Underneath the Stars


Underneath the Stars

Written by: Erin M. Blair

Mulder smiled to himself as he led Scully to their bench at the Lincoln

Memorial. “We hardly come here anymore. I’ve been missing it.”

“I know the feeling, Mulder. Why now? Why so late? It’s almost ten o’clock

at night.”

He put his hands in his pockets and felt the lining of his trench coat. Then,

he felt a gust of wind blow open his jacket. It was nippy from being outside

in early March. He was shivering underneath his clothes. “I don’t know. I

guess I miss being here with you.”


“Do you need anything to warm you up?” He asked, tempted to gather

her in his arms. He wanted to show her off like a prized painting because she

deserved to hear everything.

Not until they flush out the Consortium.

Until that moment comes, he was sharing this beautiful night with Scully.

They both looked up to see the only light coming from the stars, it looked as

though they were watching over them..

“I only want you, Mulder.”


“I only want you to keep me warm.”


“And thanks for bringing me here. I believe your sister is smiling at us.”

He smiled through his sudden tears. “You remembered.”

She nodded. “Yes. How these stars are old souls looking for new homes. It

described them perfectly. I’d never thought of them that way. When we read

her diary and found what happened to her, I believe she’s watching us, even

guiding us to search for the truth. No matter how sad; no matter how painful

and no matter how happy – she is watching us.”

“Thank you.” he slipped his hand around hers.

“I have to believe that.”

Her words touched him and nodded. “I know. I believe the same thing,



The End

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