Season 15 St. Patrick’s Day Special


Spring has sprung, and the lovely Mrs. Ross (AKA, She Who BETTER Be Obeyed) is emerging from a 10-Richter scale seasonal disaffective funk. The axis of the Earth has tilted back toward the Sun, I can still see my Honda in the office parking lot at 5 p.m., the winter’s oppressive snowfall is moistening things up for this season’s corn-soybean succotash, and Oscar the Chupa-chihuahua is reacquainting himself with the neighboring (through a canine ritual that would get me arrested in a New Yawk second).
Most importantly, the Winter Theater Season is over — Mrs. Ross has dropped the funereal Russian melodrama in favor of a brighter musical stage presence.
At the same time, having spent perhaps too much time hangin’ in the dark, foreboding, damp
nether regions of the VS universe, I greet spring with a certain apprehension. Hibernation is
over – who knows what furry collection of fangs and claws could be waiting when I cross to the
mailbox for my cable bill and Penney’s coupons. Streams and rivers swell with melting snow and
April rainfall – what will come crawling from the murky depths (WARNING: shameless story
preview plug). Seeds begin to germinate and eggs hatch, including the seeds of mad, mutating,
omnivorous genetically twisted flora and the eggs of super-resistant, flesh-loving buggies.
Crazy? Maybe. Paranoid? OK.
But where do you think we are? The Thomas Kinkade website? We ain’t painting with light,
folks – we create in ebony and sepia and midnight black.
So change into your spring whites and sandals and swap that seasonal disaffectation for some dark delights.

Martin Ross
For the VS Producers


AUTHOR: truthwebothknow1
RATING: PG , adult viewers , few bad words.
SPOILERS: Amor Fati trilogy
Written for the IMTP virtual season 15 and alludes to some aspects of canon in
those fics.
DISCLAIMER: Not for profit and The X files belongs to cc and Fox. Auntie Katherine
belongs to me and is probably me in about 40 years LOL.
SUMMARY: The Northern Irish coast has some secrets, some say echoes.

Leprechauns’ Lair

AUTHOR: Starfleetofficer1
Two weeks exclusive with VS15.
DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended.
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully spend St. Patrick’s Day in the woods.


15x11_irishday 15x11_legends1013 15x11_patricksday1 15x11_stpats1

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