into the

wagon and off they went.

The beds were all stripped and the linens

changed. Laundry was piled high in the wash

house. Leah got the gas-powered wringer washer

going while Scully filled the pot with water to


By noon the laundry was almost done and had been

hung on the line to dry. Lightly hued dresses,

dark colored trousers, along with towels,

underwear and bed quilts. Once she got the hang

of it, Scully had done most of the laundry


Leah was making lunch for the three of them.

Obadiah had been down in the cow pasture all

morning and was slowly making his way back to

the house as Scully was finishing hanging the

last of the laundry. Obadiah saw Scully and ran

to her. “Hannah, can you tell me how to spell

Buster?” Scully was taken by the boy’s zest to

learn, even if he couldn’t tell a C from an O

from a W yet.

Scully stooped down and took his hands in her

own. “Well, Buster is a dog. How about I teach

you how to spell dog?”

“Okay!” Obadiah jumped with excitement.

“First, how do you spell cow?’

“C-O-W!” The boy repeated.

“That’s good. Now dog is D-O-G.”

Obadiah repeated slowly, “D-O-G.”

“That’s right.” Scully smiled at him. “D-O-G.”

Obadiah grabbed Scully around the neck with his

small dirty hands. “I like you, Hannah.”

Scully laughed and patted him on the back. “I

like you too, Obadiah.”

She pulled away from him and grabbed his hand.

“Let’s wash up for lunch.”

They walked over to the old pump and soaped up

their hands. Scully wanted to talk to the boy

about the incident last night but she knew, now

was not the time. His attention span being so

short and he was intent on learning how to spell


Leah already had lunch on the table. They ate

creamed turkey and biscuits along with homemade

applesauce. After lunch was cleaned up the rest

of the day was spent folding and ironing

clothes, greeting the iceman, and dusting the


Leah let Scully talk her into going upstairs to

rest. That left Scully with Obadiah. She found

him playing in the dirt with his toys again. She

took four homemade cookies from the jar and

poured two glasses of milk and went outside to

sit on the front porch steps. Obadiah looked

over at her and realized she had cookies. He

jumped up and raced over to her. Scully chewed on

her cookie while he stared at her. She grinned up

at him. She wanted to see who flinched first.

He shifted his weight from foot to foot while

Scully ate the cookie. Then he pointed to the

other cookies. “Zat mine?” Scully laughed at him.

“Sure, if you want them.” She handed him a cookie

as he sat one step below her. He took a healthy

bite of his cookie and a drink of his milk,

wiping his mouth on his sleeve. “Your husband is

tall.” He said with a smile.

Scully nearly choked on her cookie. “Yes he is.”

“I like him.”

“Thank you. I do too. Did you have fun with us

last night?”

“Uh huh. Judy likes him. He goes slow.”

Scully laughed.

“Did you see the cow on the highway, Obadiah?”

“Yeah. Momma says the motor cars will hurt me.”

“Yes, yes they will.”

“Will they hurt the cow too?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I guess so. But the

cow didn’t get hit, did it? Why is that?”

“She floated like poppa’s boat.”

“Do you know how she floated, Obadiah?”

“I maked her.” He said as he picked up another


Scully was floored by his revelation. Just then

Buster came up.

“Hannah!” Obadiah screamed with delight. “Buster

eat my cookie!” Obadiah laughed and took off

after the dog.

Scully sighed. Mulder was going to explode with


The men came in from the fields earlier that

usual. They wanted to clean up for the haystack

supper that was scheduled for that evening.

Scully had already dressed and was pulling her

shoes on when Mulder stomped through the bedroom

door. He dropped to the bed and fell backwards.

“Scully, I will take chasing mothmen over farming

any day.”

She leaned over him to softly kiss his lips.

“Well Farmer Fox we have a supper to go to


Mulder let out a sigh and grabbed her. “I suggest

you get your dirty paws off me.”

“That sounds vaguely familiar.”

“Familiar or not you need to get cleaned up.”

Scully grabbed him by the hand and pulled his

towering frame up off the bed. She shoved him

down the hallway and into the bathroom.

He undressed while she ran his bath water. “I

saved this for you.” Scully poured a bucket of

steaming water into the bath.

“Oh Scully, you’re too good to me,” he said,

climbing into the tub.

Scully pulled a small stool beside the deep tub

and sat down. “Mulder, I had a talk with Obadiah


“What did he say?”

“He said he moved the cow out of the path of that


Mulder leveled his gaze at her. “How?”

“I don’t know. His attention span is so short I

have a hard time talking to him.”

“Sounds like you’re doing fine. You really like

that boy, don’t you?”

“I feel so sorry for him. The potential is there

but he isn’t getting the attention he needs.”

“He is from you.” Mulder softly answered.

“But we’ll soon be gone and where does that leave


“I don’t know what to tell you, Scully. I guess

we’ll figure that out later.”

“Yeah, well your water is getting cold and I’m

getting hungry so haul ass, G-man.”

“That’s Farmer Fox to you.” Mulder groaned again,

hauling said ass out of the low tub. His muscles

ached so badly, he was sure one more day would

kill him.

Mulder was soon dressed and met Scully

downstairs. She stood to follow him outside, her

eyes drinking him in. She still so loved the

looks of this man, beard and all. Beechy had

already hitched Pat and Star to the buggy. Leah

came out carrying the pies. Mulder ran over to

help her.

