From the Heart

Title: From The Heart

Author: Foxglove

Category: Valentine’s Day

Summary: Scully doesn’t want a commercialized holiday. Mulder goes to great

lengths to give in to her heart’s desires.

Written for Virtual Season 13’s Valentine’s Day Special Event

Two weeks exclusive on the VS 13 site.

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.



Downtown D.C.

3rd February 2006


The jewelers store window was ablaze with soft lights, all designed to highlight

particular pieces, each of which was tagged with an outlandish price. Red and gold

paper hearts were strung strategically from invisible threads and a sign in bold

letters urged passers-by to remember their loved ones with something special this


Mulder sighed and moved on, pulling his collar further up around his ears before

plunging cold hands back into the warm depths of his coat pockets. The sidewalk was

quiet this evening, only a few other hardy souls like him had braved the last of the

winter weather for a late night stroll. In just a few days, the shops would be

crowded, people all searching for that unique gift that would proclaim their devotion

and undying love to the individual that made up the other half of their heart.

Mulder was no exception.

The pharmacy drew Mulder’s attention; their window had a large display of perfumes

and colognes. He stopped and stared at the multitude of tiny multi-colored glass

bottles before disconsolately shaking his head and continuing up the street.

It wasn’t going to be easy this year. He was still wondering what on earth had

possessed him to agree to Scully’s conditions when she had first suggested them.

Perhaps the story was right about men not being able to do two things at once. He’d

certainly dug himself a rather large hole and he had only a few days left to un-dig


The conversation that had got him into this trouble came back to him easily as if it

had occurred five minutes ago, rather than last week.

Mulder and Scully’s Townhouse.


26th January.


The television held his complete focus; the final quarter of the game and both teams

still had a chance at the championship. (He was pumping blood double time, in

anticipation of the outcome.)


“Yeah.” He answered lazily, sitting forward on the couch as the opposing team stole

the ball and headed down the court.

“I’m naked.”

“Uh huh.” His eyes flicked up to the score in the top corner of the screen and then

back down to the action.

“Frohike’s at the door, I’m going to let him in so he can sweep me off my feet.”

“Sure.” A cheer arose from the crowds as the ball play headed back to the home

team’s end. Mulder clenched his fists, his eyes wide. This was their chance. ‘Come

on.’ He urged silently.

A warm breath brushed his ear and he tipped his head towards it. “I want you.”

It took several seconds for the words to register in his brain and when they did, all

interest in the game fled at about the same time as his blood-fled south. He twisted

on the couch to look behind him and bumped up against a shapely, silk clad leg

draped along the top.

“Um, did I imagine it or did someone say they were naked?” He enquired, reaching

up and pulling the owner of the shapely, silk clad leg into his lap.

“Must have been your imagination.” Scully replied dreamily as Mulder’s lips found

their way to her neck.

“Nope, wasn’t my imagination.” He traced the outline of her breast under her sheer

blouse before fingering each button open, first revealing one lace covered breast and

then the other.

Scully tipped her head back and a low moan escaped her throat as she felt his

hardness under her.

“Do you know what you do to me?” He whispered against her skin.

“Yes.” Her reply was soft and drawn out. “The exact same thing that you do to me.”

A sudden harsh noise from the television lifted both their heads. A bright and

tasteless commercial had replaced the game. Hearts and flowers danced across the

screen as a woman urged viewers to remember to send their special someone an x-

rated message on the cell phone for only five ninety five.

Scully made a disapproving noise in her throat and fumbled under Mulder’s warm

butt for the remote control. “Why does everything have to be so commercialized?”

Disregarding the over the top advertisement, Mulder returned to his exploration of

Scully’s collarbone. “Not everything.” He mumbled. “You can’t buy this…or these” he

deftly squeezed her butt while pulling her closer.

She placed a hand against his chest and pushed him back slightly. “Oh come on

Mulder.” She clicked the screen off and tossed the remote down to the floor. “You

only have to look at the crap that’s being spouted on television and in the

newspapers.” She pulled herself upright ignoring the disappointment on his face. “Do

you know how much junk mail is generated at this time of year? How much Hallmark

makes for this day in particular?”


