Broken Valentine

Broken Valentine

Author: Linda61

Summary: A short vacation to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a race and Mulder. That’s


Written for Virtual Season 13 Valentine’s Day Special Event

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.



When I told you to ‘break a leg’ I meant ‘good luck’ Mulder, not to break a leg for

real” Scully sighed, holding Mulder by his arm trying to get him down the stairs

without further accidents.

Scully thought back to that moment when it all started.


“I have a surprise for you Scully and don’t you dare say no.”

He showed her the brochures of Canaan Valley in West Virginia. “It’s only a four hour

drive, no planes Scully.” Scully’s eyes brightened. Although they had to fly a lot for

their work as FBI agents, she still didn’t like it and driving there together with Mulder

with no strangers around was very much appreciated. “I rented a cabin, it’s beautiful

and it’s a special Valentine’s Day offer.”

Mulder waited for her answer but when she didn’t react immediately, he started to

have his doubts


“I ..I..” Scully stuttered and peered at the brochure again.

“What Scully, don’t you like it?” He was a bit disappointed Scully didn’t react

favourably like he expected her to.

“Mulder, I love it, I think it’s a great idea. I was just stunned.”

“Yes? Yes!!” He took her in his arms and danced through the room dragging her with

him. “It’s going to be great, you’ll see!”

Scully took his hand. “I love you Mulder, I think this is going to be a fantastic

Valentine’s Weekend.”


After a couple of hours skiing, which wasn’t a daily thing for either of them, they

found a new route. Not too difficult, but it looked really great and the snow was

perfect. They decided to have a kind of ‘downhill race’. That should have been the

moment for the usually sensible Scully to say no of course, but they had so much fun

and she silently hoped to win so she wished Mulder to ‘break a leg’ and took off.

“You’re cheating Scully!” Mulder yelled, but then he pushed himself off too and ‘the

race’ really started. Scully was still leading, but because Mulder was heavier his

weight helped him to make more speed, so after a couple of minutes they were

skiing beside each other.

Mulder laughed and turned his head and stuck out his tongue while Scully made a

face back, but then she saw the big stack of snow that he was heading straight into

and she yelled: “Mulder watch out!!!”

“Nice try Scully” he yelled back but then he saw the heap too, way too late. He dove

right into it with a splat. Snow went everywhere, and Scully started to laugh.

“Nice butt Mulder” she giggled. She stopped next to him and wanted to pull him up

when she saw his stricken face.

“Don’t touch me Scully,” he moaned. “I think my leg is broken.”

“That’s not funny, stop fooling around.” She wanted to grab him again but then she

saw him gritting his teeth.

“Please Scully, help me! This is real!”

“Oh god Mulder, I’m so sorry, I thought you were joking.” She took off her skis and

knelt down, carefully taking his skis off too.

“Aaaaaahhh, don’t Scully, don’t touch me!” He put his head down in the snow, his

breathing too fast. “God it hurts, it hurts.”

“I know, hold on Mulder, I’ll get help” and she grabbed her cell phone. “Thank god

for cell phones” she mumbled, grateful that she seemed to have a signal on the LGM

special. After a couple of minutes on the phone, she more of less lay down beside

him holding his hand. “They’ll be here ASAP Mulder. Before you know it you’re in a

nice warm hospital bed, you’ll see.” She tried to make it sound like a joke but she

knew this was serious. Mulder was in great pain and the heavy ski boots didn’t make

it easier on him. Only the cold numbed the pain a little, but because he was covered

with it and getting sweaty and stressed after a few minutes he started to shiver.


n.never… I..I’m s..sso s.s.ssorryyy, ss..poiled a.a.agggain.”

Before she could answer she saw a couple of men skiing towards them, between

them a kind of sled resembling a weird kind a banana. “I think he broke his leg,

actually I’m sure he did.” Scully pointed at Mulder’s leg, which was currently bent in

a position that wasn’t natural.

“Ok, Ma’am, we’ll get him out of there in no time. Sir, I’m sorry but this is going to

hurt, only we’ll go as fast and as careful as we can ok? Just hold to your wife’s hand

nice and tight.”

