My Favorite Moment

My Favorite Moment

Author: Waddles 52

Category: MSR

Rating: PG 13

Summary: Mulder and Scully try to have a normal Valentine’s Day.

Disclaimer: Okay, I think we all know the drill by now. The only thing I get out of writing

these fics is a sore back and a feeling of accomplishment, neither of which will make a profit

for me.

Archives: Exclusive to VS 15 for two weeks. After that it is available to archive. Please let

me know first. Okay?

Author’s Notes: Apologies to those of you in Winston-Salem and surrounding areas. After

doing some research, I know that the hockey team plays in a different building. I needed

an ice rink under the floor for a certain scene in my fic, so I took creative license and

changed things around a bit. Your city seems very nice and who knows, maybe I’ll end up

there for a concert myself one of these days. Stranger things have happened.

February 13th—–Basement Office

“I really hope that’s a new assignment you have in your hand.” Their office had been dead

for the past few weeks and Scully was so eager to get back into fieldwork that she’d even

settle for a real field, crop circles included.

“Sorry, Scully.” Mulder immediately noticed her disappointment. “Skinner had something

else in mind for us,” he grinned, waving the paper in his right hand.

“Don’t tell me. He’s going to send us to the archives to look for misfiled reports and we’ll

never be seen or heard from again.”

“Well, he doesn’t want to see us for a few days but he isn’t punishing us. These papers are

our tickets to freedom, at least until the 18th when our bright and shining faces are

expected in Skinner’s office at 8AM sharp.”

Scully looked confused.

“Grab your coat and briefcase and I’ll explain it on the way home.”

Mulder hefted a suitcase onto their bed and opened it. Scully began to carefully pack some

of her items. When she was satisfied with their placement she turned to face her partner,

her arms crossed on her chest. “All right, Mulder. You’ve kept me in suspense long

enough. I know that Skinner gave us some comp time and that we’re going out of town,

but I need to know whether to pack your long underwear or your Speedo. Where are we


He sat at on the foot of the bed and gently pulled her down to sit beside him. “I know that

you don’t particularly care for men painted blue after the last Modell case.” Mulder paused

as he thought of an even more unpleasant memory from that time.

“Putting that aside, I thought you might enjoy seeing some men painted in a different

shade of blue who are very much alive. I managed to score two third row seats to see the

Blue Man Group,” the tall, lanky man announced, looking very pleased with himself.

“Are you kidding? I thought they were here last night.” Scully was still a bit confused

about all of Mulder’s plans. Since their job required them to be on call essentially 24/7 it

was difficult to make plans too far ahead which made it next to impossible to get good

seating to events at the last minute.

“They were. We’re going to see them tomorrow evening in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

We’ll be leaving pretty early in the morning for the drive down and after the concert I

thought I could try to make-up for all of the Valentine’s days we’ve had to work . . .”

“Or the ones you spent in the hospital,” Scully interjected.

“Especially those. I thought we could leave the Twin Cities sometime Friday morning and

head to the beach for a day or two. Even though it’s still a bit too cool to swim, I figured we

might enjoy a few walks on the beach. On Sunday morning we won’t be able to sleep in.

Instead we’ll eat a nice breakfast and drive back at a leisurely pace.”

“That sounds wonderful, Mulder. I think the Blue Man Group will be a great way to take our

minds off work, or the lack thereof, and the other things you have planned sound pretty


“Great. I’m glad that you like what I’ve planned so far.”

Scully gave her partner a quick peck on the cheek and hopped off the bed to make her way

back to the dresser. “So, it’ll be too cold for the Speedo?”

“Um, I don’t think I’d want to wear it to the beach but I’ll be glad to model it for you in our


“Works for me.” She threw her favorite red Speedo into the suitcase.

Mulder decided it was time to get busy too. Although, he’d rather watch his love pack or

better yet, try to distract her from the job, he remembered that he still needed to reserve

some rooms for their Valentine getaway. He’d finalized the ticket purchase online last night

and found himself holding his breath as he waited for a reply from AD Skinner about some

comp time they had coming to them. Thank goodness he hadn’t had time to get grouchy

and signed off on the forms right away. Now, he hoped to come up with something very

nice in the way of lodgings for Scully

Scully had been curious about Mulder’s Wal-Mart purchase for a great deal of time on the

trip to North Carolina. Although her handsome partner wasn’t against saving money on

every day items, it wasn’t the type of store that he normally frequented. So it had been a

niggling thought ever since he put the bag in the trunk of the car early this morning.

“Hey, Scully, is that map handy?”

“Sure thing, Mulder.” She looked up in time to notice that they were getting close to their

destination and it was rush hour. She’d have to put her earlier thoughts away and put all of

her concentration into navigating the heavy traffic.

The Winston-Salem entertainment-sports complex was a lot larger than either of the agents

expected. Instead of one large building, there were several different venues along with

quite a few large parking lots. Fortunately, several signs pointed them in the right


Mulder smiled to himself. He had a big surprise for Scully and he couldn’t wait to see her


“We’re pretty early for a change, Mulder. Are we going to grab a fast-food dinner or wait

until we get to the motel and order something?”