“The mailbox is full every other day. Brochures urging you to buy jewellery and

perfume and great huge bunches of ludicrously priced flowers.” She stroked a finger

down the side of his face, which he attempted to catch between his lips. “There was

even one for a limited Valentines Day subscription offer for a gymnasium


“Don’t need one.” Mulder attempted to return to his former position. “I give you all

the work out we both need.” His eyebrows did a familiar lecturous wiggle.

“Exactly my point, the whole concept of Valentine’s Day has been lost under the

weight of the almighty dollar. Like Easter and Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day.

It all comes down to money.”

“Mmm, it’s not necessary.” Mulder had managed to fasten his lips back under

Scully’s neck.

“No it’s not and that’s how I want to celebrate it this year.”

“Uh huh.” His tongue delved into the depression between her collarbones.

“I mean it Mulder, I don’t want you to spend any money on me this year.”

“If you say so.” His tongue was making a slow trek down to where his hands cupped

her breasts.

“Okay.” The single word passed Scully’s lips in a husky tone as she surrendered to

Mulder’s exquisite touch.

“Okay.” Mulder breathed. “You can’t get Hallmark cards x rated enough for what I

want to express right now.” he growled.

Downtown D.C.

3rd February.


His mind was a complete blank slate, not spending any money meant no flowers or

chocolates or sexy lingerie, no perfume, no jewellery. Not even a cute fluffy alien


He was stumped.

Mulder meandered on up the street, his mind seeking some way of showing Scully

just how much he loved her and needed her in his life.

A tiny bakery nestled in between two large and imposing shop fronts caught his eye.

The window was unlit but a light from the back of the store provided enough

illumination for him to see inside. Even they had a Valentine’s display.

His eyes passed quickly over the wares until a small package at the rear of the

window attracted his interest. The wrapping was amateur and the label handwritten

but it was the words that drew him in.

Ginger Kisses.

Mulder stepped back to find the name of the shop. Committing it to memory, he

began the walk back to the Hoover building and the case that awaited his input. It

was only when he was a block from his destination that he realized his predicament.

Scully had stipulated no money was to be spent. “Shit.” He cursed finding himself

back at his starting point.

He shook his head and hoped something would come to him before he had to resort

to breaking the conditions that he had agreed to.

Once back inside the building, Mulder shed his coat and went straight to the coffee

machine. One or two heads lifted as he passed their desk and he returned their

greetings. The coffee smelled fresh, for which he was supremely grateful. He reached

for the container on the table, aiming to sneak in an extra spoonful of sugar while

Scully wasn’t around to watch his back. Pulling the airtight lid off, he found not sugar

but cookies. He looked around the room wondering whom they belonged to while

inhaling their heavenly aroma.

No one jumped up and grabbed them back off him so he held the container aloft and

spoke aloud. “These belong to anybody?”

Agent Elliott Burns looked up. “Yeah, McDermott brought them in, his wife’s on a

home cooking kick. Might as well grab some, they’re good.”

Mulder took two and headed for his temporary desk. He placed the cookies on a

piece of paper to avoid crumbs and sipped at his coffee. The computer monitor lit up

at his touch as he reached for a cookie.

The flavor hit him with the first mouthful; closing his eyes in delight he took another

bite. Suddenly, an idea occurred to him, if he couldn’t buy anything, what about

making something. Surely that wouldn’t be breaking their agreement.

Mulder logged onto his computer and went straight into Google, within seconds he

was being overwhelmed with recipes and ingredients for everything from ‘Nanna’s

Homemade ginger Slice’ to ‘Ye Olde Fashioned Ginger Kiss’. He put his head in his

hands and stared at the screen in bewilderment.

How in the world could anyone decide which home baked product was better than

another, or would set Scully’s discerning taste buds alight. He sat there rocking up

and down on his chair for several minutes until inspiration hit. He checked his watch,

it was only just after eight pm, she shouldn’t be in bed already at this time of the


Maggie Scully’s House.

