Season 15 Valentine’s Day Special


L is for lycanthropes, leprechauns, Loch Ness, and life after death;
O is for omens, oracles, out-of-body experiences, and Occam’s razor;
V is for vampirism, vortexes, voodoo, and visitations;
E is for elementals, electronic voice phenomena, ectoplasm, and extraterrestrials.
Put them all together, and you have, well, you know – another VS Valentine Special.
Welcome to the crossroads of our fanfictional universe where Love meets Death; where Romance meets Necromancy; where two hearts named Mulder and Scully beat as one. As CSM once put it, “Life is like a box of chocolates…” Pull the ribbon from our little Valentine’s gift and enjoy one of our lit’rary confections. Just watch out: That first bite may bite you back…

Martin Ross
For the VS producers

Love Hurts

AUTHOR: Vickie Moseley
DISCLAIMER: 2 weeks exclusive to VS…
SUMMARY: The agents investigate suicides of couples in Chicago.

My Favorite Moment

AUTHOR: Waddles 52
DISCLAIMER: Okay, I think we all know the drill by now. The only thing I get out of
writing these fics is a sore back and a feeling of accomplishment, neither of which will
make a profit for me.
NOTES: Apologies to those of you in Winston-Salem and surrounding areas. After
doing some research, I know that the hockey team plays in a different building. I needed
an ice rink under the floor for a certain scene in my fic, so I took creative license and
changed things around a bit. Your city seems very nice and who knows, maybe I’ll end up
there for a concert myself one of these days. Stranger things have happened.
SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully try to have a normal Valentine’s Day.


15x09_alielove 15x09_love1 15x09_mandslovexx 15x09_mooniux

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