Zany Costume

TITLE: Zany Costume

AUTHOR: Erin M. Blair


FEEDBACK: Yes, please.

DISTRIBUTION: VS14 for a couple of weeks, then to

Gossamer, Ephemeral, and the mailing lists!


CATEGORIES: SRA — Story, Romance, Angst.

KEYWORDS: Mulder/Scully Romance.

SPOILERS: Up to Je Souhaite; VS12 Displacement; various

VS spoilers. Nothing too major…

DISCLAIMER: Mulder, Scully, and Margaret Scully belong to

Chris Carter.

SUMMARY: Scully confides to her mother about Mulder’s desire

to wear a strip club dress outfit for Halloween. Mulder and

Scully get steamy…

NOTES: Special thanks to Dev for beta reading this one. I know

it took me long enough… 🙂 I was inspired by reading one of

FatCat’s steamy stories with Donnilee and I thought just the

*idea* of Mulder wearing a strip club dancer outfit for

Halloween would be like…

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Zany Costume

Written by: Erin Blair

“Mom, Mulder’s crazy.”

“Dana, you don’t mean to say that your partner -”

“I told him about the Halloween party that one of our co-

workers is holding in the cafeteria. And he picks out this crazy

outfit – ”

“It’s for Halloween,” Maggie said, frowning. “What’s so crazy

about that?”

“We have a case that we’re dealing with for the past few weeks.

I can’t go into details, but we have to go to court about the

evidence in a different case on that day. He said he’s going to

wear that to court!”

Maggie sighed. Now she understood why her daughter was

upset about Mulder’s idea of wearing the costume her daughter

was holding up her partner’s black tear away pants, cuffs, and

red bow tie. There was no shirt in the ensemble. “He is going to

pretend that he’s a strip club dancer?”

“Oh, yes.”

“A strip club dancer? Dana, I think this might be great for you.”


“He obviously loves you enough to show you a very good time.”

“Mom, we have court that day! He can’t wear that there!” Her

face reddened while she continued to picture it in her mind. “No

matter how much I think he would be the hottest man there – it

just won’t look good to the outside world.”

“How so?”

“Mom, don’t tease me.”

“I’m not, honey. People would be dressing up in costumes,

probably even zanier than what Fox would be wearing. It’s

Halloween, for goodness sakes!” She paused. “Think of all the

possibilities of this costume, Dana. It would be great for um,

some interesting positions.”


“Dana, I’m just trying to help.” Maggie turned around and saw

Mulder standing there in the doorway, smirking at both of


“How long have you been standing there, Mulder?”

“For fifteen minutes, Scully.”

“Oh, my God! You heard practically everything,” Scully said,

blushing. This conversation has been a sort of embarrassment

over details about her sex life with Mulder. Scully didn’t want to

discuss the big “it” with her mother and then finding out that

Mulder had heard the whole thing. Her face simply flushed

again like a red tomato and her eyes gazed at Mulder.

“Well, it’s certainly a revelation that Maggie thinks that this,” he

pointed to the costume, “would be helpful to our sex life,


Scully sighed. She never was fond of revealing private details

about herself with anyone, but she has been opening herself up

like a book to Mulder and by extension, her mother. “I can

imagine what sexual positions that I want to do to you,


Mulder smiled. He loved it when he caught Scully in an

embarrassing proposition, which usually led to a blissful night

with just the two of them. “Oh, really?”

Scully nodded seductively. She smiled at him and thought of

that negligee that she bought. “I need to get you alone, G-Man.

I love it when we’re together. Like last week.” Oh yes, last

week was a fun-filled lustful night of relaxation and making love

until the early morning sunrise. Her memory of the skin-to-skin

contact between the sheets came back, giving her a wonderful


Mulder laughed nervously. He had an idea what Scully was up

to, but decided not to let on that he knows anything about it.

“Um, Scully, your mother’s still here. I don’t think…we should

do that now.”

“I’ll leave you two alone now,” Maggie said with a knowing


Scully hug her mother. “I’ll talk to you later, Mom.”

“Take care of yourself, Dana. I want details of your adventures

with Fox.”

Scully whispered in her mother’s ear and nodded. “I will.” With

that, she watched her leave the apartment and turned towards

to Mulder.

“Are you planning something, Scully?”

“Um, no.”

“You’re a bad liar.”

“Mulder… Mom wanted us to be alone together. She thinks

we’re too busy with cases.”


“And we should do something about that, don’t you think?”

Scully asked, purring like a tigress wanting to get together with

her mate.

“I think we should,” Mulder agreed.


The End

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