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Halloween Memories

Title: Halloween Memories

Author: Waddles52

Summary: Scully and Mulder hand out treats and share

Halloween memories.

Rating: G

Category: MSR

Disclaimer: Just for fun. Not for profit.

Archives: IMTP VS 10 Halloween challenge

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Mulder walked into the basement office just as Scully

hung up the phone, a concerned look on her face.

“Scully?” Mulder questioned. “Is everything all


“Oh, Mulder, I didn’t hear you come in. That was Mom

on the phone. One of her friends broke her leg and

she’s going to Norfolk for a few days to help out.

She’s asked us to stay at her house tomorrow night,”

Scully reported as she straightened some papers on

the desk.

“What’s so special about tomorrow night?” Mulder

inquired as he hung his coat on the back of his chair

and began rolling up his shirtsleeves.

“It’s Halloween.”

“Ah, I see. She doesn’t want the neighborhood

monsters to soap her windows and throw rotten eggs at

her door,” Mulder grinned.

“Do you blame her?”

“Oh, I don’t know, Scully. What kind of candy is she

giving out?”

Scully made a face. “She usually hands out several

varieties, and she doesn’t buy the cheap stuff if

that’s what you’re getting at.”

“Good. We wouldn’t want to disappoint the little

trick or treaters by handing out those icky, sticky

peanut butter kisses, would we?” Mulder teased.

“You’re only concerned with what kind of candy might

be left over to feast on,” Scully accused.

“No, I’m just remembering what kind of candy I liked

to receive in my trick or treat bag,” he said


“Mulder, if you help me finish this backlog of paper

work so that we can be there tomorrow night, I will

personally guarantee that your trick or treat bag

will contain only the best and the kisses won’t be

wrapped in black or orange paper,” Scully promised.

“Sounds like a deal to me.”

The next evening Scully unlocked the front door of

Maggie Scully’s house and began turning on the

lights. Mulder followed her in and put their

overnight bags down by the sofa.

Scully made her way into the kitchen with Mulder

following close behind. There was a note on the

kitchen table along with four bowls of candy and two

small trick or treat bags.

Scully read the note and then turned to Mulder. “Mom

left a casserole and some cider in the fridge. She

also fixed each of us a trick or treat bag,” she

nodded toward the bags, “And those four bowls of

candy are for the trick or treaters.”

Mulder had already dug into his bag and was laying

out his treats on the table. “Scully, your mom is

amazing. Tell her thanks and how did she know all of

my favorite candies?”

“Mulder, I have no idea, other than she seems to have

a sixth sense about those things. Why don’t you

change into something more comfortable while I get

dinner started? The trick or treaters start pretty

early around here.”

Scully was loading the dishwasher when the first

trick or treaters rang the doorbell. Mulder rushed

to open the door and was greeted by a group of nine

and ten year old boys dressed in an assortment of

costumes from bums to Star Wars characters.

“Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something

good to eat! If you don’t, I don’t care. I’ll pull

down your underwear!” they exclaimed in unison, then

broke up in gales of laughter.

Mulder chuckled. “The more things change, the more

they stay the same.” He remembered the familiar

chant from his own childhood.

The boys crowded each other as Mulder began dropping

candy in their bags. “Hey, guys. Take it easy!

There’s plenty for everyone.”

When he finished, the boys said a quick thank you and

hurried on to the next house.

Mulder and Scully spent the next two hours handing

out candy and oohing and aahing over the many

different costumes. Only a few stragglers were left

and the candy was almost gone. They sat on the front

porch steps and watched as a girl and her younger

brother tried to catch up with their two older


“That looks like Charlie and me,” Scully laughed.


“Yep. Bill and Melissa were always running ahead of

us, trying to lose us. One year it had been raining

and the grass was really wet. I was probably about

eight or nine. Charlie was getting tired and was

dragging his treat bag behind him. We finally caught

up to Bill and Melissa and went home. Charlie was

pretty surprised when he got home and discovered the

bottom of his treat bag was gone and all of his candy

had spilled out.”

“Poor guy. What happened? I’ll bet you split your

treats with him.”

“Not willingly. Mom took our bags and dumped all of

the candy into one big pile on the floor. She

divided it four ways until we all had an equal amount

of candy. Bill and Missy got into big trouble for

running off and leaving us. The next year we all

carried plastic pumpkins for our treats.”