“I’m not his… Oh never mind. Where’s the life flight helicopter? Will it be here


“Sorry ma’am, no helicopter can land here. Snow is too unstable. We have to take

him down ourselves on the sled.”

Scully grabbed Mulder’s hand and squeezed it. “I’m sorry Mulder, this is not going to

be fun.”

Mulder looked at her trying to smile, but she could see the fear in his eyes. “I…it’s

o..okay.. S..s..scully.” But it wasn’t. The moment the men tried to turn him around,

his scream could be heard down echoing down the valley, but by the time Mulder

was lifted onto the sled he was panting and tears streamed down his cheeks. They

managed to get him into the hospital without further problems but Mulder was

exhausted. He was in terrible pain and so cold his lips turned blue and his teeth

chattered continuously. The doctors repaired his leg during a a two hour operation,

they had to put a pin in, but after that things went well for a change. Scully’s loving

smile greeted him as he came round from the surgery. She held his hand and kissed

it gently. He smiled before falling asleep again.

And so here they were a week later, at her mom’s place, trying to get down the

stairs. Mulder hopping on one leg, while Scully tried to steady him on the other side.

“Careful now, don’t go too fast.”

“I’m really sorry Scully” Mulder started.

“Mulder, I told you several times, there’s nothing to be sorry about, it’s not that you

did it on purpose and you didn’t ditch me. And if there’s someone to blame it’s me. I

told you to break a leg’. Only when I said for you to ‘break a leg’ I meant ‘good luck’

love, not to break a leg for real. Now concentrate. If you fall now I WILL be pissed

at you, I promise.”

Mulder sighed and hopped again.

“Be a good boy and I have a surprise for you Mulder” Scully said, seeing his sad face.

“A surprise? For me? Why?”

“Well, let me think. You took me on a wonderful trip….” Mulder opened his mouth

and wanted to interrupt. “Let me talk Mulder. As I was saying, you took me on a

wonderful trip, to a lovely cabin in a beautiful area. We were surrounded by

mountains and the weather was amazing. You just had bad luck to end up like this.

Yes Mulder, I think I owe you a surprise.

“But I spoiled it again Scully..”

“Weeeeell, I have to admit, we had a slight problem.”

“Slight?” Mulder squeeked.

Scully laughed. “Just hop Mulder, we’re not getting down anytime soon if you don’t


Anyway, I thought you, and yes, I too needed something extra for Valentine’s Day,

even though it’s a couple of days late. But we don’t need a special day, we have us,

every day a special day again.”

His face brightened again. “Yes, yes you’re right, we have us. Always Scully. That’s

more important than a date on a calendar. We don’t need an excuse to be happy and

celebrate our love.” He whispered and almost choked on the last few words when

emotion struck him.

“One more step and we’re there, come on.”

“It’s about time you two, I almost came up to get you.” Maggie Scully took Mulder’s

other hand and helped him make the last step safely. “That’s it, be careful Fox.”

“If I hear one more time ‘to be careful’ I’m gonna scream.” He made a face and

Scully and Maggie started to laugh.

“Just come into the dining room so you can sit down and I’ll leave you two alone. I’ll

be out for the rest of the evening, playing cards with my friends.”

She winked at her daughter whose face immediately turned red. “Mom!”

“What, did you hear me say something?” She hugged her daughter and Mulder.

“Thanks Maggie,” Mulder said.

“You’re welcome Fox.” Turning around she said “I’ll be late, I’ll see you two

tomorrow, behave.”

Mulder and Scully could hear her laugh when she left the house. “I wonder what she

was thinking I could do with this stupid plaster all the way up to my crotch” Mulder


“I know some things I can do ‘Fox'” Scully whispered huskily in his ear. “First…..”

Mulder looked up: “Yeah?”

“….We eat.” Scully giggled, indicating the gorgeous meal her mother had prepared

for them, complete with candles and napkins and beautiful flowers set on the table.

It was a really romantic setting. “Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you?”

“Very funny.” Then he grabbed her and pulled her in his arms, gazing lovingly into

her eyes. “Thanks Scully, for this.”

“You’re so welcome Mulder. Happy Valentine.” He looked in her eyes, kissed her

and answered: “Happy Valentine too Scully.”

The End.

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