Season 14 Sports Special

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Each year, fictioneers and fans alike emerge from their monitor-lit basements, workstations, or Starbucks to observe an annual anomaly: Heightened solar radiation accompanied by an increase in ambient BTUs and a spike in photo-synthesis and testosterone activity.

For many, individual tolerance to these conditions — known collectively as summer — is short-lived, lasting usually until the next ezboard notification or the next great story idea. But some heartier souls are able to withstand the radiation and the concentrated oxygen levels out of doors. A few actually thrive during this period of abnormal biological development and physical activity, haunting Wrigley or Shea or the local cricket field or the mud volleyball patch off-campus.

They’re as intrigued with RBIs as they with MSR and MT; they are equally fascinated by both Scullys — Dana and Vin. They struggle over whether to spend their hard-earned cash on season tickets or on a Season Six DVD.

If this sounds familiar, this Bud’s — er, I mean, this Special’s for you. The wonderful world of sports offers fertile fields for fic fabricators, touching on themes of luck and chance, competitive obsession, and superhuman feats of athletic achievement. The borderline-paranormal Field of Dreams and Season Six’s The Unnatural tapped into our nearly supernatural obsession with the
American Pastime. Season Seven’s Fight Club explored the violence and mayhem that permeates the fight game. Caddyshack and The Legend of Bagger Vance celebrated the sacred pseudo-religion of Golf.

So grab a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, a Fenway Frank, and a frosty brew, settle into the cheap seats, and relax for a couple of innings. The game’s on.

Martin Ross
For the VS14 Producers


A Day at the Races

TITLE: A Day at the Races
AUTHOR: Traveler
ARCHIVE: Two weeks VS14 exclusive
DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended.


Double Play

TITLE: Double Play
AUTHOR: Martin Ross
SPOILER: Synchrony
ARCHIVE: Two weeks VS14 exclusive
DISCLAIMER: This one’s for Coach Chris Carter and his all-star line-up.
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully investigate a baseball-loving physicist and a ghostly Little


ash champswx davidsexlok_by_lisa

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