“Your mom is pretty wise,” Mulder told her.

“She had to be with four bratty kids and Dad away at

sea most of the time. Do you have any Halloween

memories, Mulder?”

“A few. Most of the time we were stuck at some

grown-up party. They would make a big fuss over our

cute costumes, shove some candy at us and then ignore

us for the rest of the evening.”

“I’m sorry, Mulder.”

“We did get to go trick or treating every now and

then and I was a lot like Bill and Melissa. I didn’t

want my kid sister tagging along. I wanted to go out

with my pals and see what kind of mischief we could

stir up. The year I turned twelve was one of those

years. Mom wasn’t feeling well so I had to take

Samantha out. Mom made a deal with me. Just take

her out for an hour and then I could catch up with my

buddies. We started out before it was really dark.

Samantha was a fairy princess and I was Mr. Spock,

ears and all. I was in such a hurry to get it over

with that I literally drug her from house to house.

Of course, she fell and skinned her knees and spilled

her candy. I helped her up and gathered her treats.

I felt so badly about causing her to fall that I took

her home and gave her most of my candy. I even

agreed to a tea party with her dolls. I never did

catch up to my friends. If I’d known that was to be

our last Halloween . . .”

“Mulder, stop,” Scully ordered. “Let me ask you

something. Did Samantha enjoy herself?”

“Eventually, after I got her knees bandaged and

suffered through that tea party she said it was her

best Halloween ever.”

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yeah. I guess I did. Samantha was really pretty in

her fairy princess costume and the tea party wasn’t

that bad. I guess it was our best Halloween ever.”

“Then you have a wonderful memory to treasure.”

“Yes, I do. Thank you for helping me to realize

that, Scully.”

She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “That’s

one Halloween kiss that I owe you. I’m going to warm

up some of that cider. Why don’t you start a fire

and we can sit in front of it with our cider and you

can collect a few more of those kisses that I owe

you,” Scully suggested.

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” Mulder answered as

he helped Scully to her feet.

They went into the house. Scully headed for the

kitchen while Mulder began putting logs in the

fireplace. He worked with a big smile on his face as

he thought of the new Halloween memories he and

Scully would make tonight.

The End

Encounter with the Undead

Encounter with the Undead

By Mary Kleinsmith (

Rating: PG

Category: Halloween Challenge. Written for VS10 Halloween

Special event

Keywords: MSR, Angst, a touch of MT

Spoilers: Bad Blood

Archive: Two weeks exclusively on VS9, then ATF, Ephemeral

and anywhere else. Just keep my name attached.

Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully and all the others belong to

Chris Carter, 1013 and Fox. No copyright infringement


Summary: An acquaintance from the past comes back to haunt

Mulder and threaten his happiness with Scully. (No, it’s

not a ghost!)

Feedback: It would be much appreciated!

Authors’ Notes: I chose, for personal reasons, not to

participate in a full story in this year’s VS10, despite

having a good experience last year with Dreamweaver. It was

not an easy decision, or entered into lightly, but for the

non-authors out there, I can tell you that writing a VS

episode is not nearly as easy as you might think. I’d

decided that, for this year at least, I’d be on the

sidelines. And then Vickie asked me about the Halloween

Special. During our chat, an idea – this idea – bloomed,

and when Susan added her voice to Vickie’s, I finally

decided that this is what I was meant to do. So here it is,

folks. I hope you like it!

Encounter with the Undead

By Mary Kleinsmith (

It never failed. The worst case in the world, taking place

during the worst week of his life . . . and now he had to

look forward to answering the door all night, giving candy

to kids he didn’t know. Kids who could be his own . . . if

he’d just get off his ass and marry Scully. It didn’t

matter that she couldn’t birth them herself; if they

couldn’t have them, they could adopt them. But they’d be


Okay, this is too depressing. The big X-File had ended in a

foot chase through a garbage dump, and ended in his

tackling the very human, very normal suspect in the biggest

pile of waste he’d ever seen. Heck, anybody had ever seen.

