Season 14 Christmas Special


A Very Virtual Christmas – Five seasons of holiday stories from the Virtual Season, plus one new webisode.

Enjoy nearly 300 pages of Mulder and Scully’s Yuletide celebrations and casefiles in a downloadable, portable form. Mystery, fantasy, horror, science fiction, and, of course, romance – it’s our way of showing our appreciation to the loyal fans and philes who’ve kept our universe alive.

— Martin Ross, VS Producer



AUTHOR: Vickie Moseley
RATING: E for everyone
ARCHIVE: Two weeks exclusive on VS14, then anywhere
DISCLAIMER: I never drank Metz’ Schnapps, and I’m not sure I would recommend it
after seeing their ad campaign for the winter of 2000, but they own the Judderman.
1013 Productions own Mulder and Scully. I just saw a really cool commercial and decided
to meld the two ideas together. Merry Christmas and Happy December Solstice to all.
SUMMARY: When the wind blows cold . . . beware the Judderman

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