Tintabulation Atlantean Translations

1. Human Fools!

2. We are the Highest of All, creators of heaven and earth, molder of human bodies and supplier of the spirit. By the commandments of the Creator we act through the Souls of the Ancestors and transmit only to the New Ones.

3. The power of creation is eminently destructive, the Ancestors knew this, you will too!

4. You who seek this world for your own race can not see that it is already doomed. The knowledge you hope to gain here is not meant for you. The power would be of no use to you. The codes, programmed into this planet from its creation relate only to its position within the cosmos. Only the New Ones were meant to understand them. You presume to toy with a power greater than yourself, it will only destroy you!

5. Behold the order of the Highest of All!

6. You learn nothing from the past! The horror of catastrophical disaster will make it impossible for the populations to survive. Life must begin again when the New Ones have found their souls again and the sixth Earth is born!

7. You have eyes but you do not see. The power of creation is all around you, hidden within the
natural order of all things that you no longer feel important. Wasted by your want you are
destroying that which was created here to sustain you.

8. He can not read a mind he does not understand.

9. The codes are written in the Tomb of Records laid down from the origins of civilization itself in a land now lost. From the time of the First Time, a heavenly Order determined only at the time of creation, and set forth only for the New Ones. You will not know it!

10. You who draw me out in an attempt to gain a higher knowledge have defeated yourself. This body can not sustain me.

11. History speaks to you. You who have forgotten how to listen will never know the miracle of
the mystery. This is the will of the Highest of All!

12. Fools! Fools!

13. You who refuse to accept that which you can not prove is evidence of your lack of wisdom in
all things.

14. This search for truth you call science leads you away from understanding your true nature.
You do not understand your existence because you refuse to see the simplest of things.

15. You fear the power and yet it is part of every life force around you, connecting one to the other in an endless loop of existence.

16. Human capabilities are only hindered by their selfishness. You refuse to acknowledge your need for each other. It will be your undoing.

17. He who gains the power shall also gain the knowledge of the ancients. That knowledge will
save your world.

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