“I’m kind of hungry right now. All that driving really gave me a huge appetite and it just so

happens that I made reservations at a really nice place.” He pointed to the Coliseum.

“I didn’t know that concession stands took reservations or had valet parking for that

matter.” Scully marveled as they pulled in front of the coliseum and stopped at the valet

parking stand.

Mulder showed one of the attendants his confirmation letter and handed over his keys.

Another attendant opened the door for Scully and before she could figure out what was

going on they were ushered into the Windsor Club.

“Happy Valentines Day, Dana,” Mulder whispered as they were seated at a table for two. “I

hope you don’t mind but I had to give your menu choices when I made the reservation. I

didn’t want to spoil the surprise.”

“Mulder, you know that I trust you with my life . . .” she trailed off and took a sip of water.

“But, not with your food. Ouch! Scully, that hurts!” He moved to wipe a fake tear from his

left eye but wound up laughing instead.

Their waiter came to take their wine order and refill their water glasses. Soon he was back

with their appetizer, a creamed soup with toasted bread.

“Mmm. It smells heavenly,” Scully observed and took a tentative spoonful. “And it tastes

just as nice. I love creamed onion soup.”

Their very attentive waiter brought the next course when they had finished their soup. A

Caesar salad was put in front of Scully. Mulder dug into his house salad as quickly as he

could. “I wasn’t kidding when I said I was hungry,” he explained when he noted the

amused look on Scully’s face.

Their waiter brought their wine then took their empty salad plates. Shortly thereafter, their

entrées and vegetables arrived.

Mulder held his breath. His entrée and vegetable choice for Scully would make or break this


“Mulder, you did good. This is delicious.”

Her partner had chosen a Pistachio Crusted Chicken Breast along with asparagus and a

Mushroom Risotto.

“Mine is great too.” Mulder had opted for a 10 oz. Prime Rib with a Twice-Baked potato and


“Here’s to your wonderful idea for this getaway and the Valentine dinner.” She raised her

glass to him.

“You are quite welcome. For dessert, I ordered one of each so we could share.”

That was very thoughtful of you. I wonder if the motel has a fitness room? I may need to

work some of this off tonight.”

“You know, I’m not really sure what it has. I had trouble finding what I wanted and finally

had to settle on something even the F.B.I. per diem would cover. I really tried to find

something nicer but I guess a lot of people decided to eat in a hotel restaurant and just

spend the night there. I promise that the accommodations will be much better for the rest

of the trip.”

After dinner, the couple made plans to meet on the concourse. Scully visited the powder

room while Mulder said he had to get something from the car.

Scully beat her partner to the concourse and began to look over the assortment of Blue Man

Group products for sale. When she felt a tap on her shoulder she turned to greet her other

half and his Wal-Mart bag.

“I’ve been wondering off and on all day just what you have in that bag.”

“Well, wonder no more, M’Lady. Tada!” He pulled two matching blue, vinyl ponchos from

the bag and handed her one.

Scully reached for the plastic-wrapped package, a puzzled look on her face.

“Our seats are pretty close to the front and I thought it would be less expensive to get them

at Wal-Mart. I should arrest these guys for highway robbery.” He pointed to the very

expensive ponchos for sale along with the over-priced t-shirts, programs and posters.”

“But I don’t understand why we would need them in an indoor coliseum.

“You are familiar with the Blue Man Group?” Mulder questioned, trying very hard not to


“Of course I am. I’ve seen them on Leno and other shows on TV.”

“Since I don’t want to spoil the surprise just be sure to put it on right before the show


Scully couldn’t help chuckling as they left the coliseum. She pulled the wet, sticky poncho

gingerly over her head and deposited it in the nearest trashcan as Mulder did the same. “I

really had fun tonight. Thank you for arranging all of this.”

“It’s about time we had a semi-normal Valentines Day. Agreed?”

“Yes. I would like to make it a yearly thing, too. The dinner was very traditional and quite

delicious and while I wouldn’t normally associate the Blue Man Group with this particular

holiday, I’ll remember this night every time I see them.”

“I’m glad you had fun.” Mulder walked a step or two ahead to unlock the passenger door

for her. It was then that she noticed the extra-long piece of toilet paper stuck to the

bottom of his shoe.

When Mulder got behind the wheel, he too, noticed it and pulled it off and tossed it into the

back seat. They looked at each other and laughed out loud, remembering the rolls of toilet

paper streaming down from the ceiling during the finale.


“Eew! Mulder, why didn’t you ask for a non-smoking room?”

“I did! Hang loose. I’m going downstairs to the desk to get this straightened out.”

A few minutes later Mulder returned with a smallish box under his right arm. “All of the

non-smoking rooms are occupied. When we missed the 7 PM check-in deadline, they gave

our room to someone else. They have offered to upgrade us to a King Suite at no additional

charge. It’s still a smoking room but it hasn’t been occupied since Monday. It has a hot tub

and a high def, flat screen TV. It’s either that or go to another motel and take our


“What’s in the box?”