Beechy helped Leah climb into the front of the

buggy while Mulder helped Scully into the back.

The older children had already gone ahead with

friends. That left Obadiah standing beside the

buggy. Scully looked down at him and put out her

hand, soon he was sitting between her and Mulder.

Mulder looked over at Scully who just smiled and

shrugged her shoulders.

Beechy told stories of his childhood as the buggy

wound its way past homes and farms. At the crest

of a small hill stood a single story white

clapboard building. The wooden steps led up to a

set of wide double doors, and each side of the

building was framed with and six windows. They

drove down the gravel lane to where some twenty

to thirty buggies stood. Beechy found a spot on

the hitching post and tied Pat and Star to it.

Mulder got out of the buggy and helped Scully

down, then they both helped Leah. Obadiah jumped

to the ground.

Mulder took Scully by the hand and they walked

slowly past the rows of buggies. He stopped and

looked over the site around him. “Scully, how do

they tell these things apart!”

She laughed. “Come on.”

Leah and Beechy were already inside when the

agents arrived. The small room was packed with

bearded men and women in long dresses. Children

ran to and fro. A line was formed and tickets

were sold to the supper. Mulder bought two

tickets and he and Scully proceeded to get in

line to eat. The long tables were filled with

food and were overseen by the Amish women who

stood behind them, generously dishing up the

feast. Laughter permeated the air, along with

the wonderful aroma of dinner.

Mulder led Scully over to a small out of the way

table. She followed him, balancing her plate and

drink noticing the glances Mulder was generating

from the younger women. Even Amish women gawked

at him like love sick schoolgirls she thought. He

didn’t notice, though, he rarely did and she

chose to keep her mouth shut.

Obadiah made his way through the crowd to stand

before Mulder and Scully holding his bowl.

“Momma says if’n I’m good I can eat by you,

Hannah.” Scully scooted over on the bench she and

Mulder shared.

“Sure you can Obadiah, but wouldn’t you rather

eat with the other kids?”

Obadiah looked around the room longingly at the

other children. “I don’t go here with them.

You’re my friend, Hannah.”

Scully’s eyes grew cloudy and her throat

tightened. Mulder could see she was not going to

last long if he didn’t change the subject.

“Obadiah, you like cows, huh.”

“And dogs!” The boy spoke up. “D-O-G, Dogs.” He

grinned up at Scully.

Scully smiled at him and let out a tear-choked


“That’s good.” Mulder praised. “But you really

like the cows.”

Obadiah was losing interest in Mulder and he

sensed he was not going to get anywhere with the

boy. He glanced over to Scully, catching her eye.

He then looked back down to Obadiah. Scully took

the cue and reached out to gently touch Obadiah’s

arm. He immediately focused on her. “Obadiah,

last night when the cow was on the highway. Do

you remember?”

He nodded his head as he ate his supper.

“Good. The cow was going to get hurt by the big

truck, right?”

He nodded again.

“How did the cow get off the highway?”

Mulder looked intently at the boy but said

nothing. Scully licked her bottom lip and

glanced at Mulder then back at Obadiah.

She leaned in and softly said, “You can tell me.”

“I told you she floated like Poppa’s boat.”

“But how did she float?” Scully took Obadiah’s


“I made her.”

“You did?” Scully looked him in the eye, hoping

to keep his attention.

“She was on the highway. The truck was gonna hurt

her like it did my cousin Thomas.”

“Thomas was hurt.” Scully asked, her eyes big as


“A truck hurt Thomas and he never came back.”

Mulder was stunned. He scrubbed his face with his


“And you didn’t want the cow to get hurt?”

Scully’s voice cracked.

“Nope. I like cows. I like Thomas, too.” The boy

broke eye contact with her, and turned back to

his supper.

Scully didn’t know how much more of this she

could take.

“How did you make the cow float?”

Obadiah stopped eating and turned both hands up.

Mulder and Scully both let out a sigh. Obadiah

got up. “I wanna drink, Hannah.”

“Can you get it by yourself.” Scully asked

softly. The boy nodded and disappeared into the


“Scully, that kid lost a cousin to the traffic

and these people still insist on riding around in

those death traps. Amazing.” Mulder slumped back

against the wall.

“I know.” Scully sighed. “But you believe he

controls the cows?”

“I’m not so sure. I know he thinks he does. I’m

not convinced that something else isn’t going on

here. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these

folks have seen similar phenomenon, but only

Obadiah is honest enough admit it.”

“Let’s eat and get out of here.” She said. “I’ve

had my heart strings tugged at enough for one

night.” Mulder looked over at her and gently

rubbed her back. Scully and kids. Hell, himself

and kids were a dangerous combination these days,

they were both reaching the point of no return

for raising a child, and still didn’t know what

they wanted to do about her inability to


The supper was finished and the dishes removed.

The tables were pushed to the side and the pies

to be auctioned were brought out. All sorts of

pies soon filled the tables, cherry, apple,

rhubarb, sweet potato and various custards and


LeRoy Bontrager stepped forword and tried to

quiet the crowd. “Everyone! Everyone!” He pleaded

with his hands in the air. The room finally grew

quiet. “The pies are ready to be sold so

everyone take a good look, especially the young

men.” He laughed while the girls all giggled.

