Tintabulation – Virtual Season Mytharc and History Seasons 8-13

Tintabulation – Virtual Season MythArc & History Seasons 8-13

All canon exists up to and including Je Souhaite, so we know the following:
1. Samantha Mulder died at the age of 14 after escaping from Dominic Savio Memorial
Hospital (somewhere in California) in 1979. (Closure)
2. The majority of the ‘MJ12’ consortium members are dead except CSM and Strughold
(there may be others, but we don’t know that for sure). They were killed at El Rico Air
Base in 1999. (One Son)

Relationship details:

Mulder and Scully finally embark on a sexual relationship at the end of VS 8 and beginning
of VS 9 (Devil’s Advocate, parts 1, 2 and 3) Skinner discovers their ‘affair’ at the end of VS 9
(Justice Interrupted). Maggie learns of their relationship in VS9 (Mirror Mirror) along with Bill
and Tara. In VS 11 (Great Balls of Fire), Mulder’s apartment burns to the ground and he has to
move in with Scully. Later that season, in the season finale/VS12 premiere (Displacement and
Dispensation) Mulder moves into a duplex just blocks from Scully’s apartment (and closer to
the Georgetown U track) and Scully moves in with him. In VS 13 (At Last) Mulder proposes, at
first Scully doesn’t accept because they wouldn’t be partners, but in the end they declare the
wedding vows to each other (alone) and come to an understanding that they are together in
every way. Also in that episode, Mulder gives Scully rights to his inheritance.

I see dead people:

Bill Scully Jr. is dead (Displacement). Assistant Director Kersh is not dead, but he’s been
kicked out of the Bureau (Great Balls of Fire). Tom Colton is dead (Letters, VS8). Daniel
Waterson is dead (Consequences of Our Actions, VS 13)

People who are still very much alive: All three Gunmen, Suzanne Modeski (who still pines
for Byers), Krycek, CSM (or CGB Spender), and Strughold.

MYTHARC for the Virtual Seasons:

Circles and Patchwork (VS 10X14):

Krycek becomes Mulder and Scully’s informant about the nefarious deeds of the ‘new’
consortium. There is a power struggle between CSM and Strughold, Krycek is on CSM’s
side (and his own), Charlie Scully is on Strughold’s side. The Consortium, Strughold’s side,
had, over time, abducted and experimented on a group of women in a small town in New Jersey.

All the women developed a rare cancer, (Paget’s Carcinoma) the same disease Mulder’s
mother was suffering from when she committed suicide (Seid Un Zeit). All the women in New
Jersey committed suicide within minutes of receiving anonymous phone calls. When Mulder
and Scully find an abandoned Air Force installation with records of the women’s abductions,
Mulder is shot (shoulder) by Charlie (but Mulder never sees him). Charlie ties to convince
Dana to join him, leaving Mulder behind. Dana refuses and Charlie knocks her unconscious.
Krycek finds her and gets her and Mulder to the hospital. When Mulder wakes up she tells him
that Charlie shot him and is part of the consortium.

Last Kiss (VS 10X24):

Mulder and Scully are in a car accident on an icy road. Mulder mistakenly thinks Scully has
died (due to his own injuries) and stumbles away looking for help. In the course of going
farther and farther away from the road, Mulder contemplates giving up, just lying down and
dying to join Scully. He has a vision of his mother telling him to get up, that there are answers
to be found.

After some convincing on her part, Mulder finally listens to his mother and gets up, heading
now for the road and is found. He wakes up in the hospital to find out that Scully is most
definitely alive, thanks to his actions. Relived, he thinks back to his ‘walk’ in the woods. He
remembers his conversation with his mother and knows there is something else she was trying
to tell him.

Legacy and Camarilla (VS 10X25 and VS 11X02 ):

After investigating a case with a young girl and an abduction journal (bogus), Mulder goes on a
rampage to find his mother’s journal. He finally finds it in the Summer House in Rhode Island,
but is injected by Charlie (again, not seen), stuffed in the back seat of his car, which is left
running in a closed garage.