He was disgusting, stinking so bad he didn’t dare sit down

on the sofa to rest his tired muscles without cleaning up


Ahhhh, cleaning up. A hot shower . . . real soap, not those

horridly tiny little bars motel rooms gave you . . . a

shower head that sprayed OVER his head instead of into his

neck. It sounded like heaven.

He wasn’t sure if his suit was salvageable, but he’d give

the dry cleaners a chance, he thought as he shed each piece

and deposited them into a garbage bag. At least, if they

failed, it was ready for disposal. This job cost him so

much money sometimes.

Climbing into the shower, he wondered what Scully had

planned for tonight. She’d made it clear that there was no

way she was staying at the office past quitting time. Maybe

it had been the smell. . . or maybe it was because she was

tired of doing reports.

Or maybe, she had something to do – without him, his inner

voice of self-doubt popped up. It rarely did anymore, but

every once in awhile, he wondered how he could ever have

gotten so lucky.

Lathering his shampoo into a thick foam, he scrubbed his

hair, doing his best to scrub all thought from his head.

There was too much up there. It only helped partly, but he

felt a level of peacefulness as he stood under the shower

head once again to rinse.

He nearly lost his balance, so lulled by the shower was he,

when his cell phone rang. He’d set it on the vanity, as was

his habit; Scully had been right when she said that he

couldn’t do without the thing, but perhaps was not aware of

the full truth. He couldn’t do without it simply because

it was his connection to her – and she was something else

he absolutely could not do without.

Shaking the water from his hair and trying to tell himself

he wasn’t acting like a Retriever, he stepped from the

shower in time to grab the phone before it clicked to voice



“Agent Mulder, there’s something you need to see. Come to

354 Genesee Street in Georgetown, the Bourbon Street Club.”

“Who is this?” Mulder asked. The voice didn’t sound

familiar; it was a stranger or disguised in some way, he


“Just someone looking out for your best interests. Come,

and hurry.”

There was a click as the line disconnected before he could

get another word in edgewise.

Now he was faced with a dilemma. Follow the instructions,

or stay home. It could be important, but it also could be a

trap, or, worse, a complete waste of time. A Halloween

practical joke. But since the alternative was to stay home,

trying to explain to the neighbor kids who knocked on the

door that he hadn’t bought enough – okay, any really –

treats to go around because he’d been chasing after little

gray men. A story like that might actually make them forget

about candy, he thought.

Dressing quickly, he chose to forego his regular gun and

holster, which would be too conspicuous on his jeans, but

strapped on his ankle holster and smaller gun. He doubted

he’d need it, but he wanted to feel like he had some kind

of back up.

Backup. Maybe he should call Scully. If he got himself hurt

again because he’d failed to tell her what he was doing,

she’d be pissed as hell with him. She’d been pretty clear

that she had plans, but called her apartment anyway,

getting the answering machine and leaving a message as to

where he was going and why. If he disappeared, at least

she’d know in the morning a bit of what had happened. A

place to start, so to speak.

Grabbing his keys, he made sure the door was locked before

sprinting to his car. He knew where Genesee Street was – it

wasn’t that far from Scully’s place – but he was unfamiliar

with club itself. He wondered if it would have a New

Orleans flavor, given the name, and what kind of music

they’d play.

Finding a parking space was easier than he expected, but

maybe club hopping wasn’t something people did on

Halloween. For a psychologist, he realized he was out of

touch with the human condition on the socialization issues

of the current day. Scully could probably tell him –

she was much more socially adept than he was and he knew

it. It was why they made a great team; what one was

lacking, the other supplied.

There was a cover charge, and Mulder paid it before

slipping into the club and taking a seat at an empty table.

He wasn’t sure what to expect; whether the person who

called would approach him, whether the thing he was

supposed to see would be obvious, or if he’d have to go

looking for it. A waitress with an immodest amount of

cleavage showing approached and took his order. He opted

for soda, wanting to keep a clear head until he knew what

was going on.

Batting her eyes at him, she went off to fetch his drink,

and he took the opportunity to scan the room. A few people

sat at the bar, mostly singles although one or two couples

were also there. They appeared to have only one goal for

the night, and that was to lose themselves in the oblivion

of alcohol. Away from the bar, couples occupied tables

surrounding a small dance floor, most appearing to have not

dancing on their minds, but copulation. They kissed and

touched in a way that would be a borderline arrestible

offense if they were outside.

