Season 14 Spring Special


Spring is commonly associated with renewal, redemption, resurrection – in short, rebirth and second chances. But as any X-Files or Stephen King fan knows all too well, what’s reborn or resurrected isn’t always cute and cuddly, and second chances are what Freddie or Jason or the Mama Alien gets in the next-to-the-last frame, just when you think you’ve bolted the last door or blasted the slimy critter out the airlock.

Spring has sprung (the spring equinox was three days ago; you missed the party), with all the mystery and mystique the season brings. Leprechauns and banshees, the return of the Mayan Sun Serpent and the kinky union of the German fertility goddess and the solar god, wiccan rituals, egg-bearing bunnies, and mysterious celebrity sightings during the Nielsen TV sweeps. And wait ‘til you see what we’ve sprung on you.

It’s probably raining outside or the snow hasn’t totally melted yet or the guy you got into it with St. Pat’s Day is still on the lookout for you. So settle in behind the monitor and enjoy a festive VS14 Spring Special.

Martin Ross

The VS Producers


A Hare-Raising Experience

AUTHOR: Traveler
DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended.
ARCHIVE: Two weeks exclusive VS 14, then everywhere


Finnigan’s Snake

AUTHOR: Pattie
CATEGORY: X-File, Story
DISCLAIMER: Written for the Virtual Season 14 Spring Special. All X-Files characters and the original program belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Studios. Everyone else belongs to me, naughty or nice, and if your name is Doyle Finnegan, well… there are at
least a few other men in the world with that name, but this one is mine. No monies earned; no copyright infringement intended. *Biography is a production of the A&E cable network and I intend no copyright infringement. In fact, my thanks to them for another opportunity
to continue learning.
ARCHIVE Gossamer, Ephemeral. Please ask me if you want this story. It can soon be found at Pattie’s Pocketful of X-Fics.
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully investigate several murders linked to a bar-tender in Framingham, Mass.


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