Season 15 Christmas Special


The weather outside might be balmy or extremely cold where you live. Welcome to our virtual hearth and home. Grab one of our warm blankets, curl up on our sofa start your favorite music and read two wonderful VS stories.

The first is Oh Holy Night by Traveler and Double Jeopardy by XSketch.

Artwork for this season of wonder and joy are by our talented artist Lisa.

Happy Holidays from the VS Producers


Oh Holy Night

AUTHOR: Traveler
RATING: PG13 for language
DISCLAIMER: 2 weeks exclusive to VS…
SUMMARY: Mulder gets some unexpected help in a harrowing situation on this most special of nights.


Double Jeopardy

AUTHOR: XSketch (;
RATING: PG-15 (for strong language)
SUMMARY: 42 years after the first incident a UFO crashes in Pennsylvania, except
this time somebody believes they can hand the craft over to Mulder and Scully.
Could it finally be the proof they’ve been after for 15 years?
SPOILERS: The whole VS universe thus far.
DISCLAIMER: Whilst this story is inspired by an actually documented UFO
encounter and the news of NASA’s recent order to investigate the reports, all
characters and plots are this story are completely fictitious and nothing more
than imaginings of my muse – any similarity to people living or dead or any
events is nothing more than coincidental. The X-Files, Mulder, Scully, CSM and
Deep Throat remain property of Chris Carter and are used here without
permission – I make no money from writing this and no infringement is intended.


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