Blockbuster Tintabulation


Tintabulation Introduction

Every television classic has enjoyed its own personal mythology: “Hill Street Blues”‘ Captain Furillo battled his bottle and Vegas CSI Rick Warrick the poker table; “Alias”‘ Sydney faced Shakespearean family issues that would send Dr. Phil screaming back to Oprah’s couch, while Buffy looked weekly into the gaping Hellmouth even as she grappled with adolescent angst. Earl has his list of petty sins to redress, the desperate housewives of Wisteria Lane their respective shopping and hit lists. Even in the future, Capt. Picard has his Borg to contend with, Commander Sisko his Cardassians, and Spock his periodic hormonal Vulcan rages.

But perhaps no TV saga has developed a mythology as complex, as convoluted, as richly labyrinthine and frustrating as the X-Files. Chris Carter created the backstory to end all backstories, and his brainchild invented the term “‘mytharc.” Carter’s mythology extends from the dawn of man’s existence to the year 2012 and, hopefully, beyond. At the center of it all is a collection of the world’s most brilliant and ruthless scientists, a cabal of powerful men who have struck a deal with the devil and are now scrambling to live up to its terms, a chain-smoking would-be novelist haunted by the nicotine-stained ghosts of his monstrous transgressions, an idealist outcast named Mulder on a quest to address — and redress — his childhood tragedy, and a brisk rationalist named Scully who has been sucked into and ultimately absorbed by Mulder’s quest.

Along the way, we have met the avuncular keeper of secrets Deep Throat and his menacing protégé Mr. X, the ill-fated ufologist Max Fenig, the mystical and miraculous Jeremiah, the furtive and flawed Michael Kritschgau, and Cassandra and Jeffrey Spender, a mother and son scorned and scornful and ultimately doomed. We have learned of a monstrous force buried deep in the Mediterranean, been privy to the invasion of Dana Scully, and have been left to puzzle the significance of cloned children, altered bees, and a young chess prodigy who may hold the key to it all. And, lurking in the shadows all the while were little grey men, hulking bounty hunters, and massive global conspiracies.

In one universe, the mythology began to twist and turn through tales of genetic supersoldiers, alien hybrids, a miraculous birth and a mother’s supreme sacrifice, and an epic war between interstellar forces set to culminate a year prior to my planned retirement (oh, crap). In this dimension, our knight was whisked into the heart of darkness and resurrected in messianic fashion, only to find himself and Scully on the perpetual (in the televisic sense) lam.

In another universe, the Virtual Season, Mulder and Scully continued to fight for the future under the FBI’s sanction, even while acknowledging their mutual feelings and, ultimately, setting up housekeeping. Scully’s brother Charlie has joined the dark side, Strughold has come to center stage, a Scarred Man looks calmly on, and our cigarette-smoking fiend and bad-boy Alex Krycek have begun to ponder the course their primally sinister colleagues have taken them on. Kersh is disgraced, Bill Scully is dispatched after stumbling onto the dark secrets of the planned Colonization, and Marita Covarrubias offers herself up for the future of the race.

We have learned that the seeds of colonization and potential salvation were planted in civilizations that flourished — and vanished — centuries ago, and that a long-dead race may hold the key to humanity’s survival. We have come to discover the unholy relationship between the Earth’s would-be conquerors, the mysterious entity known as the “black oil,” and that most abominable entity Man has ever spawned — Adolph Hitler.

In true Carterian style, with answers come more questions. What is the connection between the Nazis, Japan’s top scientists, and the new Syndicate? Who or what is Jeremiah, and what are his intentions for humanity? What was Teena Mulder attempting to communicate to her son? What is buried deep within Mulder’s tortured psyche?

And thereby hangs a tale — a mythological tale of heroism in the face of hopelessness, of villainy dark and absolute, of ancient secrets brought to the fore, and the eternal battle between evil and love.

What more could you ask of a summer blockbuster? And best of all, the admission is free.

Enjoy the show, and thank you for not smoking.

Want to get caught up?  Read the VS 8-13 Mytharc and History Page!


AUTHORS: VS 13 Producers (Donnaj, Martin Ross, Traveler, and Vickie Moseley
ARTISTS: Donnaj, Martin Ross, Truthwebothknow1 (Lisa)
RATING: R (Mature Audiences for violence and torture)
SPOILERS: Relies heavily on Televised Seasons 1 – 7 and Virtual Seasons 8 – 13
(read ‘Previously on VS 13’)
DISCLAIMER: This is a labor of love. Absolutely no profit is being made. No
copyright infringement intended.
ARCHIVE This production is exclusive to the Virtual Season 13 for two weeks,
then anywhere.
All comments, feedback, etc should be addressed to

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