Second part of the two-parter is when Scully follows Mulder to Rhode Island and finds him near
death. He is rushed to the hospital with CO poisoning but survives. Since it was an attempt on
his life, Skinner orders them to a safe house where Mulder reads the journal his mother left. In
the journal, she admits to having loved both his father (Bill Mulder) and the man he knows only
as CBG Spender or the Smoking Man (CSM). She also admits that she’s not completely sure
who is the father to Fox but that CGB is most certainly the father of Samantha. She also
admits that she knew about the ‘consortium’ because she worked for Strughold as a secretary
(which is how she met both Bill and Spender). She gives Mulder (her son) the ‘faith’ to keep
looking. In the end, Strughold is upset that the journal is discovered but CSM points out that
it’s nothing more than a sad telling of one woman’s indiscretions and reveals nothing about the
colonists or the collaborators, so Mulder is left alone.
Displacement and Dispensation (VS 11X24 and VS 12X02 ):

Bill Scully, Jr. finds long forgotten documents detailing the account of the submarine Zeus
Faber and it’s encounter with the Black Oil. He tries to give this information to Mulder, but
is killed before the meeting. Although Strughold and the Scarred Man directed Charlie to ‘take
care of the matter’, it’s not known who actually killed Billy boy (Krycek was also a suspect,
and it could have been an unknown third party) In Dispensation, Teena’s journal contains a
secretly hidden clues that lead Mulder to a man in the desert who takes him to an underground
installation run, supposedly, by the military and the aliens. As Mulder approaches the alien
ships in the underground hanger, he is adversely affected by it, giving him a debilitating
headache and blurry vision (nothing he can discern) The installation blows up, but Mulder
survives. His escort turns out to be Jeremiah Smith.
Finding the Future (VS 12X11):

Scully’s West African biologist friend, Amina Ngebe, has sent Scully another fragment from the
space ship the women were examining (during 7ABX03 The Sixth Extinction). The fragment
has a dramatic and dangerous affect on Mulder. When he first encounters it, he stops
breathing and his heart stops. He is revived by paramedics and transported to the hospital.
While unconscious, he experiences a vision which seems to transport him to another
time — an ancient time. With repeated exposure to the fragment, he has more and more of
these visions, eventually, not needing exposure to send him into a fugue state. Scully is very
worried about him. The final vision seems to be of the future — a far distant future. The
world culture which now surrounds us has been laid to ruin, but in its place is a new life, a
new culture build up from the ashes of the old. This vision brings the visions full circle and
Mulder wakes up convinced that something big is going down in 2012. The gunmen theorize
that Mulder is becoming an ‘ancient alien’, but Scully theorizes that he’s just becoming more
human than anyone else (like in Biogenesis and later in Amor Fati). In the end, Scully is still
frightened by what is happening to Mulder, but she agrees to believe in him.

Remnant (VS 12 blockbuster movie):

Mulder continues to have episodes, this time seeing everyone in the Scully family murdered
at the park. Meanwhile, in California, an ancient Anasazi suddenly appears in a shopping mall.
The man is taken by members of the military to be studied. A geeky lab rat (and friend of the
gunmen) at the facility is scheduled to be ‘terminated’ for his knowledge of the little man,
but Krycek saves him at the last minute.

Mulder has a vision of an Indian Massacre that frightens him, but seems to be telling him
something. While Mulder and Scully are investigating the little man’s appearance, they discover
a security tape showing Jeremiah Smith appearing and disappearing near the time of the
Anasazi’s appearance. Mulder theorizes that the Anasazi is a gift from the aliens, that he has
something the people of earth need. Mulder and Scully find Krycek and the lab geek.
Meanwhile, in Brazil, Strughold is informed of the appearance by Charlie. A Scarred man and
Strughold confer (without Charlie present).

Lab geek (Ronnie) explains the appearance of the little man (and validates that he is ancient) to
Mulder and Scully. In the lab, a scientist known as Dr. Behrens is actually Marita Covarrubias
and she tries to figure out a way to escape with the Anasazi. It’s revealed the Krycek and
Marita are lovers and working together. Mulder and Scully go to the installation, seeking
information (trying to find the Anasazi) but are stalled by the head of the facility. Mulder sees
Marita who is instructed to escort them out but takes them to the labs where she shows them
black oil that she has been working on with the Anasazi who appears to be immune to it.

While in the presence of the black oil, Mulder has an attack (severe headache) and stumbles
outside where he sees Albert Hosteen. Albert relays the story of the Medicine Wheel to
Mulder — courage, strength, wisdom and curiosity. He says Mulder has all four of these virtues.
Scully and Mulder leave the installation just as Marita poisons everyone in the lab with a low
dose of sarin nerve gas and she and the little man escape. Later, at a motel, Mulder has trouble
sleeping and starts to think about the vision of the Native American massacre he had. He
realizes that it connects to the Anasazi. That the Anasazi has not been returned to earth as
a gift, but as a trojan horse, to return the planet to its rightful owners (and that Jeremiah is
working to that end).

Krycek finds Mulder out for a run and tells him he is affected by the alien artifacts because
he was ‘cured’ of his problems (in Biogenesis) by nanocytes, which were given to the
consortium by the aliens. He also tells Mulder that the Col. in charge of the installation
is an alien (Col. Grey).

