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Bari Trasadi Introduction

In 1776, a handful of men stood up to tyranny and created a nation. To keep that nation intact,
brothers fought brothers and fathers sent their sons to death as the country was engulfed in a great Civil War starting in 1861. In 1941, millions of men and women rose and fought against a force hell-bent on conquering the world. Repeatedly throughout history, heroic Americans have answered the call of duty and been recognized for it.

While many are rightfully honored for their service, though, an even greater number go unnoticed behind the scenes. Their actions are often less overt than close combat, less obvious than surgical strikes or frontal assaults. Their subtle actions, that are sometimes simply part of their jobs, have an equal and perhaps greater impact on history than brunt force.

The X-files television show beautifully captured the idea of back-stage players, whatever side those players worked for. CGB Spender (aka “Cigarette Smoking Man”) and Alex Krycek were the most commonly seen agents of change whose impact was usually negative. The Consortium, a group of dark, mysterious, and powerful men, pulled the strings of history to control it like a puppet.

Meanwhile, they remained above the stage in the rafters, unseen to the audience and sometimes even to the heroes. But those heroes clung to their quest to find the truth. Mulder and Scully repeatedly risked life and limb to protect not only America, but also the world, from those who would do her harm. It was mostly a thankless job.

For nine additional seasons, the Virtual Season has attempted to hold true to the original show’s
format, and deliver convincing episodes to the readers. We have continued the mythology episodes and the Consortium conspiracy has evolved over the years. Now the CSM and Krycek are not the primary enemies, and now Mulder and Scully face a more powerful, more dangerous man, Strughold.

With the impending colonization of 2012 only two years away, Strughold amasses his forces and works in the dark to prepare humanity for enslavement. Meanwhile, Mulder and Scully continue their quest to halt his work and expose the conspiracy to the world.

Now, in our Season 16 Summer Blockbuster movie Bari Trasadi, the agents are sent to a warzone to save millions from impending death at the hands of enemies who have obtained a weapon of *complete* destruction. However, because of the nature of Pakistani-American relations, our heroes don’t have the luxury of working in the shadows. This time, the world is watching. But of course, they are not getting the whole story.

Whether you enjoy our Blockbuster on the Fourth of July or at another time, take a moment to think about the sacrifices that countless patriots before you have made in the spotlight or backstage to ensure the freedom you now experience…and then immerse yourself in the intense, thrilling, mysterious, and fascinating world that is the X-files.

–The VS Producers

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Bari Trasadi
AUTHOR: Starfleetofficer1
ARTWORK: Truthwebothknow1 & Starfleetofficer1
DISCLAIMER: Two weeks exclusive with VS16. No copyright infringement intended.
SPOILERS: Season 8-16 Mytharc
FEEDBACK: Should be addressed to
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully enter a war zone to investigate a weapon of possible
extraterrestrial origins.

P.S. After you’re done with Bari Trasadi, check out the sequel: Post Trasadi

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