“All the money we raise is going to the school

roof fund.” LeRoy stepped aside and let the crowd

look over the pies. Young men came up with their

girlfriends in tow. The girl would point out the

pie she had made and the boy would nod.

Mulder was resting his hip against a table that

had been pushed aside. His arms were crossed over

his chest and one foot hung off the edge of the

table as he watched this Amish mating ritual

with interest. Scully was standing next to him

softly talking to Obadiah.

“Hannah, what pie did you bake?” he asked Scully.

“Mulder, you do not what to know!”

“Come on.” He nudged her. “It can’t be that bad.”

Scully sighed. “Sweet potato.”

“Just for me,” he teased.

“Not if you value your health, it isn’t.” Scully

sniped back.

The crowd parted and LeRoy started the auction.

The bidding was fast and furious. The boys all

bought their girlfriends pies while Leah’s

brought in the high bid of 17 dollars so far.

They were down to three pies when LeRoy held up


“Now who wants to open the bidding on this nice

sweet potato pie?” Mulder stood from his leaning

position and raised his hand. “I bid twenty-five

dollars.” A hush fell across the room, while all

eyes turned to Mulder.

“Mulder!” Scully gasped.

He looked down at her. “Hannah, it goes for a

good cause and I really like sweet potato pie.”

The room burst into applause.

Later that night as the moon hung low and heavy

over the quiet fields, a woman stood outside an

outhouse hugging her robe to her body.

“I am so sorry, Mulder.”

From inside the tiny building came a faint reply.

“That’s ok, Scully. It wasn’t your fault.”

Part IV

Friday August 9

The next morning breakfast was served. Mulder

had recovered and the men were on their way to

the fields. Mulder had finally gotten the hang

of handling the team. He would drive them up to a

row of wheat shocks and climb off. Then he and

Beechy and the boys would throw the wheat with

pitchforks while the horses walked down the row.

At the end of the row Mulder would climb back on

and start the team down the next row. The horses

had done this for so many years that they were as

much a part of the team as Beechy and his sons.

Leah was looking rather pale that morning. Mary

had wondered if she should stay home with her

mother but Scully reassured her she would be

there if anything happened.

It was the day Leah did her house cleaning, but

she didn’t feel well so Scully swept the floors

and washed the one in the kitchen. She dusted the

furniture and watered all the houseplants while

Obadiah ran in and out entertaining himself.

Leah went downstairs to lie down while Scully got

lunch. She fixed grilled cheese sandwiches and

opened a jar of peaches. At least she knew she

would not be poisoning anyone. She called

Obadiah in to wash his hands. He looked around

with concern on his face. “Hannah, where’s


“She didn’t feel well, Obadiah. She’s downstairs

in bed.”

“I wanna see her.” He headed out of the kitchen

and toward the stairs when Scully grabbed his

arm. “Sweetie, Momma is tired. Why don’t you eat

and then you can take her down a sandwich.”

He nodded his head, seemingly satisfied for the

time being.

While Obadiah was wolfing down his sandwich

Scully was hoping to talk to him further about

the cows. “Obadiah, do you remember how to spell


The little boys’ face lit up. “‘Course I do,

Hannah!” he croaked out. “C-O-W, cows.” He

grinned at Scully.

“And how do cows float?”

The boy studied his sandwich intensely. “I don’t

know but they do.”

“DO any other animals float, Obadiah?”

“Nope. Jus’ cows. I like cows.” He got up from

the table. “I wanna see Momma.”

Scully made another sandwich and sent it

downstairs with Obadiah. She got out a glass of

milk and followed. Obadiah was already sitting

next to Leah on the bed when she got there.

“I thought you could use this.” She said as she

set the glass down.

“Thanks, Hannah.” Leah didn’t look well to Scully

and she thought it was more than usual final

trimester discomfort. “Leah, when did you last

see your doctor?”

“The day before you arrived.”

“And he thought everything was fine?”

“He told me to take it easy. That’s why I was so

glad to hear you were coming.”

“Well, I want you to get some rest. I’ll watch

this boy of yours. If you start to feel labor

pains, you call for me immediately.” Scully said

grabbing Obadiah’s nose. “And I’ll see what I can

do about feeding the men.” She sighed.

Late in the afternoon a car pulled up and Mary

got out. She was worried about her mother and

caught a ride home. She and Scully finished the

housework and got supper on the table.

Mulder had taken his bath and put on his pajama

bottoms. He found Scully already in bed in the

basement. She was so tired she had gone to bed

earlier than usual. He crawled in next to her and

turned down the oil lamp. “Rough day?” He asked

as he spooned up next to her wrapping his arm so

tightly around her that his hand rested on the

bed, curled under her ribs.

“Umm hum,” she murmured.

Mulder’s lips trailed the back of her neck.

“Mulder, I talked to Obadiah today.” Scully


“What’d he say?” Mulder asked as he ran his

bearded chin across her cheek.

“Just that cows float and other animals don’t.”

“It’s not much.”

“I know Mulder, I think we’re at a dead end.”

“It would appear so.”

“I’m sure Obadiah is involved,” Scully sighed,

“But I just don’t know how.”

“You think he orchestrated the flying cows?”

“I don’t know.”

