Season 11 Christmas Special

winterspecial cover


Have Yourself a Merry Little Try at Christmas

AUTHOR: XSketch;
SPOILERS: Nothing too specific, except a reference to VS10’s ‘Last Kiss’. Also, might be worth having a basic knowledge of IMTP’s VS seasons just for general character interaction.
DISCLAIMER: As much as it pains me to say this, I don’t own any of these characters – not a single one, dammit! The immortal CC, the not so immortal Fox and 1013, and the irreplaceable DD and GA own them. I’m borrowing them without permission, but no copyright infringement is intended so please don’t sue!
FEEDBACK: Oh, PLEASE!!! You know you want to! Go on, feel the addresses or calling you!
SUMMARY: Will Bill Jnr. ruin yet ANOTHER Christmas for the two agents, or can they make it work out in the end?


It’s Raining Elk

AUTHOR: Humbuggie
Written for VS11’s Winter Challenge Dedicated to Vickie Moseley, just because!
RATING: R for a few curses, nothing major
SUMMARY: It’s raining elk, and icemen, and Lord knows what else.


Snow Angels

AUTHOR: Theresa J
This was written for the VS11 Winter Special. Two weeks exclusively at the VS11 site, then archiving permission is open. Just let me know before you do!
DISCLAIMER: The X-files, Mulder, Scully and Skinner all belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, etc, etc. I don’t own them, just borrowing them for a while.
FEEDBACK: Please and thank you!


Yes, Fox, There Really Is a Santa Claus

AUTHOR: Vickie Moseley
CATEGORY: Mild humor
ARCHIVE: Two weeks exclusive on VS 11’s website. After that, anywhere.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters, I just play with them. And I don’t own Santa Claus, but I do believe!
FEEDBACK: Thanks and Happy Holidays to all our VS artists, authors and readers. You guys are keeping the joy alive!
SUMMARY: Mulder’s disbelief is challenged



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