Mulder and Scully end up back at the installation, but this time Charlie is there and makes
Mulder and Marita (also there) inject themselves with the alien serum that the installation
scientists under Grey were working on. The serum doesn’t affect Mulder, but Marita dies.
Charlie lets Mulder and Scully go. Strughold tells Charlie that as a young man he worked
with top Nazi scientists (Josef Menegle is alluded to).

Back home Scully keeps watch over Mulder while she has the serum sample and Anasazi
tissue samples examined.

Children of the Damned (VS13x02):

Mulder’s visions are back but this time, he sleepwalks in them, leading him to a variety of
dangerous places and almost to the psyche ward. Eventually, he comes to realize that the
visions are a warning of what is going to happen SOON.

He goes about trying to find others who could hold the same genetic markers as he does.
He tracks them down, in each case they are busy ‘going somewhere’ but when questioned
none of them know where or why they are going. They are led to a bridge (for mass
immolation) but he finally gets through to them, leading all but three to safety. From a
helicopter monitoring the events, Charlie is furious that Mulder has saved his own ass and
the day. He vows revenge.


Basically, around a great film noir dream of Scully’s, Mulder admits that he’s having dreams
of Nazi scientists working on him — experimenting on his brain.

Tintabulation – Previously on Virtual Season 13

VS 13X01 Children of the Damned

Georgetown Medical Center

“Your films are fine, Fox,” Leonard said abruptly stepping closer to Dana. “I’d like to keep you
for the standard 24 hours but your ‘doctor’ insists she can observe you at home.”

Mulder looked from Leonard to Scully and back, “So, I can leave?”

Leonard retreated to his office and closed the door. Picking up the phone he dialed the familiar
number and was put through to his contact. “Yes, he was admitted here again. No, nothing like
before; the police found him trying to jump off a bridge. Dana came in with him — I don’t know
for sure. If he were any other patient I’d say he was definitely delusional to the extent of being
suicidal. No, she wouldn’t let me. She’s taking him home. I prescribed some sleeping pills for him that should slow him down. I’ll get in touch with her in a few days and let you know.”

Later at Milford Bridge

Charlie swallowed bitter tears as he squared his jaw. “Dana, you and that partner of yours have
become a bigger problem than I thought. You made your bed. I’d hoped you’d come to your
senses, but you just can’t leave it alone. You have that stupid stubborn streak, just like Bill. And
we all know what happened to him.”

The pilot and the co-pilot exchanged shrugs. “Sir, do you want to put down? There’s a clearing — ”

“No, Lieutenant. Head back to base. There are contingency plans to make.”


Craddock Marine Bank

Mulder looked to John and then turned to his partner. “John brought it to my attention that some
accounts I have here should have counter signatures on them.” When Scully looked at him
questioningly, he continued. “In case something should happen to me—someone should have
access to the funds.” Scully felt that uneasiness again as she took the pen John offered her.

Georgetown Hospital

“Bad dream, really bad dream,” her eyes begged him to continue. “I’ve been catching bits and
pieces of it for the past week, when I was alone last night it unfolded in all it’s glory.”

“Oh, Mulder.”

He shook his head, “I was in some sort of antiquated medical facility, strapped down on a table
and surrounded by a group of German doctors…”

“They’d shaved my head and imbedded some sort of electrodes into my brain. One of them
injected me with something, God Scully, it burned through every part of my body. There were
others there, I could hear them screaming. The gulag at Tunguska had been a health spa
compared to this. I don’t remember anything else. I woke up to my own screams drenched
in sweat.”


He looked down at her hands that continued to play with his hat. “I asked because I got to
thinking about what Tara said to me about the time we have left; and what your family has always thought of me and because I thought our relationship had become something that maybe you wanted to sanctify in the eyes of God but didn’t think that I did,” he looked up. “I want you to know what you mean to me. You’re all I have left Scully. I can’t lose you either.”

She did know, how could he think she didn’t? Words had never seemed necessary where her
devotion to him was concerned. She’d proved it over and again and her family knew it too. But
when he’d asked her for the ultimate commitment, she’d turned him down. It saddened her to
think she hadn’t realized this, that maybe now for some reason, it was too late.

“Mulder, what do you mean, the time we have left? We have all kinds of time don’t we?”

When he didn’t answer her, she asked him again, “Don’t we?”

“They both know what it’s like to lose a partner, Scully. To have that bond and lose it.”

She reached out to still his hand, “They accept my lifestyle Mulder. Tara is grateful, and mom
loves you. Besides, it doesn’t matter what they think, I love you, for better or for worse, for
richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until — for as long as we both
shall live. I do.”

VS13X13 Z1372

Mulder sighed. “He’s back there, Scully,” he said, wearily, waving toward the counter. Scully
slumped in relief.

“What happened, Mulder?” she asked, squeezing his hand. Malone hefted his weapon and
edged around the deli counter.