“Even if he is behind it, Scully, we can’t charge

him. He was nowhere near the scene, he’s only

eight and no one would believe us.”

“I know.”

The bedroom door creaked open. Scully froze.

Mulder sat up straight. It was Obadiah. He ran

over to Scully’s side of the bed crying.

“Hannah, Momma’s sick.”

“Oh Mulder!” Scully whispered as she quickly got

out of bed and grabbed her robe, her eyes

beseeching him to come with her, to be her

strength as he always was. He was out of the bed

and pulling his own robe over his shoulders as

Obadiah led them into the other house and down

the stairs.

Mary and Rebecca stood outside the bedroom door

wide eyed in their nightclothes. David told her

Samuel had been sent down to Fern’s to use the

pay phone to call the doctor.

Scully entered the bedroom, Mulder close on her

heels, not giving a thought to the modesty of the

Amish women. Beechy, sitting on the edge of the

bed holding Leah’s hand seemed non-plussed by his

presence. He looked scared. Leah was covered in

sweat, despite the relative cool air of the

basement, her nightgown soaked through.

“I think it’s the baby.” Beechy said unable to

hide the concern in his voice. Scully gently

touched his shoulder. “Mr. Beechy would you go

get a bucket of cold water and a wash cloth.” He

nodded and squeezed his wife’s hand as he got up

from the bed.

“What do you want me to do?” Mulder’s eyes

riveted into hers, his hands griping her

shoulders in an effort to concentrate, and to

hide his shaking hands from Leah.

“I think this baby is about to be born. Can you

get my bag from the suitcase?” Mulder nodded, he

knew which bag she meant. “You going to be

okay?” Scully drew in a deep breath. “Yeah I’ll

be fine, just get the bag.”

Mulder passed Beechy on the stairs. “Your wife

ever delivered a baby before?” Mulder nodded.

“Once and she has had some medical training.”

Then he added, “Don’t worry they’ll all be fine.”

Scully came out and asked Mary to get her one of

Leah’s heavy white cooking aprons and some

linens and towels. She had Becky put the on

coffeepot. It looked like they would need some

before the night was through. She let Obadiah in

for a few minutes to see his mother but then

shooed everyone out except for Beechy.

Scully approached Leah and spoke quietly. “I’m

going to check you, if that’s all right. I need

to know how far you’re dilated.”

Leah nodded, biting her bottom lip as another

contraction began. As it waned, she positioned

her hips and asked, “How do you know how to do


“I’ve had some training, and I’ve delivered a

baby or two. Don’t worry, you’re going to do

just fine.”

Scully went to the basin and rinsed her hands.

“Well, I hope you’re ready to meet your son or

daughter, because you are at an eight, and almost

fully effaced. That means we don’t have much

time. Have you been laboring all day?”

“I think so, I just wanted to wait until I was a

little farther along before I went to the clinic.

The others took much longer, I thought I had


Upstairs the older children were holding a prayer

vigil. Obadiah and Beechy were sitting in the

stairwell, waiting.

Mulder returned with her bag, he crossed through

the doorway as Leah screamed, a contraction

ripping through her. Mulder paled around the

mouth. “What else do you need?”

“Take my scissors and have one of the girls put

them in a pot of boiling water for ten minutes,

have her put another pot on and boil a few strips

of cloth, anything, as long as its white. When

the scissors are done have them take them out

with tongs, not touching the blade and wrap them

in a cloth they boiled. Then bring them back to

me. Have one of them bring me lots of towels,

some string, and the baby blankets that Leah was

working on.

Mulder turned to go back up the stairs, barking

orders as he went. She could hear feet flying

about, doing as he commanded.

Leah groaned through the end of another

contraction. “Your husband can give orders.” She

laughed weakly, then sucked her breath in through

her teeth as another one hit. They were coming

incredibly close, Scully knew she didn’t have

much time left.

“Leah, I need to check you again, and yes, he

does give orders well.”

On the stairwell, Leah’s screams were upsetting

Obadiah. “Mary.” Beechy called out.

Mary approaches the stairwell. “Yeah Poppa?”

“Take your brother here and get him some food.

You might as well start breakfast. I don’t think

any of us are going to be gettin’ anymore sleep.”

Mary took Obadiah by the hand and led him up to

the kitchen.

Back in the basement, Scully had Leah’s shoulders

propped up with pillows, allowing gravity to give

them a hand. Both of the women were drenched with


“Ok, here we go, one more good push and you’re

there. Ready? Push! Push Leah! Good, just like

that, keep going….” Scully guided the head,

then tilted the baby’s body to free the

shoulders. “Stop pushing! Just breathe…” The

rest of the baby slid free, followed by blood and

remaining fluid. Scully swept the newborn’s mouth

assuring that the airway was clear, then wrapped

the infant in a blanket. Holding the bundle in

one hand, she quickly applied the hemostats she

had at the ready to two sections of the cord.

Making the cut, she handed the baby to Leah.

“It’s a girl.” At that, the baby began to cry. —

When Mulder couldn’t stand it any longer he went

outside. He had spent an hour walking up and down

the long lane in the pale moonlight with Buster

as his constant companion. Finally, Mary

appeared at the door. “Mr. Mulder, come quick!”