“Hello?” Maggie wondered who would be calling at this time of night. “Oh Fox, how

are you dear?” She listened for a moment to his rambling explanation and smiled.

“That is such a thoughtful idea, how can I help?” Nodding her head, she made a note

on the pad beside the phone. “I have the perfect recipe for you, all the children loved

it when they were little.” A small pain pricked at her heart as she realized that out of

four children, two of whom were still alive, Dana was the only one she was ever

liable to see.

“So when do you want to do this?” Maggie held the phone away from her ear as a

startled squawk sounded. “No Fox, it’s your idea, I’m quite willing to help, but I

won’t do it for you.”

She spoke for a few more minutes arranging times so as not to arouse her

daughter’s suspicions and then hung up, shaking her head in amusement.

Hoover Building


Mulder replaced the phone on his desk and stared at it. What had he gotten himself

into? Men didn’t cook; well yeah they did if it was a barbeque or bacon and eggs for

breakfast, but cookies. They required skill, patience and timing or he would end up

with a pile of unappetizing goop. Nothing that would bestow the innermost feelings

of his heart to Scully from the fruits of his labors, but more likely show what an inept

jerk she had chosen to spend her life with. He straightened his shoulders and stared

at the item on his desk that had gotten him into this predicament. Reaching out, he

snagged the solitary cookie and took a healthy bite. Again the flavor claimed his

senses and he knew, homemade products had a taste that just couldn’t be replicated

by mass production. He finished it off, had another swallow of coffee and turned to

his report.

Maggie Scully’s House

10th February.

The kitchen certainly wasn’t as clean as it had been this morning, a puddle of milk

had dribbled down one cupboard door and now pooled on the floor, large floury

footprints that tracked back and forth between the counter and the fridge were

visible on the floor, but Maggie understood and accepted that fact as she watched

Fox Mulder gamely stirring a large bowl of dough with a wooden spoon. He held the

bowl with one hand to stop it from slipping on the bench while he jerkily moved the

spoon around in circles, little flash of pink tongue wetting the side of his month in

deep concentration. Like he was one with mixture…almost like he could be profiling


Maggie touched his arm gently. “Here, let me give you a hint.” She laughed gently as

he held the bowl out to her like an eager 3 year old, a hopeful expression in his eyes.

“No, I said a hint, not a hand.”

“This isn’t as easy as I thought.” He admitted with a frown.

“It gets easier through practice.” Maggie assured him. “Now, tuck the bowl under

your arm, it gives you better leverage.” She placed his arm securely around her

mother’s favorite old mixing bowl and showed him how to move the spoon through

the dough with the least effort but greatest results.

“Wouldn’t this be easier with an electric mixer?” Mulder wondered, his arm feeling

like lead.

“Oh goodness no.” She replied in dismay. “The only way to do it properly is with a

wooden spoon, electric mixers have their place but not with this recipe.”

“If you say so.” Mulder groaned and continued moving the spoon in what he hoped

was the correct method, trying to stop stray lumps of dough from flying all over the

kitchen fittings.

Finally, the dough was mixed to Maggie’s satisfaction. She showed Mulder the next

step and as he worked with the rolling pin, she rummaged around in her bits and

pieces drawer for the utensil she had in mind.

Finding it, she ran her finger around the edge, thinking about the last time it was


“Maggie, is this okay?”

“Oh I’m sorry Fox, I was thinking.”

“Good thoughts I hope.” He asked wiping his hand across his cheek and leaving a

streak of flour behind. God, this was exhausting. But reminded himself soundly that

this was a labor of love…for his Scully. No smaller effort would do.

“Oh yes, very good thoughts.” Maggie reached up and wiped his face with a damp

towel as Mulder grinned sheepishly. “I was trying to remember when I last used this

cookie cutter. It was on the occasion of our twenty-eighth wedding anniversary. I

made my husband toast with it.”

Mulder gently took the heart shaped object from her and turned it over in his hands.

“It’s perfect.” He whispered.

“Now I’ll tell the reason why you need so much dough. My daughter for all her fussy

ways, adores these kisses with a cream filling, so we need a top and a bottom for

each one.”