“They gave me a bunch of those air fresheners that look like real candles but run on

batteries. It won’t keep the smell out of our clothes but it might make the room a little

more bearable. So, do we stay or go?”

“It’s too late and I’m too tired to look for another motel. I say we take the upgrade and

turn on the air fresheners.”


Scully was sitting on the couch when Mulder brought in their luggage and the new key card,

which he threw on the counter.

As he put the suitcase down he could tell that she was very uncomfortable. “What’s


“I don’t know, Mulder. Maybe I’m coming down with something. All I know is that my feet

feel as if they are encased in a block of ice.”

Mulder knew exactly what she was talking about as his feet felt the same way. They were

both more susceptible to cold since their time in the Antarctic so many years before. He

went to the back corner of the room and turned on the hot tub, then came back to sit

beside his love. “Put your feet up here.” He motioned to his lap.

Scully quickly complied. Mulder removed her shoes and began to massage her feet. “You

know, there was a hockey rink under the floor at the coliseum. My feet are pretty cold too.

I’m going to rub your feet for a while to see if I can get your blood moving a bit. It might

warm you a little.”

“Mulderrr,” she purred. “I can guarantee you that if you continue to massage my feet

things will definitely get a lot warmer.”

“What do you say we try out that hot tub? I turned it on and I can already see the steam


“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” Hopefully, the steam wasn’t the only thing that was

rising. “Why don’t you get some of those candles going while I rustle us up some towels?”

“That sounds like a great idea.” Mulder got up and pulled the first candle from the box.

By the time Scully emerged from the bathroom clad only in a towel, Mulder had turned off

the room lights and turned on several candles. He’d also managed to get rid of his clothes

and get into the hot tub.

Scully sniffed the air. “Well, the air fresheners do seem to cover up most of the smoky


“And they add so much to the ambiance of the room,” he grinned and stood to help his

petite partner into the tub.

Scully smiled broadly as she dropped her towel. Mulder was wearing the red Speedos.

“Now, those really add to the ambiance of the room.”

The two F.B.I. agents sat down in the small hot tub and shared a passionate kiss. “I really

didn’t intend to leave the Speedo on for very long but I guess I can continue to wear them if

it pleases you so much.”

“Oh, I think they can be just as pleasing right here.” Scully helped him slip out of the swim

briefs then hung them over the side of the tub. “Much better!”

“Happy Valentines Day, Dana,” Mulder whispered as the redhead climbed into his lap and

put her arms tightly around him.

“And a Happy Valentines Day to you too. I really enjoyed myself today.”

“How are your feet?” The slender, dark-haired man brought her right foot out of the water

and kissed each toe.

“Oh, that really warmed me up. Could you work on the other one?”

“My pleasure.” Mulder repeated the process with her left foot. “What was your favorite part

of the day?”

“Well, the ride down was fun. I really enjoyed being able to chat about something other

than work and the CDs you brought were a nice mix of music we both enjoy.”

“Anything else?” Mulder traced her jaw line, sprinkling light kisses along one side and then

the other.

“Well, the surprise Valentine dinner was wonderful. You managed to pick dishes that I

really enjoy and the glass of wine was a nice touch.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I saw the details online when I got the tickets for the concert and

just barely made the deadline for reservations.”

“The Blue Man Group was hilarious. I had seen them on TV but had no idea that they got

that involved with the audience. It was fun and I didn’t mind getting pelted with

marshmallows and other odd things. Thanks for the poncho, by the way.”

Mulder chuckled softly. “All of those things were very nice but my favorite part of the day is

right now, with your arms around me.”

“It’s my favorite moment also.”

Their mouths met in another sensuous kiss. Eventually, Scully broke the kiss to get some

air. “How are your feet?”

“They are on fire just like the rest of my body.”

“Mine feel the same.”

After sharing several more molten-hot kisses Scully caught her breath and then spoke. “I’m

so hot that I think I should get out of this tub and dry off. Then I might watch some TV

while I wait for my vital signs to return to normal.”

“Want some company?”

“More than ever because you are really the one who made this day so special for me.”

“I love you so much, Scully. I wish life could always be this nice, stale cigarette smoke and

fake candles aside.”

Scully pitched her partner a towel and they both stood beside the bed as they dried off.

“I love you, Scully,” Mulder whispered as he picked her up and laid her on the bed.

“And I love you so very much, Mulder. I wish we could stay this way forever.”

“I can’t guarantee forever or even tomorrow if Skinner gets a wild hair and calls us back,

but we do have here and now and I suggest we make the most of it.”

“My sentiments exactly. Let’s seize the day and hope for many tomorrows.”

Mulder pushed Scully down into the mushy hotel mattress and began to make love to her.

“Mmm,” Scully mumbled. “I think this is my new favorite moment.”

Mulder grunted in agreement. Soon both agents were silent in the afterglow of their

favorite time.

The End.


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