Mulder and Buster raced up the lane and into the

house. Leaving his new friend at the door, he

raced down to the basement. He opened the door to

the bedroom to find a crowd gathered around the

bed. He could hear faint snuffling and a soft

cry. Scully appeared from between the Beechy

children. Her hair was plastered to her face and

neck. The apron she had on was covered in blood,

saturating the nightgown beneath it. Her face was

covered in tear tracks, sweat and a large

exhausted smile.

Mulder opened his arms and she fell into them. He

put his chin on her head and rubbed her back.

“Looks like you two managed just fine.”

The older kids cleared out leaving Obadiah and

Beechy with Leah. Scully led Mulder over to the

bed as a very exhausted Leah showed him her baby.

“It’s a girl.” She croaked out. The baby had fine

red hair and deep dark eyes. Obadiah was sitting

by his mother pulling back the baby blanket to

see his new sister. Leah softly asked, “Obadiah.

What do you think we should name her?”

The little boy looked up at his friend. “I wanna

name her Hannah.” Beechy and Leah both nodded at


Mulder grabbed her around the waist as the tears

began to fall down her face. “Come on. You need

to lie down before you fall down.” He took her by

the hand and led her out of the room.

Mary had thoughtfully run a warm bathtub of water

for Scully, which she gratefully accepted. Scully

slid under the water and would have fallen

asleep if it had not been for Mulder finding her.

The only nightgown she had brought was ruined.

Mulder gave her one of his white tee shirts to

slip on.

Mulder thought for a moment he was going to have

to carry her downstairs to their bed but she

managed to get there on her own. Scully crawled

under the quilts and immediately fell asleep.

Mulder lingered a few minutes longer reviewing

the events of the past few days. He had dragged

her out on what was turning out to be a wild cow

chase. She had to cook and clean and deliver a

baby and for what? Out of loyalty to him. That’s

what it boiled down to. No matter the case, the

heinous crimes being committed, the wrongs that

needed righting, in the end she did it because

she loved him. The occasional chance to prove him

wrong was just icing on the cake for her, he was


Beechy and the boys didn’t go to the fields that

day. They worked around the barn. The doctor

finally arrived to pronounce everyone was fine.

Saturday August 10

Later that afternoon Scully finally awoke. She

felt slightly disoriented, the events of the last

few days had all run together in her mind. She

got out of bed and dressed. Coming out of the

bathroom she met Mulder. “I was just coming to

check on you.” Scully yawned. “What’s going on?”

Mulder leaned against the stair railing. “The

doctor was here, everyone’s fine.”

“That’s good.” Scully nodded as she started down

the stairs.

Mulder grabbed her wrist. “You hungry?” Scully

leaned over the railing. “I need some coffee

first then eat.” Mulder didn’t release her wrist

but stepped around the railing behind her. “Let’s

go out for dinner.”

Scully leaned back into him. “Where would we go?”

Mulder placed his hand on her back and began

walking downstairs. “Ferns.”

“Great!” Scully replied. “I don’t have to cook.”

“I know!” Mulder laughed.

Beechy sent the family to Fern’s for supper. The

boys hitched Pat and Star to the buggy and off

they all went. Mary promised Beechy she would

bring supper back for him and Leah. The ride to

the diner was a happy one with the kids all

chatting about the newest member of their

family. Mulder and Scully sat in the back of the

buggy taking it all in.

The moment they got to Fern’s the older kids went

off to sit with their friends and tell them the

good news. Mulder and Scully sat at a small

table with Obadiah. Soon heaping plates of

chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes and buttered

homemade bread was set in front of them. Mary

came over and told Scully that they would be

going home with their friends but she would drop

her folks supper off first.

Obadiah was table-hopping, telling the family

friends about his new sister. Scully was well fed

and for once, thanks to the air conditioner,

cool. She sipped her coffee while Mulder ate a

large piece of German Chocolate pie. She knew

they hadn’t solved the case and it began to look

like they wouldn’t, but she had learned so much

in the past week about the Amish, about family,

about Mulder and best of all about herself.

Obadiah came over to their table and Scully

lifted him up onto her lap. He hugged her around

the neck and she hugged him back. He was so

honest with his emotions, she thought she could

learn something from this small boy.

Mulder paid the bill and unhitched the team from

the post. He had learned to handle the buggy

well enough to suggest they take a ride through

the countryside. Scully stepped up into the

buggy, instead of sitting in the back seat

Obadiah crawled over the seat to sit next to

her. Mulder got in the buggy and looked down at

the kid sitting next to him. He had always

worried Scully would lose her heart to another

man, he just thought he would be over eight years


Mulder slapped the reins and Pat and Star headed

down State Road 5. The buggy turned the next

corner and went past the crime scene but Mulder

didn’t stop. There was no use in looking for

what wasn’t there. It was time to make some

decisions about the things they had seen, and go


They passed a white farmhouse with kerosene lamps

hung in the windows. Children played outside near

a large family garden. The buggy had just passed

the next crossroad when a car roared up behind

them and pulled around them close enough to scare

the horses. Mulder managed to bring them under

control while the car left clouds of dust in the

loose gravel as it drove off.

As the dust was clearing Mulder saw the car

headed for them. It skidded to a stop in front of

them, blocking the road. The horses reared up

but once again Mulder was able to handle them.

The car door swung open and out stepped a man.