Maggie set Mulder to work cutting out the shapes, as he did, she laid each one on a

lined tray until finally it was time to place them in the oven. Maggie closed the door

and set the timer, then dusted her hands off and looked around her goop-spattered

kitchen. “Now it’s time for the hard part.”

Mulder gulped. “I thought we’d done that.”

“Oh no, that was the fun part, cleaning up is the hard part.”

Mulder’s shoulder’s sagged with relief. “Is that all? I thought you meant something

really hard.”

“Tell you what.” She smiled. “Why don’t you start on that side, I’ll put the coffee on

and by the time we’ve finished, these should be too.” She gestured at the oven.

“I can do that.” Mulder agreed, flicking at a blob of dough from his eyelash.

“You’d be surprised at what you can do.” Maggie told him placing a gentle hand on

the side of his floury face. Delighted that he though so much of her daughter to go to

all this effort, despite the mess he’d made.

Mulder and Scully’s Townhouse.

14th February 2006


Scully groaned with relief as she closed the door and eased her shoes off. Back to

back autopsies were not her idea of fun and to have to do them on today of all days.

She called out for Mulder but received no reply. A note propped against a vase with a

single white winter crocus in it summoned her to the bathroom. She raised an


Scully entered their softly lit bathroom and exclaimed at the sight that awaited her.

A full steaming bath stood before her. She sniffed the air; she could smell the

heavenly scent of jasmine wafting from the water. As she moved into the room she

saw two crocuses, their stalks interwoven, laying over another piece of paper.

‘Please make full use of the amenities.’

Scully turned and called for Mulder again, when there was no answer, she shrugged

and hurriedly discarded her clothes, keen to immerse her tired body into the blissful

depths of the fragrant bath.

The water was delicious and she rested her head against the edge of the bath letting

the fragrant aromas seep into her senses and feeling all the tiredness gradually leave

her body.

Some time later, she opened her eyes to see Mulder perched on the lip, one hand

trailing in the soapy water, not quite touching her thigh. A warm smile lit her face.

“Are you going to join me?” She purred. He had that hooded sexy look that drove

her to distraction and made her want to pounce on him.

“No, this is for you.” He reached out and took her questing fingers in his large hand

and kissed each finger in turn, all the while locking his eyes with hers like two warms

pools of liquid hazel. “When you’re ready let me know.”

“Mmm, do I have to get out, can’t I stay here forever?” Scully closed her eyes again.

“Sure, but you might be sorry.” Mulder hinted mysteriously.

She sat up, her eyes wide open now. “Why, what do you have planned?”

“You’ll see, when it’s time.” Mulder leaned forward and brushed her lips softly with

his own. “Relax now.”

“Oh I can so do that.”

However, as much as Scully wanted to stay in the warm soothing water, Mulder’s

mysterious secret pricked her curiosity. She leaned forward to let the water out and

suddenly he was there wrapping her in a large fluffy, beautifully warm towel.

He led her to the bedroom, which was lit only by the glow of several candles.

Scented candles she noted as she moved towards the bed. The covers had been

folded back and a hand towel was placed neatly by the single pillow.

“Mulder?” She questioned looking from the bed to him and back again.

“Sshh, you’ll see.” He took her hand and guided her to the bed, where she lay face

down. Carefully pulling the towel away, he draped it over her hips before toeing off

his shoes and positioning himself on his haunches on the bed behind her. She heard

rather than saw him strip off his shirt. She squished her sudden Mona Lisa smile into

soft pillows….and sighed.

Scully moaned in sheer ecstasy as his large warm hands smoothed perfumed oil over

her shoulders and down her spine. “Oh God, Mulder.”

“Do you know the origin of St Valentine’s Day Scully?” Mulder’s voice washed over

her at the same time as his hands stroked her skin from hip to shoulder and back

again. Every now and then his chest hair deliciously tickled her back as he leaned

down to massage a particular set of muscles.

“No…” Her voice was as low as he had ever heard it.