On the dance floor, a very few couples moved to a slow,

steady rhythm from a source he couldn’t identify, seeming

to be trying to get so close that they inhabited the same

space. Most were dressed in casual clothes, jeans, oxford

shirts, nothing that would make them stand out in a

crowd. Then, his eyes were drawn to a couple, her red hair

standing out in stark contrast to the rest of the room and

his face buried against her neck. Their bodies were barely

moving, but necks and heads moved, nuzzled, stretched. And

the feminine form looked familiar . . .

Mulder gasped as he realized this was what he was there to

see. It was Scully, with another man. He felt a surge of

jealousy towards the man with whom she was dancing. He had

prior claim on her, he thought angrily. As if beckoned by

Mulder’s own thoughts, the man raised his brunet head from

her neck to meet his eyes. Glowing yellowish green, they

reached out to him, and he realized that this was no


The man whispered in Scully’s ear, and they turned as one

to approach his table.

“Mulder, what are you doing here?” she asked, but he almost

missed it. He was distracted by her – or more pointedly, by

the fact that there was blood on her neck.

“Can’t . . . can’t a guy . . . umm . . . have a drink

anymore?” he responded, and realized that he had little

excuse. Still, finding her here, with him, was more than a

little disturbing.

“Of course, Agent Mulder,” came in a thick Texan accent

through buck teeth. “It’s just one doozy of a coincidence.”

“Of course, Sheriff Hartwell,” Mulder agreed, trying to

figure what his next move should be. When Hartwell nodded

his own agreement, there was blood on his neck as well.

Scully and Mulder exchanged a look that both understood,

and Scully turned to Hartwell.

“Would you get me another drink?” she asked her ‘date’ with

a lascivious grin. “Something with alcohol this time, I

think.” And she winked at him. She actually winked at him!

Hartwell nodded and went on his way, leaving them alone.

Mulder wasn’t going to waste the little time he knew

they had.

“Scully, what the hell are you doing with him? You know

what he is!”

“Yes, I know what he is. He’s a kind, gallant man who

treats me with courtesy and respect. Anything else is just

small potatoes.”

“But, Scully . . .”

“I was going to wait until tomorrow to tell you, Mulder,

but I’ll be tendering my resignation. Lucius has asked me

to go back to Texas with him, and I’ve said yes.”

“Scully, you can’t!” Mulder said pleadingly. This couldn’t

be happening, but it was.

“He gives me everything I need, Mulder. Can’t you

understand that?”

“Oh, and does that include this?” he snapped, standing to

pull the collar away from her neck where the red liquid was

still wet.

“Yes, I give him what he needs, too. It’s a wonderful


“And what does he give you, Scully? I can give you all

that, all you had to do was ask. I’d have done it all.”

“I doubt you really know what you’re saying, Mulder,” she


“Yes, I do. Did you let him do it? Has he made you like


“Does it matter?” she asked.

“Yes, it matters. Of course it matters.”

“No, it doesn’t. Because if he didn’t, then I’m going of my

own free will, and if he did, then I’m going to be with my

own kind. Either way, you have to face it. You can’t stop


Just then, Hartwell returned with three glasses of blood-

red wine. At least, he hoped it was wine. Handing one to

Scully, then to Mulder, he slipped the freed hand around

her waist.

“How about I propose a toast. To our lives. May we all have

a glorious future.” Scully and Hartwell clinked their

glasses intimately before turning to Mulder.

“I’m sorry if I don’t see anything to be so happy about,”

he said grimly.

“Then come with us,” Scully said unexpectedly, and both men

looked at her, startled. “You can be happy there, Mulder.

They can make it better for you.”

“But what about the X-Files? My sister? Our work?”

“We can . . . they can . . . help you to forget. You can be


“Scully, I’ll never be happy. Either here or in Texas, as

long as I have to know that you’re with him.” His voice

dripped venom on the pronoun.

“He’s a good man, Mulder.”

“I’d beg to differ, but that’s not the point. It’s not that

you’re with him,” Mulder said in anger and desperation.

“It’s that you’re not with ME! I thought that we had

something together.”

“And we can have it again, it’ll just be a little

different. Did you know that Lucius’s people don’t practice

monogamy? You can still have me.”