Mulder sized him up and figured he was about 5′

8″ tall, maybe 160 pounds and late twenties. He

had on jeans and a work shirt from a garage, with

the name ‘John’ on the pocket, and a large buck

knife strapped to his leg. Mulder glanced at

Scully and went for his gun, but he hadn’t been

carrying it undercover.

Another man close in build to the first got out

of the other side of the car. He walked up to

Scully’s side and leaned in the buggy, leering at

Scully and said, “Howdy folks.” John just stood

next to the car and watched his friend.

“Hello.” Mulder replied as he glanced over to

Scully and Obadiah. The boy looked scared.

“You folks know you was in our way?”

“We’re sorry.” Scully said.

“That don’t cut it!” The guy snapped.

John let out a harsh bark of laughter. “You tell

’em, Ray.”

Mulder was getting pissed. “We pay our taxes, we

have every right to use this road.”

Ray ran his fingers over Scully’s hand and said,

“I don’t give a fuck what you’re rights are, you

was in our way!”

John began to laugh, but made no move to leave

his position, leaning against the car. Mulder

looked around for any possible help but all he

saw was wheat to the left and cows in the pasture

on the right. The road was narrow with no houses

on it.

Ray grabbed Scully’s hand, an ugly look

blanketing his features. “Hey bitch, is it true

that you girls don’t wear anything under those


Mulder went from angry to blind fury in a flash.

He knew Scully was in danger, and turned to leap

from the buggy. As his feet hit the ground, John

was there and took a swing. His fist connected

with Mulder’s right cheek, knocking him into the

side of the buggy.

Before he could recover, John shoved him to the

gravel road, kicking him in the ribs as he hit

the ground. The wind hopelessly knocked out of

him, and dazed from the beating, Mulder lie in

the dirt. John then turned his attention to Ray,

who had pulled Scully from the buggy and was now

struggling with her.

Scully fought her captor blindly, thinking only

of getting to Mulder before the other man beat

him to death. She screamed his name, placing a

few stragetic kicks but was unable to free

herself. When she saw John come around the buggy,

she knew this was it.

Obadiah had witnessed the struggle and began to

cry. Both men had Scully now. She was fighting

them off as best she could. But she was rapidly

losing ground, as they began to drag her toward

their car. She looked over her shoulder and

screamed to the boy, “Run! Obadiah, run!”

The boy clamored out of the back of the buggy and

started to run when he realized where they were

taking his friend. He came to a stop, turned and

ran toward the fence.

Mulder had managed to get to his feet by

supporting himself on the buggy wheel. With his

eye swollen shut and fire in his ribs, he

struggled to a standing position intent on

getting to Scully before the men left with her.

Obadiah made it to the fence where the cows were

grazing and looked at them. Suddenly Mulder saw a

large Holstein rise up and fly toward the car. He

yelled, “Scully get down!” Scully managed to

twist out of the grasp of the men and fall to the

gravel road just as the cow slammed into the


I would laugh, if it didn’t hurt so much, Mulder

thought. The unsuspecting bovine missile took out

both men with one shot. Squashed up against the

car, grabby hands Ray was out cold, falling like

a sack of rocks to the ground. John, who used

Mulder’s ribcage for field goal practice was not

so lucky. He also lie on the road, next to his

prone companion but he was still conscious.

Judging from the moaning and blubbering he was

doing, John was severely injured. Mulder looked

over at Obadiah. “You did good kid.” He said as

he allowed himself to slide to the ground.

Scully found some rope and duct tape in the trunk

and tightly bound both men and left them sitting

beside the car. She helped Mulder back into the

buggy and he managed to get them back to Fern’s

where they called the police.

Within minutes the Lagrange County sheriffs

department was on scene. It turned out both men

were wanted on outstanding felony warrants and

they were suspected in the rapes of six Amish

woman over the past year. Mulder was being

checked out by an EMS technician, refusing

transport. Scully was full of abrasions from the

gravel but she too signed off.

Jacob Yoder came by and took the buggy home while

Mulder and Scully made their statements. Scully

saw Mulder take an Indiana State Police

detective aside and talk to him. He pulled out

his wallet. She was positive his FBI ID had just

been flashed. He pointed over to her. The

detective glanced her way and nodded. The two men

talked a few more minutes and then Mulder patted

him on the back and hobbled over to the rear of

the EMS where she sat with Obadiah. “Come on you

two. We’re getting a lift home.” Mulder took

Scully by the elbow while she held Obadiah’s


The State Police cruiser pulled up in front of

the Beechy home, the agents exited slowly,

mindful of their injuries. Obadiah was unusually

quiet, being overwhelmed by both the incident and

getting his first ride in a car.

Mulder leaned back in and thanked the officer,

shaking his hand before shutting the car door.

Beechy was standing on the porch. Obadiah ran to

his father, jumped into his arms and looked back

at Mulder and Scully. The boy’s face was filled

with concern as he watched Mulder limp up the

porch steps supported by Scully.

Beechy held the door open then followed them in

to the living room, still holding his son. Scully

led Mulder to the couch where she helped him

lower to sit, groaning all the way down. Scully

sat down gingerly next to him. Both agents were

dirty and bandaged. They sat there with their

shoulders slumped.

Beechy sat down across from them. Obadiah

immediately crawled off his father’s lap and

began playing with his toys. Beechy spoke first.