Mulder began talking, the timbre of his voice swept over Scully in waves and she

sighed contentedly as his hands moved back and forth. “Valentine’s Day started in

the Roman Empire; in ancient Rome February 14th was a holiday to honor Juno, who

was the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. The Romans also knew her as

the Goddess of women and marriage. The following day the feast of Lupercalia


“Young boys and girls led strictly separate lives, but on the eve of the feast of

Lupercalia, they indulged in a favorite custom which was name drawing. The young

girls names were written on slips of paper and placed in a jar, each young man

would draw a name and would then partner the girl for the remainder of the festival.

Sometimes the pairings would last for the entire year and the couple fell in love and

would later marry.”

“That sounds so romantic.” Scully sighed.

Mulder continued his massage, repeatedly moving his hands lower until he pushed

the towel out of the way altogether.

“Mulder.” Scully wriggled.

“Sshh, let me finish. At this time in Rome the ruler was Claudius II, he was involved

in many unpopular and bloody campaigns. Claudius the Cruel had quite a bit of

difficulty getting soldiers for these crusades and blamed the men for not wanting to

leave their families or loved ones. As a result, Claudius cancelled all marriages and

engagements in Rome. Valentinus was a Christian priest in Rome at this time and he

and Marius, another priest, aided the Christians in secretly arranging and performing

marriages. Eventually, Valentinus was apprehended and dragged before Claudius

who ordered him to be beaten to death and have his head cut off.”

A moan from Scully made him pause and he leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“It gets better.” He sat back, his hands smoothing over her silken skin. “Valentinus

suffered martyrdom on the 14th February in the year 270 AD. Legend has it that he

left a note for the jailer’s daughter who had become his friend that said “With love

from your Valentine. In 469 AD Pope Julius I built a church in his honor and

Valentinus was later declared a saint and duly honored.” Mulder sat back and wiped

his hands on the towel. “And there you have the story of Valentine’s Day. Of course

there are other theories that say mid February brings the first signs of spring and it

should be celebrated with the sun’s return to the earth and the promise of rebirth

and renewal of life.” He climbed off the bed, stretching luxuriously just as Scully

turned her head towards him, and picked up Scully’s satin robe.

“Come here, Scully.”

With some effort, Scully raised herself off the pillow and gazed at him with bliss filled

eyes. “I can’t, my bones are spaghetti.”

Mulder smiled. “Yes you can, you must be hungry by now.”

“I’m too relaxed to eat.”

“Come on.” He urged. “You’ll love what I’ve got for you.”

“Loving the floor show Mulder.” Scully sighed and slid off the bed, her skin tingled as

she slipped the robe over her newly relaxed shoulders. “Mulder, you haven’t let me

do anything for you.” Her eyes couldn’t help wandering south to his flimsy PJ

bottoms that seemed to fill out more as she looked.

“You do everyday.” He brushed his fingers across her full lips. “Just by being here

with me, accepting my crazy ass and loving me.” He led the way to the dining table,

which was set for two. Candles flickered in the still air and another vase filled with

more crocuses made up the centerpiece. Mulder seated Scully and went to the

kitchen. She heard the sound of crockery and then the beep from the microwave.

When he returned, he carried two plates heaped with steaming food.

Scully stared at her plate as he set it down before her. “This smells like my Mom’s

casserole.” She sniffed at the food. “This is my Mom’s casserole.” She looked up at

him with shining eyes. “This is exactly what I need.” She took his hand and placed a

kiss upon the back. “This is comfort food to me and after today, I could think of

nothing better.”

“I could.” He said mysteriously as he headed back to the kitchen.

Scully eyed his retreating figure with some trepidation, so far he had outdone

himself, she couldn’t even begin to think what else he had planned.

“Come on, eat up .” He urged as he set a bottle of wine down on the table. “You’re

going to need your strength.”

Scully smiled at his insinuation and started on her meal, so that’s how it was going

to be she thought. Well that suited her just fine. She watched Mulder as he ate


He caught her glance and grinned. “What?” He asked.

“Oh nothing, just thinking how much I love you.”

Mulder stretched his hand across the table and closed it around hers squeezing

gently. “You make me whole Scully.” He said simply.