“But he would have you, too. No, I don’t think so,” he

gritted through clenched teeth.

“Well,” she said, setting down her wine glass. “If you

change your mind, you just have to say the word.”

“I won’t. I have at LEAST that much self respect.”

“That’s your loss,” she said sadly. “We need to go. Lucius

only feels comfortable in the city on Halloween. We need to

be out of town by midnight. A van will be moving my

apartment. If there’s anything of yours left there, just

let them know – I’ve told them to give you carte blanche to

take whatever you want. I’d planned to call you in the

morning, but I’m actually glad it happened this way. You

need to understand that this is what I want. Goodbye,

Mulder. I will miss you, but I can’t let that change my


She turned to go, Hartwell taking up his place beside her.

They moved quickly, and were almost to the door when he

realized she really was leaving. And not just leaving . . .

leaving to become one of the famed undead, if she wasn’t


“Scully, no! Don’t go!” He stood, beginning to go after

her, but finding himself impeded by a sudden crowd.

“Scully, I love you! You can’t leave me!”

The crowd pushed in on him, crushed him until he couldn’t

move or breath. And then the darkness closed in on him. For

just a moment, he wondered if those around him were of the

‘clan’ as well, and if they’d change him into one of them,

but then the blackness took over entirely.


When he woke up, it was to the sound of an engine humming.

He realized that he was lying on the back seat of a car,

with a familiar brunet head in the driver’s seat.

“What the hell is going on, Hartwell?” he asked angrily. He

noticed now that his hands were tied securely behind his

back, and they’d fallen asleep from the lack of


“We’re going to Texas, Agent Mulder. I know you said you

didn’t want to go, but, you see, I’ve promised Dana to do

whatever it takes to make her happy, and that means you.

She can’t be happy without you, so we’re all going home.”

He laughed, a bitter sound he’d never before heard from

the Sheriff. “Can’t say I’m crazy about the idea myself,

but I’m gonna give Dana what she wants.”

“You can’t force me to stay against my will. I’ll escape


“We don’t have to keep you forever. Just until you can be

brought over. Like Dana, you’ll come around as soon as

you’ve undergone the change. Then we’ll settle in like one

big happy family.”

“I’ll be missed.”

“Please, Agent Mulder. I know at least enough about you to

know otherwise. The only person who’d miss you is Dana.

Your boss, maybe, but Dana will give him an appropriate

excuse along with your resignation. You’ll be happy to be

with us soon enough.”

“So you’re just going to change me. I don’t get any say in

the matter.”

“I’m afraid so. See, I want Dana, and she wants you. It’s

the only way I get to keep her.”

“She’s not a possession, you idiot. She’s a woman, with her

own life and her own choices.”

“And she’s choosing to go, too. You may as well accept at

least that.” His confrontational tone turned

conversational. “You should actually feel quite honored,

Agent Mulder. Halloween night is the only day of the year

that we can change a human into one of our own, despite all

the movies and legends.”

“So why haven’t I been changed yet?”

“Only someone of the opposite sex can change another. Dana

will do you, but she doesn’t quite know you’re coming yet.”

“I’m a surprise?!”

“You could say that. She’s going to be so happy to see you.

We really did try leaving you behind, but she was

inconsolable.” He frowned at Mulder’s laugh. “Even vampires

have feelings, Agent Mulder.”

“Forgive me if I’m having my doubts. So you changed her?”

“Oh, that was done well before we ran into you tonight. I

was lucky – caught her on her way home from the office. She

knew we were meant to be together.”

“The two of you, or the three of us?” he asked bitterly.

“Believe me, sharing Dana was not my first choice either.

But I’d rather have part of her than none of her. How about

you, Agent Mulder? How important is she to you?”

“She’s everything to me. But she’s not who she was. She’s

not my Scully anymore. You’ve turned her into something


“She is different, that’s true. But I still somehow find it

hard to believe that you won’t gladly come to her when she

calls. You won’t be able to say no, any more than she was

able to say no to me.”

“So we’re all going to settle down and be one happy family?

You’ve got to be kidding me. . .”

“There is no kidding here, Mulder. I’m deadly serious,”

Hartwell said, concentrating his eyes back on the road.