“I heard what happened.”

Mulder nodded. “Did you hear how it ended?”

“They said a cow trampled those two.”

“Not exactly. The cow flew through the air,

pinning them against the car.” Mulder said

lowering his voice.

“Who knows what might have happened if it

hadn’t.” Scully glanced over at Mulder, taking

his hand and gently squeezing it.

“Flying cows! Cows can’t fly. That’s utter


“They do with help from your son.” Mulder looked

into Beechy’s eyes.

“My son, Obadiah? What’s he got to do with this?”

“I’m not exactly sure but I do know he can

levitate cattle, Agen… Hannah has witnessed it

too.” Obadiah sat on the floor playing with his

set of farm animals oblivious to what was going

on around him.

“It’s true, sir.” Scully lifted her head to look

at Beechy.

“This is crazy! Ain’t no man nor child that can

do that!” Beechy was becoming exasperated.

“Obadiah can.” The voice came from Leah who had

slowly crept up stairs. All eyes turned to look

at her except for Obadiah’s who was lost in his

own world. Scully got up and helped Leah to a

chair. Beechy stared at his wife in disbelief.

“Why do you speak such nonsense, woman?”

“Because it’s true.” Leah said as she sat down in

the chair, looking intently at her husband.

Scully returned to her place next to Mulder.

Leah went on to explain. “Beechy, it runs in my

family. I heard tell of my poppa having the

gift, but it skips generations. It only shows up

in boys about Obadiah’s age and only last one

growing season. I was relieved when David and

Samuel didn’t show any signs of this ability.”

She sighed, “Then Obadiah came along and I didn’t

know what to do.”

Obadiah left his toys and moved over to stand

beside his mother. “I’m sorry Momma.” His large

eyes watching her closely for the disapproval he

feared he would find.

Leah hugged the small boy to her, relieving his

anxieties with a soft smile. “It’s okay son.”

Scully spoke up. “Obadiah, come here.” The boy

walked over and stood before Scully. She took his

hands. “You saved my life and helped the police

catch two very bad men.” She brushed the hair out

of his eyes.

He smiled up at her. “Hannah, they were gonna

take you ‘way like Thomas. I miss Thomas.”

“I know you do.” Scully kissed his head and

hugged him. “But you mustn’t make the cows float

again, okay? I would be very sad if you were

hurt. Promise me?”

Obadiah looked her in the eyes. “Okay Hannah, I


Beechy looked at Leah. Leah smiled at him and

said, “Beechy it’s called Ovan Akta.”

Mulder looked at her nodding his head and said,

“Swedish for Unusual gift.” Scully turned a

raised eyebrow to him.

Later that night Mulder and Scully lay in their

bed. Scully was on her side with her head propped

up on her hand playing with the tape that

covered Mulder’s bruised ribs. Mulder was lying

flat on his back with a hand resting on his

stomach. “Mulder, how did you know what Ovan

Akta meant?”

“I’ve read about it. Ovan Akta was mentioned in

an article on Jacob Ammon, founder of the Amish.

See, most of the Amish are originally from

Sweden. They formed when the church split into

the Amish and the Mennonites, depending on whom

they followed. I just didn’t know what the

‘unusual gift’ was until now.

Scully sighed. “So what do we do now?”

Mulder took her hand in his. “We head back to

D.C. tomorrow.”

“And what about Obadiah?”

“You heard Leah, it only lasts one growing

season, and this season will be over soon.”

Scully laid her head on the soft pillow of

Mulder’s arm. “I just wish I could do more,” she


Mulder ran his hand down her arm. “You will.” He

kissed her head. “I have faith in you.” Mulder

reached over to turn out the oil lamp.

Sunday Aug 11th

The next morning found Mulder and Scully up and

packed. Mulder told Beechy of their intention to

return to Pennsylvania. Beechy had David hitch

up the team to take them to the bus stop.

Scully carried a suitcase outside and sat it on

the ground. She turned, squinting at the bright

sun, taking a long look at the houses. She closed

her eyes briefly, then reentered the house. She

followed the stairs up to the master bedroom,

softly knocking on the door. Leah called to her,

and she opened the door to find Obadiah sitting

with his mother. They were looking at the baby

Leah held in her arms. Leah looked up at Scully,

“Beechy tells me you’re leaving.”

“Yes. We’re needed back home.” Scully trailed a

finger softly down the baby’s cheek, memorizing

her tiny features.

“I’ll miss you Hannah, but I think there’s

someone here who will miss you even more.”

Obadiah climbed off the bed and ran around it to

hug Scully. She bent down and held the small boy

tightly to her as tears washed over her face.

She pushed him back and looked at him, letting

out a tear choked giggle. Mulder and Beechy came

in. Scully stood up and patted Obadiah’s head.

“How do you spell cow?”

“C-O-W, cows!” The boy piped up.

“And dog?”

“D-O-G, dog!” He grinned at her.

Mulder smiled at Scully as she pulled a small

card out of her pocket. She wiped her eyes on her

sleeve and laughed in embarrassment. She handed

the card to Leah as she sat down on the edge of

the bed. “Leah, this card is from a friend of

mine, Dana Scully.”