The remainder of the meal passed quickly; loving glances interspersed with tender

touches and quiet conversation. As soon as Scully placed her silverware on her

empty plate, Mulder was around her side of the table assisting her to her feet. He

took her hand and led her up the hall and into the living room. He left her standing

alone in the center of the room for a couple of seconds while he fiddled with the


Soft music sounded and Scully closed her eyes swaying to the melody, a pair of

hands descended upon her shoulders and a warm voice spoke huskily in her ear.

“Dance with me?”

Scully nodded wordlessly and was enveloped in strong arms. They swayed to music

that she did not recognize but which had a dreamlike quality about it that attracted

her and made her want to lose herself in its depths. And in Mulder.

The music shifted to another track and Scully felt Mulder’s arms tighten around her,

she looked up and into his eyes, the passion that emanated from his intense hazel

stare made her tremble. A profound sigh issued from somewhere deep within her

and she laid her head against his smooth bare chest.

“Mulder…” She began.

“Sshh, just feel.” He murmured in a low voice.

A different track began and Scully felt Mulder shift, his lips brushed against her ear

as he whispered words of love.

Gently he slid the robe from her shoulders and let it drift to the floor; drinking in the

sight of her slender body he cupped her face and let his lips caress hers with the

softest of touches. Pulling back, Mulder gazed deeply into her eyes and then

descended for another kiss, this was nothing like the first; his tongue explored her

mouth and elicited a matching response. The world moved on, forgotten, as they

stood there wrapped in each other’s arms, safe for the moment.

Eventually Mulder drew back, his fingers fluttering over Scully’s face. “Close your

eyes.” He breathed.

Scully felt him move away and was immediately bereft. She stood silently, moving

gently in time to the music, impatient to once again feel his body under her hands.

The subtle sound of cloth rustling reached her ears and her eyes flickered open.

“Ah ah.” With the most sensitive of touches he brushed his fingers over her eyelids

keeping them closed. “Open your mouth.” He instructed.

She felt his hand under her chin as her lips opened. An aroma that was familiar but

that she just couldn’t place filled her senses as she bit into Mulder’s offering. An

explosion of taste had her eyes widening in surprise. “Oh.”

Mulder stood before her, holding the rest of the sweet confection. Scully dipped her

head, taking the remainder along with his fingers inside her mouth. Her tongue

flickered as she drew the remnants of sugariness from their tips.

Mulder’s mouth descended upon hers before he gathered her in his arms and carried

her to their bedroom. He laid her lovingly on the bed and stood back.

Her eyes alighted on the plate filled with more of the same delightful treats that

graced the bedside table. “You weren’t supposed to spend any money on me.” She

chided him gently.

“I didn’t.”

“I know you probably thought I meant I didn’t want to be showered with flowers and


Mulder leaned forward and pressed a finger against her lips. “The only thing I spent

was time and effort.” He assured her.

“And the effort is unquestionably appreciated.” Scully lifted another kiss from the

plate and held it out to her partner. “You must tell me where you bought these, they

remind me so much of my mom’s.”

“I didn’t buy them.” Mulder took a mouthful.

Scully looked at him wonderingly as his words finally registered. “I don’t


“I made them.”

“You made them…” She was astounded.

“With a little bit of help from your mom.” His eyes twinkled.

Scully flung herself into his arms. Her lips found his as she attempted to

demonstrate just how much his gesture meant.

Without realizing how it came about, Scully found herself lying back on the bed,

Mulder’s suddenly naked body covering hers. She ran her hands over his back

relishing the strength of the muscles under the soft skin. She wanted…she needed

him. Her hand slipped down his side and closed over his hardness and an untamed

growl arose from his throat as her fingers moved in an age-old rhythm.

Desire claimed them and took on a life of it’s own, their bodies moved together in a

dance of passion until finally it swept them away into a shared explosion of


“You took my breath away thirteen years ago.” Mulder told her, brushing her hair

back from her face.

Reaching out Scully traced his face with her fingers. “My love, my life.”

“I love you.” Mulder whispered. “I always will.”

The night closed around them, two individuals who became partners then friends and

finally lovers.

The End.

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