“Dana’s gone ahead to secure a place for us – me and her,

she thinks – at our new camp.”

“Where are we going?”

“I think I’m going to wait to tell you that until you’ve

had a . . . change of heart. It’s coming, and the sooner

you can accept that, the better. Now you may as well rest

up. It may be the last chance you get,” he laughed.

With those words, the blackness swarmed in again over

Mulder, and he felt himself drifting. Did Hartwell do it,

or was his own body betraying him? He wasn’t sure, but

didn’t get to dwell on it long before oblivion claimed him.


He awoke again in what appeared to be a large barn. Nothing

fancy, no livestock or hay bales, it appeared to be more of

a meeting place. As if to confirm this, his attention was

drawn to a looming figure above him. It wasn’t

exceptionally tall, he didn’t think, but the impression

came from the fact, he realized, that he was lying on the

floor. Above him, the man was speaking.

“Friends, brethren, we gather here today to greet two new

members of our society, and to witness the bringing over of

one of them.”

Mulder looked in the direction Hartwell faced to see a

crowd gathered there, all of them with glowing, green eyes.

The undead, a voice in his head told him. Pinching himself,

he tried to awaken from the nightmare, but it seemed this

was only too real.

Then he saw her, coming through the crowd toward him, her

eyes glowing as green as any of the others. It was so

distracting that he wasn’t hearing what Hartwell was saying

about her. He watched as she stepped on the slightly raised

platform on which he now realized he was lying and took the

Sheriff’s hand, their fingers interlacing. Mulder only

heard the last thing he said.

“Former enemies are now friends. Let’s all welcome Dana,”

and he turned to look at Mulder, “and Fox. Let us all

celebrate, and at five minutes before the witching hour, we

will gather again to watch as Dana makes Fox one of our


Unlikely cheers went up all around, and suddenly there was

music. This was not happening, Mulder told himself again.

Not only was he going to be turned into one of the undead,

now he wasn’t even going to get to enjoy the party. He

wasn’t stupid – he knew there was no way he’d get the

chance to escape. They’d keep him tied up, right where he

was, until the time came.

Would it really be so bad, though? He thought

philosophically. It could be a lot worse than spending

eternity with Scully . . .

He had a crude awakening. “And him,” he whispered, watching

Scully and Hartwell dancing so close, they were practically

in the same skin.

The dancing grew faster, more erotic, and the entire

company seemed to be lost in a carnal haze. The room began

to spin, his blurry vision showing him a vague picture of

Scully, sandwiched between the wall and Hartwell’s grinding

hips. He wanted to run, to move, to stop them . . .

Anything, but lie here on the floor waiting for the end of

the last day of his life. Because despite what Sheriff

Hartwell said, he couldn’t believe that he would be the

same person once Scully did to him what had been done to


I mean, would the REAL Scully do what she was doing now?

And if she did, wouldn’t she do it with me?

It was his last thought as he drifted off once again.

The next thing of which he was aware was something pressing

against his lips. Something soft, and pliable. Something

not warm, and it felt unnatural.

He opened his eyes to find them affixed to a pair of

glowing green ones that somehow should have been blue. A

deep, resonating voice, yet familiar, spoke inside his


“It’s our time, Mulder. Everybody is gathered.”


“Yes. Men are brought into the clan in front of its

members,” she said in a deep, eerie voice. “And once it’s

done, you,” she kisses me, unbelievably, on the lips, “and

I,” another kiss, “and Lucius can all go home.” I know she

sees my thoughts in my eyes, or maybe she’s reading my

mind. “No, not Washington. The home we will share.

Together. Forever.”

He hears he crowd pressing in, their footsteps shuffling

closer, but his eyes are mesmerized by hers and he can’t

look away. Her face draws closer, and just when he thinks

she’s going to kiss him again, her mouth takes a detour. To

his neck.

He shivers, expecting to feel the piercing of teeth, and

then it occurs to him. These vampires don’t have fangs –

how does she intend to . . .

There’s a fine, sliding sensation a fraction of a second

before the pain kicks in. Dammit, she actually cut me with

something, he realizes. He feels a solid wetness, her

tongue, slide over the slice before her lips settle around


“Scully, don’t do this,” he whispers, surprising himself

that he’s not shouting it at the top of his lungs. She

doesn’t move away, and the pressure becomes stronger as he

become more fearful. Finally, he finds his voice.

