Mulder’s Crock of Gold

‘Mulder’s Crock of Gold’

[Happy St. Patrick’s Day!]

By MairŽad

PG15 for language

[Mulder belongs to David Duchovny,

Chris carter and Fox and is only


here, with thanks, for a whim].

A Market Town in Ireland

Mulder had seen the end of the rainbow

earlier in the day. It beamed into a

cemetery which was dead centre in the

Irish town he was visiting. He had

been standing at the door of a hotel

opposite when he spotted it. He

went next door to a general store and

bought a spade at the time which he

carefully hid inside the cemetery gate.

The weather was very cold so there

were few outdoors.

Late that night he crept into the

graveyard and started to dig in the

spothe had marked earlier in the day.

He dug up a crock of gold which was

spilling over. The place he was digging

was lit up by floodlights from

thestreet nearby but still he was

confident he wouldn’t be seen. Having

stoppeddigging to take a breath leaning

on his spade he heard the sounds of

the cemetery gate being locked.

‘Now you are in trouble my good man’

a voice from nearby informed him

Turning Mulder spotted the Leprechaun

‘I was wondering when you would

show up’ he said testily.

‘And why wouldn’t I considering it is

my gold you are digging up!’ The

strange faery responded

‘Don’t give me that! Mulder growled

glaring at the little person in

front of him ‘Where did you get the

gold and if I am not mistaken you are

an alien from another world who could be

up to all sorts with this money.’

‘Alien my arse!!!’ the Leprechaun screamed jumping up and down in fury

at Mulder’s haughty words. ‘Prove it,

prove it he continued to scream and

if you can’t prove it I get to keep my


Mulder raised his head laughing ‘now I

have you, double the gold horde if

you lose. I have years of experience finding

aliens and you will be my proof!!!’

‘Come here’ he said grabbing the

leprechaun by the scruff of the neck.

Quickly removing a flick knife from his

trousers pocket he pricked the

Leprechaun’s skin on his fisted hand.

Green blood started to seep from

the cut much to Mulder’s satisfaction.

‘Ha I knew it. You are an alien there

is no doubt of that’

‘Alien my arse!’ the Leprechaun repeated spitting bile at Mulder’s feet.

‘Ask anyone in Ireland and they will

tell you Leprechauns have green

blood. Why do you think they turn the

beer green on St. Patrick’s Day if not

to honour us. You have lost your bet

young man’ and with that the Leprechaun

disappeared with the gold. Not because

Mulder had lost the bet but because

he had forgotten he should not take

his eyes off the Leprechaun even

for amoment.

Mulder sank to the ground shaking his

head in frustration. Not only had he

lost untold riches he was alone in a

locked graveyard with a dug up grave

and a spade in his hand and would have

to answer some awkward questions once

released. Getting up he stumbled to

the gate and started to shout for help.



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