Mulder stared at her wide-eyed, but said nothing

as Scully continued. “She works for the FBI in

Washington, D.C. She is going to find a school

here that will give Obadiah the attention he


Beechy moved over to the bed to look at the card

that Leah held in her hand. Scully ran her tongue

across her bottom lip. “He isn’t slow Beechy. He

has a learning disability. My guess is he could

be helped and then placed back into your school

system with the other kids.”

Leah called her son over. “Hear that Obadiah, you

might get to go to school after all.”

The boys’ face lit up, “Really Momma?”

Scully leaned down and ran her fingers over the

baby’s downy-soft head. “You take care of little

Hannah here.”

“Oh we will.” Leah smiled. —

Beechy and Obadiah accompanied Mulder and Scully

to the buggy that would take them back to

Shipshewana. Scully put her purse on the back

seat and turned to Obadiah. She squatted down and

held out her arms. The boy ran to her. “I’m

gonna miss you!” she softly said, kissing the

small boy on the cheek.

“Me too.” Obadiah smiled at her.

Scully took his face into her hands. “I’m going

to write to your momma and ask how you’re doing.”

“‘k” The boy grinned at her. She released him and

turned to climb into the buggy.

She looked out the side window, “And Obadiah, no

more flying cows.” She smiled.

“Okay, Hannah!” he yelled back to her as he

turned to run barefooted down the cow path with

Buster at his side.

Mulder thrust out his hand. “Beechy.”

Beechy grasp Mulder hand and arm. “Mulder, it’s

been nice having you here.”

“Sorry about the team.” Mulder grinned


“That’s okay. I have the cleanest bean field in

the county now.” Beechy laughed.

Mulder stepped up into the buggy and sat down

next to Scully. David climbed in and took the

reins. Soon Pat and Star were headed down the

lane. Beechy waved from the front porch and then

turned to go into the house.

Scully took a kleenex out of her purse and

noisily blew her nose. Mulder started to laugh

but his ribs hurt too much.

David pulled into the parking lot at Yoder’s

Department store. He brought the horses to a stop

and got down to help Scully out of the buggy. He

gathered up their bags and sat them in a pile

near them. Mulder shook the boys hand and patted

him on the back. He then ran his hand over Star’s

slick back and patted the horse as she fell in

step with Pat. David waved as he started out the

parking lot.

Around the corner of the department store came an

Indiana State Police car. Scully got in the

cruiser while the trooper loaded their bags into

the trunk. Mulder moved around the car and pulled

the other rear door open. He gingerly sat down,

pulling his long legs in. They were soon on US

highway 20 headed to Michiana Regional airport in

South Bend. They both changed clothes in the

security room at the airport and boarded a flight

bound for D.C.


Two days later Special Agents Dana Scully and Fox

Mulder were seated before A.D. Walter Skinner in

his office. Skinner adjusted his glasses and

after scanning the last page of the agents

report, flipped it shut. “So you were able to

confirm that Federal Forestry Agent Joe Warren

was indeed killed by a cow?”

Mulder looked Skinner straight in the eyes. “Yes,


Skinner added. “And it would appear that you

apprehended two men behind a series of brutal

rapes in the Northeastern Indiana’s Amish


“Yes, sir,” Scully answered.

Skinner folded his hands together over the

report. “Good work agents.” Both agents nodded

and rose from their chairs to leave.

Scully had just stepped through the open door

when Skinner called out. “Oh, and Agent Mulder.”

Mulder turned. “Yes, sir?”

“Lose the beard.”

“Yes, sir.”

They continued down the hall. Scully smirked up

at her bearded partner. “Told you so.”

“He just suffers from follicle jealousy.”

~ The End ~

Notes: I live in the heart of Northeastern

Indiana’s Amish country and have always felt

there had to be an X File lurking there.

FoxfireX and myself were on a chat one night

acting silly when we came up with flying cows. (I

have always loved the cow scene from Rain King)

We did a little research on the Amish and their

traditions and wove them into the story. I hope

we have shown these gentle souls in a good light

and if not, no harm was intended. They are good

people who are true to their faith and not

sideshow amusements for tourist enjoyment. The

Asian beetle was a real threat. All the Amish

first and last names we used are real, but not

these particular individuals. The dogs’ and

horses’ names are also those chosen by Amish.

There is a new birthing center in Lagrange County

and haystack suppers really are held. The food is

all authentic Amish cuisine. Of course the X

File is fictional and as far as I know Amish cows

do not fly. To my partner in fanfiction FoxfireX,

as soon as you came in off the ledge and realized

we could do this, it turned into a widly fun

project. I can do the skeletal part of a story,

but it takes you to flesh it out and make it

readable, and you were the one to find that

wonderful title ‘Ovan Akta’ in your research. One

more thing, Fern’s does exist, and the noodles

are great! GG7

More Notes: We did it, Geeg! I’m really glad I

came in off that ledge to finish it, it was a

great ride. You have the ability to come up with

the greatest story ideas that are always tinged

with humor. The nights were sometimes long, but

it was worth it (even that night you suggested I

go out and paint one of my cows for the picture).

I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know

the Amish in more detail, they have facets to

their lives and faith that I would never have


Oh, and no cows were injured in the making of

this story. Although there should be a law about

injuring Mulder so often. FoxfireX

Send feedback to: FoxfireX_00@yahoo.com & Girlie_girl74@yahoo.com

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