“Scully, stop!” But she begins to suck, and he’s helpless

to stop her.

“SCULLY! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“Mulder. Sweetheart, are you okay?”

Before he opened his eyes, he knew it was her voice. She’d

come back to him! Or they’d taken him to her. He tried to

raise the lids, but they didn’t seem to want to cooperate.

“Mulder, c’mon. Wake up and show me you’re okay.”

Finally, he was able to focus on her face. It was scrubbed

clean, all traces of the dark makeup she’d worn at the club

removed, and her hair was pulled up into a neat ponytail.

“You came back,” he whispered as he blinked slowly. “Thank


“I just went home, Mulder,” she said, taking his hand in

her own. “I guess I didn’t realize you needed a chaperone.

Can you get up?”

Looking around, he realized several things at once. He was

home, he was in his shower, his head was killing him . . .

and he was naked. Not that she hadn’t seen it before lots

of times, but . . .

“Scully, what happened?” he asked as she pulled him to his

feet. He followed meekly. “You said you were leaving me.

Please tell me you changed your mind!” His head was still a

bit foggy, but he remembered that part clearly.

“Mulder, I only went as far as my apartment, and I never

said I was leaving you. I’ll NEVER leave you, my love.” She

settled his wet body on the bed, uncaring that the blanket

was getting soaked. “As for what happened, I was at home,

getting ready for the trick-or-treaters when your neighbor,

Mrs. Lopez, called. She said she heard a bang from inside

your apartment, but you wouldn’t come to the door, so she

worried you were in trouble. I came right over, and just as

I got inside, I heard you screaming for me.”

“I screamed for you . . .” Mulder said, dazedly.

“Yes. You were begging me not to go, and you said you loved


“Well, I do.”

“I know, and I love you, too. I think it’s pretty simple to

figure out what happened. You fell in the shower, hit your

head, and ended up having some kind of traumatic nightmare.

What did you dream, Mulder?”

He shivered a little, unsure of whether it was the cold on

his bare skin or the memories that were causing it. “You

were quitting. Leaving to go back to Texas with Sheriff

Hartwell. He was turning you into one of them, Scully.” The

fear was back in his voice. “You said he could give you all

the things I couldn’t.”

“He could never give me what you do, Mulder,” she said as

she gently dried his hair with a towel. “And, for the

record, I haven’t thought of him once since we resolved

that case. There’s no need to be jealous.”

Suddenly, Mulder was offended. “I wasn’t jealous. I just .

. .” She raised an eyebrow at him, and he realized,

happily, that there was no denying it. “Okay, so I was

jealous. Thank God it was just a dream.”

“You must have conked yourself good,” Scully said, feeling

the lump on his head. “I’ll tell you what. Pack a bag with

your best Halloween-ish videos, because you’re spending the

night at my place. We’ll greet trick-or-treaters, watch

scary movies and pop popcorn. Then, later on, if you’re

feeling better, I’ll show you a few tricks of my own.” She

grinned at him wickedly, and he felt his heart race, the

blood rushing through his body.

“Mmmm . . .” he mumbled, leaning his head into her hands.

“Sounds good.”

“Okay, then. Get some clothes on and we’re out of here.”



Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan by Jennifer Farrell

The angels, devils, nuns, nurses, and animals were all well

past drunk at this point. The room was vibrating with

bubbling laughter, horrible music, and the sickening scent

of a perfume department. He pulled at his eye patch again

and tried to loosen up. The room had seemed much bigger

earlier, now the wallpaper was peeling with the heat. He

could see her red hair bobbing in and out of his vision as

he skirted around the drunken masses, his eyes like lasers.

She laughed. At least she was having fun; the room seemed

to be getting hotter every second to him. Then as if on cue

the crowd parted and he saw her, in ER scrubs, laughing at

some joke, her cheeks flushed with the temperature of the

room. He moved toward her, and when he was a few feet away

saw why they had told him not to try. Agent Mulder stared

at him, almost piercing through him, looked down at Scully

and then leaned down and whispered something else that made

her laugh. Agent Mulder smiled at her, then gave him a sly

smile, and turned so that Dana Scully was now out of his