“Shit, Mulder, what did you do?” the older agent drawled. Scully stared briefly into Mulder’s
eyes, then joined Malone.

He was in the corner, curled into a fetal crouch. Adam’s eyes were wide and filled with horror,
his lips quivering, his red hair sharply contrasted against his ghastly white pallor.

“Just keep him away,” the boy rasped, hugging the wall. “Fucking keep him away from me.”

Scully stared questioningly over the counter. Mulder’s face was buried in his hand. She left
the traumatized boy to Malone.

Mulder looked up as she approached.

“He got into my head,” he said, almost inaudibly.

“How did you–?”

Mulder closed his eyes. “He found something.”

VS 13X15 Tenebrous

Los Angeles

Anger surged through her as she grabbed for her cell phone. She punched three buttons and
started looking for clothes to throw on as she listened to the rings. He was smart enough to pick
up on the second ring.

“Mulder,” he said in a hushed voice.

“Where the hell are you and what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she growled.

“Scully,” he breathed. “Um, look — ”

“No, Mulder, you look. What were you thinking, ditching me like this? No,” she stopped him
before he could even answer. “Let me tell you what you were thinking. You were thinking that
you knew from that vision you had this morning exactly where the kids are and you were going to go in like the Lone Ranger — ”

“Scully, that’s not fair! I left you a note, damn it,” he hissed. “Look, this is all fine, but I’m kinda
busy right now.”

“Where are you?”

“A warehouse district down by the railroad tracks. Yes, you’re right, I had a vision today. And it
was just like Milford Bridge, Scully. Remember Milford Bridge? The one where only three people
died instead of dozens? So I’m here now and I think I need to check this out, don’t you?”

“Scully, I see something. There’s a place where the paint must have peeled off. I can see
movement in there, Scully. I think it’s the kids.”

“Is there a back door — ”

“No!” he shouted and then lowered his voice. “No, no good. Can’t go in the back door.”

“Mulder, if you have your lock pick — ”

“Bad idea, Scully. Trust me on this one.”

“OK, then let me call the police. They can get the door open — ”

“Scully, look, the fewer people around here, the better. Besides, I found a basement window and the bars are pretty deteriorated. Let me try something — ”

She waited breathlessly while she heard him grunting and the sounds of metal scraping.
“Scully?” he asked.

“I’m still here, Mulder.”

“OK, I got the bars off and the window opened. I’m going in.”

“Mulder, I’m calling the police now.”

“I see stairs, Scully. I’m going up them.”

“Mulder, please, be careful. The police are on their way. Why don’t you just wait — ”

“I see the kids, Scully. I see them. They’re both tied up and they looked drugged, but they’re
alive. I’m –”

She heard a thud, the sound of a cell phone hitting a hard surface, followed immediately by a sound that almost burst her eardrum. The cell phone went dead; the display saying the call was lost.

She knew what it sounded like — an explosion.


X Files Office

Without warning, she started to shake. She trembled so hard she crumbled the tickets in her
palm. Angrily, she tossed the stiff paper to the floor but it didn’t feel like the expense of energy
she needed. She strode the four steps to Mulder’s desk and swept everything on it to the floor
in a loud crash. That felt a little better, but she was just getting started.

One by one, she cleared the shelves of books and paraphernalia. A strange feeling overtook her and it was as if she were watching herself from a great distance. A tiny part of her mind tried to understand her need for violence, screamed at her to stop, but she quickly ignored it. His
basketball bounced into a corner so she grabbed it and threw it as hard as she could at the
skylight, frustrated when it bounced back without the expected satisfying crash of glass. She
needed sound. She needed something to break through the ice that had engulfed her in the last
18 hours.

Systematically she tore through the office, smashing monitors, tossing keyboards to the ground
and stomping on them, tipping over chairs, pulling out file drawers and scattering the contents.
As she extracted some of the folders, she tore through them, ripping the covers and pictures and reports, destroying his work as efficiently as it had destroyed him. She wanted to destroy
everything; destruction was all she knew. She was panting, heaving with the effort when she
spied something that would truly give her some satisfaction.

Without a second thought, she pulled back her right fist and smashed it through the glass door
of the case just over her worktable.

The sound of the tempered glass cracking and finally giving way, falling to the floor in a sound
not unlike ice giving way on a frozen lake was exactly what she was waiting for.

She pulled her arm back and prepared to take another shot, not realizing a jagged piece of glass had torn through the skin the entire length of her forearm. She punched through the second glass door with her other fist, gleeful at the crystalline sounds of annihilation. With a perplexed expression she looked down and saw that she’d managed to slice through a major vein in one arm, possibly an artery in the other. As blood shot from her arms with each beat of her heart, her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell to the ground.

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